An ultimate guide to NieR Automata outfits

Are you fond of dressing up your characters in RPGs? Well, with the YoRHa Edition’s game, you can have a chance to customize your characters by unlocking NieR Automata outfits. Go ahead and see what’ll amaze you!

If you are a fan of action role-playing games, you will be addicted to myriad clothing and costumes that you can dress your characters up. And, And, NieR: Automata is the one of impressive RPGs to provide players a chance unlocking extra outfits as soon as completing certain tasks.

Gear yourself up for an amazing quest of stunning NieR Automata outfits. Then, unleash your creativity to build up your characters with our following game tip.

NieR Automata’s storyline: A war between androids and machines rages

As a YoRHa Edition’s game, the NieR Automata not only is a stimulating game itself but also comes with bonus content as well as DLC. Unlike the experience in any survival and adventure game like Green Hell or thrilling tale in Neversong, NieR Automata’s is a totally different genre of game. Players will have an opportunity to get full feeling with such a post-apocalyptic and award-winning action RPG.

Almost all of us hardly bypass any battle of the game as each one has its distinctive charisma. By following the story of androids A2, 9S, and 2B, NieR Automata highlights their action-packed battles against powerful machines.

It is unfortunate that human beings have been and are driven from their own planet by machine-driven dystopia. That’s why, players act as characters in the game to make an effort to be back to the Earth.

character outfits
A2, 9S, and 2B in Nier Automata

How to unlock Nier Automata outfits

The game is currently out with three colosseums, along with sub-quests. Hence, to unlock Nier Automata outfits, players are requested to win myriad rewards upon completing each quest. This kind of game is not the one to offer you a great variety of costumes to choose and change anytime you want.

As an alternative, you will by and large be gathering outfits and accessories after the end of side mission during the game’s first half. Or, you are going to unlock many colored ribbons while performing side mission “Lost Girl”.

Then, heading into the Items menu helps you get equipped with accessories chosen from “Key items”. To have a closer look at ways to unclock clothing and accessory items, keep scrolling down with detailed tips and tricks.

nier automata game outfits
Outfits and accessories after the end of side mission

An ultimate guide NieR Automata outfits with detailed tips and tricks

There’s a list of extra clothing in the game, along with requirements to unlock each item. At present, there exist few known NieR: Automata alternate outfits that could be obtained within the game. Thus, if we explore any new outfits, we will update the list as soon as possible.

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1. NieR Automata 2B outfits: Battle suit

Right after finishing your mission in the third run, two great battle suits only for 2B will be available for you. Despite not giving players any modifications or stat boost, it enhances their appearance in comparision with the initial default costume. These suits can be obtained from Key Items.

In the game, you can discover two battle suits which are similar to the ones worn by YoRHa soldiers in location “The Bunker”.

nier automata sexy outfits
Battle suits exclusively for 2B

2. NieR Automata all outfits: Dress Module

One of the most one-of-a-kind NieR Automata outfits is dress module. This kind of costume can be purchased from the Emil’s Shop. But, what does dress module do? Well, dress module is utmostly helpful in protecting clothes of your characters from being ripped off when taking damage.

If you are not intended to put on this dress module, your clothing will be damaged as and when you experience heavy damage. Its function becomes more obvious when you are able to take your dress off whithout replying on the use of self-destruct.

See, how 2B loses her skirt completely and 9S loses the pants when they self-destruct without using Dess Module. Then, you will know how much significance it will be in NieR Automata.

nier automata outfits in game
Dress Module in NieR Automata

So, how to get dress module? Firstly, it’ll be all right on the night to encounter Emil outside of the game’s Resistance Camp. Seeing him might be tricky because he changes his location constantly. If not, you can try reloading and re-entering areas to enable Emil to move around.

Try to get Emil near the camp route. Then, it’s at its best to shoot him right beneath a machine lifeform called “Father Servo” as he’s on top of the waterfall.

Secondly, you should be sure that Emill will never respawn. To do that, check if he is still on your controlled map (nornally near a desert camp). And, enter inside a shopping mall and run across a bridge to check if he will spawn.

