Amnesia Rebirth Review for PC (Horror Game)

As a die-hard fan of horror genre, no one would miss the boom hit of Amnesia series, especially when the latest part Amnesia Rebirth has been released recently. I have tried out this game as soon as possible, and to be honest, the game left me at a loss for words.

Everything in the Amnesia Rebirth is just wicked, sinister, and unexpected, which never amazes me. After spending hours diving deep into the game to experience all of the endings and feature, I must say that I love this game, and it did scare my spirit out of me. Forget about the old and cheap jumpscare; this game has upgraded the words “fear” and “jumpscare” to another level.

If you want to know exactly how hyped I was about Amnesia Rebirth, you should read through this little Amnesia Rebirth review. Before continuing, I must warn you that my review will contain spoilers of the game story, and Amnesia Rebirth featured a gore, violent and disturbing theme. Any player with a weak mentality should consider this seriously.

Amnesia Rebirth story

Being the sequel of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the story of Amnesia Rebirth set out in the scorching desert, back in 1937. A plan crash happened, and Tasi, one of the survivors, has to figure the way to get out of this mess alone.

As a characteristic of all Amnesia games, the main survivor lost his or her memory. Playing as Tasi, you will regain bit by bit the fragment of the painful memory.

game character
A rare picture of Tasi

Choose your side, light or dark

The story begins in a place of firing lights and a burning hot feeling that gives you dizzy. Being under the sun for too long will lead to dehydration and thirst; you need to get in the abandoned camp to get some shape.

Throughout the story, Tasi found out that she caught some kind of disease with pulsing and swollen veins, and she knew that she was pregnant and had to search for her husband Salim. The adventure begins when Tasi entered a cave and acquired a Travel Amulet with a mysterious power. Sadly, her husband could not survive the grave wounds as the majority of her crew, and she discovers a fort.

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game scene
The Travel Amulet plays an important role in this game

Through this fort, the story begins. Leaving the light of the desert, she teleported thanks to the power of Travel Amulet and was terrified to see her crewmates turned into violent creatures called ghouls, attacking and killing people.

This was when Tasi gave birth to her daughter, Amari, with the help of Dr. Metzier, who later took away her daughter to run into another world. Pursuing Dr. Metzier, Tasi teleported into The Dark Side, a strange and wicked civilization.

Into the darkness

The main event of the story revolved in The Dark Side, with the chase for her daughter. Tasi regained her memory during this chase and ended up facing the Empress of The Dark Side. Tasi had to fence for herself in the ruined, dark, and scary city alone, escaping the hunt of ghouls and Shadow. The thrills of the game were enough to throw me on edge.

Upon learning about Amari’s fate and herself, Tas had to make a decision, which branches the ending of the game. After trying all of the endings, I must compliment Frictional Games for the well-written plot, which broke my heart every time I played.

amnesia rebirth game graphics
The ruins of The Dark Side. What has happened here?

Amnesia Rebirth gameplay

If other indie horror games like Do You Copy, Boogeyman 2, and The Coma Recut give players the choices to fight back, I was utterly helpless in Amnesia Rebirth. Tasi was always in flight mode when facing ghouls.

Not only running away from the threat, but I also had to use wisely the limited items that I gather and solve multiple puzzles. All in all, I regarded the gameplay of this game to be quite interesting, but lack the active and decisive element instead.

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Run, you don’t want to meet a ghoul

Many scary creatures are wandering in The Dark Side, willingly to attack you anytime soon. Tasi or I have to avoid it at all costs. You can either hide or run to get away, but be careful not to make it loud, or you will be discovered and killed on the spot.

Don’t be scared; you have your daughter

Another thing you have to do in Amnesia Rebirth is to keep your fear level in check. A good way is to light up the matches in a dark place; the light will reassure you a bit. Or you can look at your baby bump – yes, Tasi is still pregnant. I believe that the Frictional Games hinted the motherly love would be the main source of power to help Tasi overcome challenges.

amnesia rebirth gameplay
Baby therapy seems to work well.

Be calm

As I said before, you have to take care of your fear level when playing Amnesia Rebirth. Once the fear grows so strong, your vision will get blurry and erratic, and you simply fail the game.

As far as I know, staying in the dark for too long or looking at horrific scenes like corpses will also contribute to raising fear, so use your matches wisely to keep the light with you.

amnesia rebirth game mechanism
The darkness gave me an uneasy feeling

Another thing is that you have to keep an eye on the hints. I never missed any hints appearing on the screen; it helps me a lot in progress. And try to keep track of your inventory; gathering as many items are also advised.

Terrific graphics and sounds

The Amnesia series returns after 10 years since the first part, and the Frictional Games deserve standing applause for the hard work. The visual and hearing element in the game is just sophisticated and so real; they do not only raise the fear level of Tasi but also made me scream out the top of my lung a certain number of times.

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A symphony of fear

As a first-person horror survival game, the viewpoint is excellently designed to give the most realistic vision, and the effect of fear overload is quite believable too.

Moreover, even the smallest ones, the subtle sound effects are well calculated to multiple the horror aspect of Amnesia Rebirth to the maximum. Seeing the corpse alone is not enough, but I wanted to cry out when the cracking sound was rolling on the stone ground sounded so real.

amnesia rebirth game sound
Beautiful mysterious scene deserves praise

The graphics are ominous, and wicked everywhere Tasi goes. The flickering match on your hands when entering into the unknown darkness, the shadows and light dancing on the wall or in ruins is well depicted. Besides, the appearance of ghouls, what can I say, is purely a form of nightmare.

Release information

Amnesia Rebirth release date is set on 20 October 2020, a decade since the success of Amnesia The Dark Descent. I purchased it as soon as possible, and with the price of $29.99, this can arguably be one of the best horror games this year.

The game is available on many platforms, including Linux, Microsoft Windows, and PS4. Still, I recommended playing on PC with strong graphics to enjoy the terrifying beauty of Amnesia Rebirth’s world.


I will put this straight: Amnesia Rebirth worths it in every aspect. The horror creeping in myself without the cheap jumpscare, interesting plot, magnificent work of world-building, and well-delivered scenes are all the good points of this game. This may not be the most horrifying game this year, but it is certainly the most meaningful one that I have tried in 2020. If you haven’t jumped into the world of Amnesia Rebirth, what are you waiting for?