Among Us Review for PC (Casual Game)

Perhaps in the past two months there hasn’t been a name mentioned by the world gaming community as much as Among Us. Partly out of curiosity, partially because I was dragged, I quickly brought this casual game to my play device. And really, Among Us is extremely special.


Innovative technologies have completely changed the way we see games. Just surf on Steam for about 5 to 10 minutes, and you can quickly find yourself a product with great graphics and a complicated story.

That game requires great scientists to discover all the hidden corners that the publisher has built. But as Leonardo Davinci once said: “The most is the ultimate of sophistication”. When games like Outlast, GTA V, Battlefield, or The Witcher are no longer luxury dreams, gamers tend to find simple games in terms of content and gameplay.

Flappy Bird, Untitled Goose Game, or Fall Guy are all outstanding representatives you will hear about. And now, in 2020, we have Among Us. It was once considered a “dead game” with only a few thousand downloads after nearly 2 years of release.

But what made this game revive so strongly? Or is there a hidden “beauty” that players will find out until now? I hope my Among Us review will give you a satisfactory answer.

What happened in Among Us?

Even myself, when I started writing this article, I’m still curious about what really happened to the characters in Among Us. But perhaps the best thing we can do is not try to figure it out.

Our cute Crewmates

Innersloth released Among Us is not about conveying a story with profound humanity, or a journey with unpredictable challenges and events. But maybe this is the publisher’s intention when each person will have the opportunity to write their own stories around Crewmates and Imposters, right? The evocation surrounding the game’s details is something I appreciate very much at Innersloth.

There is a system of stories

With 3 maps available and two-character systems built independently, I also had my own story, the story of an alien race on a quest for life on a new planet. Mira HQ is a space station where the most eminent scientists of that race gather. Onboard The Skeld, the first team of exploration is dispatched.

And the first destination is the planet Polus with the right features to develop life. While exploring this planet, the expedition team is attacked by a series of mysterious creatures. Realizing the potential danger, they quickly boarded a ship to leave the planet without knowing that many crew members were parasitized.

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It’s also scary

These mysterious creatures can disguise precisely like the members of the expedition team. That was when two factions Crewmates – Imposters appeared. Imposters are individuals that have been invaded by other strange creatures. They blend aboard The Skeld, infiltrate into the Mira HQ space station to destroy the facilities, and kill all those who accidentally wake them up.

Meanwhile, the Crewmates will have to both repair the ruins that the monsters have caused and find cold-blooded murderers to keep each other safe. Conflicts break out, and players will have to resolve it.

killing people in among us
Be careful!

You will have the opportunity to play both character streams. And this is how you find out what’s going on in Among Us game. Find the solution yourself to your curiosity!

What makes Among Us an attraction?

“The rusticness that Among Us brings as a meteor suddenly shines in the sky. You just want to immerse yourself in it and be happy to see that starlight up”, these are the full-blown comments that the specialized site “How to make game” has devoted to the unexpected success of Among Us after 2 years of release.

A smart gameplay

Among Us gameplay is built on the ability to judge and deduce the player’s conflicts. And perhaps that’s why it’s been likened to an upgraded version of Werewolf. Agrou is a game that has gone in that direction and is also quite successful. But Among Us is a difference.

Not only do you sit in the same place as the original version, but it is the interaction with the game environment that will give you a solid basis for the argument to find out what Imposters is. What an interesting point!

among us game sound
You will know number of people joining in waiting room

How will it all work out? You will join a game room with 4 to 10 random players around the world. You won’t know who the rest are unless you and your friends enter a private room with a password already given to the members.

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This creates unpredictability for each game. Also, with the pre-built theme, right from the moment you sit in the waiting room, the conflict levels are raised.

You don’t know what’s coming

Depending on the department head’s installation, each turn will have from 1 to 3 Imposters, the remaining players will play the Crewmates. Once again randomness spoke. The two factions are distributed alternately but perform opposite missions. To win, these Crewmates must either make sure to fulfill the assigned tasks or find all the Imposters.

Meanwhile, the Imposters will have to kill the Crewmates one after another until the number of people on both sides is equal, or the sabotage process prevents the crew members from fixing the oxygen generator in time.

among us game mechanism
Crime has happened, but who can stop it?

Exceptional ways to defeat the bad

You can see that the gameplay of the game is built quite simply. But it is the argument mechanism to find the evil that attracts hundreds of thousands of players. Everyone wants people to think they are right. And the way you convince the rest will determine your destiny.

Once a dead body is detected, an emergency meeting will take place. Only when the sequence of events is plausible can the wicked be exposed. “Who took out the trash?”, Who went to connect the wire in the technical room? “,” I think Green “… I remember printing arguments like that.

Among Us gameplay created a The atmosphere is really exciting, the votes of the player will give players a strong emotional impact, suspense, anger, glee, or internal division. Any game can do that. It is the mix of the Imposters that will make each game more interesting. The suspicions increase every time there are new victims among Crewmates murdered by an anonymous murderer.

among us game graphics
Performing tasks is a great way to interact with game environment and gather more evidence

Great association

Support for this is the unique gameplay associated with each character. Crewmates will have to perform assigned missions with varying difficulty. The missions will be swapped after each game screen, so even if you play it many times, you will not feel bored.

As for the Imposters, not only can destroy, you will be able to teleport through vents, destroying the ship’s facilities such as destroying oxygen tanks, exploding nuclear chambers or cutting off the power, … with an unlimited number of times and no waiting time.

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I’ve always thought that being a bad guy is still a delightful experience. You will have to act like your fake innocence deceived everyone. This will bring high drama to the game. The number of Imposters is very small, so you will need to calculate a reasonable strategy. This is what brings direct logic to Among Us game.

Argument mechanism to vote and eliminate players is a creative point of Among Us

In general, Among Us will be a mental battle between two factions of good and evil, and the only weapon you have is simply your votes and your sanity. This game is not for the faint of heart.

I love the brightness and cuteness that Innersloth brings

Focusing many aspects of gameplay, so the picture of Among Us just stops in a temporary complex. Gentle, bright, and cute. That is all I can sum up. The mission areas of the maps designed separately for each mission are also a great advantage.

I am quite impressed that the game makers have taken care of the Imposters’ own killing mechanics. Not bloody but still ensures the required severity of the game. As for the sound, Among Us is not installed too many effects to attract attention. The only thing that lingers in my mind is the sound of the Emergency Meeting. Anyway, it’s pretty funny and equally sensational.

Release information

When the coverage of Among Us has been raised to a new height, perhaps no one pays attention to the official release date and the price of the game anymore.

But for those who like to find out, this is also a product that has a pretty high age when the official release date of Among Us has been from November 17, 2018, and with a price of just over $ 3.


Are you looking for a game that can entertain after hard working days? There is Among Us. Want a place to show your reasoning abilities? There is Among Us. Do you want something different? Among Us can do that too. This game brings players back to the true feeling of an entertainment medium: Joy. Finally, thanks for reading this Among Us review.