Agrou Review for PC (Strategy Game)

Osmose Studio created a new look to the legendary Werewolves board game in Agrou. What is helping this strategy? Werewolves have been around for quite some time, but this board game appeal has not diminished. Tactics, critical ability, judgment ability, and exceptional features of the characters make each game a unique battle of wits.

Let’s be honest Agrou is not the first time that Werewolves have been brought into online platforms. You can even find lots of different versions developed to meet the needs of worldwide players. But maybe only when Bingames officially released Agrou did I have my world to accompany Villagers in their journey to destroy evil forces.

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In particular, along with the direct argument mechanism, you will have stressful but no less entertaining moments with your friends. Along with Among Us, Agrou is at the top of the fun list after a hard-working day. If you need some advice to see if this product should be in your play device, then I think my advice – who participated in about 200 “battles” – will be helpful.

Warning: This Agrou review will contain details collected from my experience, so it will partly reveal the game’s content. I hope it doesn’t upset you.

From the perspective of exploring traditional stories

Let’s start with what makes a game so successful: The Story. Osmose Studio is trying to refresh the Werewolf, but I concur with how they keep almost all of their predecessors’ most distinctive things. This creates a stable way of transmission and helps players focus more on gameplay, which is what game makers have put a lot of effort into.

What do we have?

The inspiration from Philippe des Pallières and Hervé Marly (the authors of Werewolves) is evident in Agrou with a long-standing legend of what is going on inside the village. Legend has it that, in an ancient land of Wales today, there are many people with quite special abilities in a fairly old village.

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game mechanism
Agrou still focuses on exploiting the Villager – Werewolf war

One night, a young girl falls in love with a werewolf, and she betrays the villagers’ oath that the werewolf breaks the curse of entering the village. One after another, wolves in the night of the full moon break into the village and eat an innocent villager and disguise themselves in their disguise to continue their cruel acts of murder.

The story is a long memoir about the terrifying nights in this village. And in turn, the heir of the special people in the village found their magical instincts. Together with the villagers worked together to eliminate the evil wolves to bring peace to the villagers. Every morning the villagers will gather, question, and find a suspect to hang. It all ends when there are no more villagers alive, or the wicked werewolves have vanished.

You can see that this legend has both a good end and a bad end. This unpredictable factor creates an attraction for Werewolves and Agrou when players will have to make their destiny.

Trying to bring new things to a legend

The content’s stability gives players an easy approach to Agrou, but this also poses a challenge for Osmose Studio in making a breakthrough to leave an impression. The role of the characters in Agrou remains the same compared to the traditional version of Werewolves (especially The Werewolves of Millers). The foundation of Agrou gameplay is still built on a Villagers – Werewolves rivalry.

Each player’s quest will depend on the role they are assigned to from the beginning of the game, with both the dark and bad sides. I quite like the fact that the publisher visualizes the Werewolf’s abilities, and it would be a sin to have me quite like the feeling of ending someone’s life when night falls.

agrou characters
Which side will win?

But besides the usual familiarity, differences have been made from direct debate mechanisms. Agrou only allowed 4 to 12 people to participate in each game, but this was enough to create controversies with intensity from faint to intense.

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This increases the difficulty of the boardgame Ma Wolf up many times when players have to be more careful in every word. And then, based on what you hear, you will point your finger at the most suspicious object with the others. That is the most thrilling moment of each Agrou game. Along with that, players will have to fully exploit their teammates’ functions if they want to win.

However, exploiting a board game that has become so popular also makes me spot many flaws in the gameplay of Agrou. The first point concerns the argument mechanics that I like in games like this.

Your role will be randomly assigned when the game begins

When elements such as fighting, survival, and horror don’t have too many roles and are only used as the basis for the argument mechanism, the game provides a reasonable amount of time for players to reason, analyze the arguments, and applying your strategies to other players is essential. But Osmose Studio only gives players a minute, and you think that’s enough or not?

Besides, compared to the classic Werewolf, providing space for only 4 to 12 players does not seem to utilize the full potential of the game’s resources. I am very sad when I have to play games without Apprentice Seer, Cupid or Idiot.

Another unreasonable point of Agrou gameplay comes from the fact that their role is immediately revealed to others as soon as a player dies. This is a loss of the surprise that should have been. Seer’s role is also built to become the dominant force when the mic system is shown too much.

Overall, Agrou has realized the characters’ image from the traditional versions while bringing a new atmosphere, new space, and new emotions to Werewolf lovers like me.

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die people in agrou
It is an unreasonable fact that the game makers reveal the player’s role when they die

Good effects come from sound and graphic elements

Compared to the previous versions, Agrou’s character graphics have improved dramatically and deserve to be considered the most invested game related to Werewolf. You will have the opportunity to express your personality by making adjustments to each part of your character’s body.

Besides, Agrou game also brings a difference in the environment with many different stages such as village, campfire, graveyard…

What are the game makers’ intentions in this detail?

Can someone explain it to me?

The open world of the game is also poorly developed because although there are streams, mountains, and lawns stretching to the horizon, you will not be able to move too wide. A little expansion and interaction with the game environment will make Agrou much more complete.

game graphics
Agrou allows you to build your own character according to your preferences

I like the sound effects. This is an important “spice” that contributes to an atmosphere of mutual suspicion and suspicions of players when death comes suddenly the next morning. Some sound effects such as the wind of the cemetery, the sound of streams flowing, are quite real and create an important highlight that makes gamers focus on the conversation more to find loopholes in the opponent’s argument and predict how many wolves have and their plans for the night.

Release information

Agrou’s official release date is July 25, 2020, and for less than $ 7, I think this game deserves a place on your console.


Along with the familiar board gameplay, Agrou brings a new wind to the survival game genre and helps gamers have more life skills or practice their judgment to apply in everyday life. If you want a little more challenge to your entertainment, with Fight the Horror and Pacify, Agrou can also be the right choice. Thank you for reading my Agrou review.