A guide to Vampyr weapons, which deal the most damage?

Vampires are bloodthirsty creatures that hide their dreadfulness under the beautiful skin. With the help of Vampyr weapons, players have the chance to experience the vampires´ war and know how they roam the night. Which path will the vampire protagonist lead to? Decide the outcome yourselves.

To walk through the game being prepared, players must learn about Vampyr weapons. The mission is to follow the footsteps of doctor Jonathan E. Reid in London. He was turned into a vampire after the Great War in 1918. Being a vampire, Jonathan has supernatural abilities, which he can manipulate as weapons.

But there also are guns, stakes, knives, which he must use to fight back enemies. But how can players make the best out of these weapons? Which deals with the most damage in this role-playing game? Find out with this guide to Vampyr weapons.

How to unlock Vampyr weapons

There is more than one way to unlock Vampyr weapons. While playing Vampyr, players encounter many unplayable characters in various in-game locations. There is a chance to obtain weapons from these characters or from random loots.

Depending on the level of difficulty of accessing these weapons, they can deal more or less damage. Here are the ways to unlock Vampyr weapons.

Embrace: The cruel but badass way to win weapons

Embrace is another way of saying “kill”. In Vampyr, to embrace a citizen is to suck his blood and kill him. The result is that players gain Vampyr weapons from these characters. What makes this game different from others is that players don’t have to embrace to advance and win the game. It is 100% possible to reach the end of the game without killing anyone.

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jonathan doctor of vampyr
Jonathan: The vampire doctor of Vampyr

However, embracing citizens helps Jonathan level up faster and earn better weapons. Every time the protagonist embraces the victim, he or she will drop items that players can loot.

That includes firearms, melee weapons, ranged weapons, etc. Sometimes, they drop keys to the chests that contain Vampyr weapons. Players have to find the chests to unlock the weapons.

Embracing a character earns players XP. It is a wonderful way to level up quickly. But embracing them too soon will rob players of the chance of unlocking more storylines. Plus, the more interaction players have with the citizens, the more XP they earn when killing them. So don’t kill them at first encounter.

jonathans eyes
Different states of Jonathan’s eyes

Embracing too many NPCs will turn the district’s condition to hostile. This will later affect the outcome of the game. There are good and bad endings. Every in-game decision plays a part in choosing the final result.

The bad endings show Jonathan’s dark fate. Either he dominates the hostile districts and kills the rest of innocent citizens, or he saves the world and lives a lonely life on a hill.

Goods sellers: Milton Hooks, Barret Lewis, and Calhoun Russell

Sometimes, players can unlock weapons by buying them from citizens. In this case, it is very not recommendable that players embrace the non-playable characters. Embracing some of them means to eliminate them from the game forever. And some items can only be bought when these citizens are alive.

3 in-game sellers that players shouldn’t kill are Milton Hooks, Barret Lewis, and Calhoun Russell. Milton Hooks can always be found in Pembroke Hospital. Barret Lewis occupies the Whitechapel. And Calhoun Russell sells his goods in West End.

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milton hooks in gameplay
Milton Hooks: One of the 3 goods sellers in Vampyr

List of Vampyr weapons and their features

This is the technical part. Vampyr weapons are divided into various types: one-hand, two-hand, firearm, and off-hand. There are 44 weapons in total, excluding the collectible ones. There are so many gun players that can see America. Learn the strength and weaknesses of each type now.

One-hand weapons: Agile and efficient

One-hand weapons are very recommendable among Vampyr weapons. They are used in close combats since they are melee weapons. They also are agile and very efficient. One-hand weapons deal lots of damage, and players can perform supernatural abilities while using them.

The best one-hand Vampyr weapons that players must own are: Milton’s Shotgun, Surgical Hacksaw, and Bludgeon. They cause significant damage and are relatively easy to find.

fighting against enemies
Jonathan fighting the enemies with a melee weapon

Two-hand weapons: Damage dealers

Two-hand weapons also are designed for close-distance combats. Some of them cause significant damage. However, when using these Vampyr weapons, Jonathan can’t perform his supernatural abilities.

And since two-hand weapons are more massive, they burn stamina quickly. But if players upgrade the best two-hand weapons frequently, they are amazing damage dealers.

Those that are worth the while are Scythe and Cudgel.

Firearms: Demons of ranged combats

Firearms are designed for ranged combats. Therefore, they shouldn’t be used when players face their enemies directly. Firearms are used when players want to break enemies’ defense without wasting blood or stamina.

The best firearms are shotguns. They deal more damage and reload quicker than other types.

Off-hand weapons: Undertakers

Off-hand Vampyr weapons are sneaky undertakers. They don’t cause damage to enemies through combats. Their main goal is to apply effects, like stealing blood or stunning. Blood is used to perform supernatural abilities, from which Jonathan the vampire can benefit a lot.

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Knives are handy off-hand weapons that help players steal blood.

If you love Vampyr, you will love these games

Vampyr was released in 2018 by DONTNOD Entertainment. This is one of the most famous vampire games. Vampyr weapons are badass. But the plot is the real deal. Vampyr has a dark setting, and the game follows a mysterious supernatural theme.

If you enjoy the same historical period and supernatural elements but prefer other supernatural creatures, Call of Cthulhu and The Sinking City are great options. The period when the events in these games take place also is in the 1920s.

vampyr weapons
The dark ambiance of Vampyr

On the contrary, not every horror game uses darkness to set the mood. There is a horror role-playing game that makes excellent use of bright environment: Hello Neighbor. The storytelling is nerve-wracking. Players control a little boy and help him find out what the neighbor hides in his basement. Although the design of the game is bright and cartoonish, it is definitely not recommendable for children.


Learning about Vampyr weapons will help you know which ones are worth the while. Some weapons are incredibly potent, but some aren’t. To achieve the weapons, most of the time, you have to embrace NPCs. But each NPC has a storyline that reveals hints about the gameplay. So there is no need to kill all of them for lame weapons. Follow the tips above for the best in-game combats ever!