In case he has respawned, run back and forth among the shopping malls and bridge to check his route. Once he is within the Resistance Camp, run to him as fast as possible to shoot Emil when he’s exactly on the waterfall top. After that you can get Dress Module or several Bracer weapons.

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3. Lunar Tear

There is nothing quite like achieving a reward when playing games. And it’s even more enjoyable when your reward is one of the wonderful NieR Automata outfits known as Lunar Tear. By completeting the quest of Emil’s Memories, a Lunar Flower is what you exactly get to equip any of your characters.

Here’re necessary tricks and tips players are going to do with a view to unlocking this challenging quest. First of all, players are required to confront Emil for at least one time while completing Forest Kindom arena. The next step involves stepping into the area of City Ruins which are located next to Resistance Camp.

nier automata robot outfits
Lunar Tear

When you go to that place, attemp to find Emil, and try to stop him and have a conversation with him. This is useful to activate the appearance of one shining flower in Commercial Facility. Where flowers are located is highlighted on players’ map as follows: Flooded City, Desert Area, Amusement Park, and Forest Area.

Right after finding the above-mentioned flower, Emil is prepared to appear and talk to players – this is when the quest of Emil’s Memories starts. Here, you are supposed to search for all Lunar Flowers in order for Emil to provoke his list memory.

After finding the first flower, you could move to other locations to discover the others. And after you finish with the last flower, a key to the Commercial Facility’s elevator will be given by Emil. Move back to the area of Commercial Facility, then transfer down that elevator.

Emil will give you a reward with one Lunar Flower that you could dress up at your final conversation with him. You can equip this flower for any of your character when unlocking it.

4. Pink and blue ribbons

You can change up the appearance of your characters by equipping some more excellent NieR Automata outfits: pink and blue ribbons. With these accessories, customizing 2B’s looking with the blue and pink ribbons becomes more interesting than ever. These items are rewards that you can get from completeting Lost Girl side mission.

cute outfits
Blue and pink ribbons

To obtain this reward, players need to escort a lost robot back to her location called Pascal’s Village. This lost robot machine is set in the north desert while she needs to be escorted to the end of south desert.

When on the road, some enemies might attack you; still, they can be easily dispatched if you are at the higher level with strong weapons. As soon as you arrive at the end, the lost robot girl gives you blue and pink ribbons as rewards, then leave.

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You could equip these cool NieR Automata outfits and accessories to your characters, provided that you’ve achieved it via any playthrough. Those are from item’s menu in the section of key items.

5. Alien Mask

From what we have so far played, there seem some cool items to be found by finishing side missions. Coupled with the above blue and pink ribbons, players are more excited to get Emil mask by winning Half-Wit Inventor side quest. All you should do is to give enough money to the inventor then he will found a shop where you could buy an Alien Mask.

6. Adam’s glasses

Role-playing game gerne is so attractive that players can be of various choices to get accessories and costumes and equip characters. And, one of the not-to-be-missed NieR Automata outfits and accessories is Adam’s Glasses. Imagine how cool your character tends to be when it is equipped with glasses.

To have Adam’s glasses, players have to defeat Eve and Adam. Remember that these glasses can be obtained on top of the building located at City’s Ruins where you first penetrate.

mod outfits
Adam’s glasses

7. NieR Automata DLC outfits

Besides colosseums, NieR Automata DLC outfits reveal three costumes for main characters. But, it is not easy to get all. Entering the Flooded City’s arena to complete all ranked battles and earn rewards helps you gain outfits for 2B. Upon the completion of Forest Area battle, clothing for 9S will be given to you; whereas, Desert area is the one to offer you great Replicant item for A2.

A display of hidden humanity in NieR Automata outfits

In the game, the dressing of characters aims at making them look like human beings as much as possible. In the world with no existence of humanity, costumes seem to be some of the last humanity’s remaining semblances. This explains why NieR Automata outfits play an indispensable role in creating a human-like world.

Final words

The YoRHa Edition’s game pays attention to various non-human things trying to struggle with distant grips. Particularly, NieR Automata outfits signals a cry for in-game characters trapped in the place lost of mood and humanity. If you fond of dressing up your characters when playing any action RPGs like this, our above tips and tricks might be helpful for you. Hope you enjoy it!