Anthology of Fear coming soon to Nintendo Switch in 2020

Psychological horror games. Just mentioning those 3 words is enough to make people creepy. The horror factor is tightly tied to the psychology of the player, which can be considered as the characteristic of any game going in this direction.

This standing one in the series of Nintendo Switch horror games leaves an obsessive obsession and that seems to be the stimulant that makes this game genre grow stronger and stronger to be able to leave the series of games being built in the “instant noodles” style.

Crystallization of the cooperation of Ultimate Games and RG Crew, Anthology of Fear is considered a promising work by experts when you will encounter elements from a long time ago to be exploited. That is how to play from the first perspective. It is a story that is deeply and thoroughly exploited. And it is a vast, remote and mysterious space.

Behind the official poster of the game, who knows what is still waiting for the soul, confidence, and courage of the player?

Key Features

Not too much information provided by the publisher about Anthology of Fear. However, recently, the trailer provided by the publisher has partly helped players lift the veil surrounding this psychological horror game.

Do not follow the familiar path of the horror game today with stories set for a single protagonist, Anthology of Fear pushes players into the role of 3 main characters with 3 completely different stories. You will control their actions and from there, experience the fear of supernatural powers originating in the early 20th century in Russia’s wildest regions.

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The plot revolves around an unusual house – which has been overpowered by evil spirits. The mix of reality and illusion makes even the most psychologically strong people shake their decisions.

anthology of fear the forest
You may find yourself lost in a forest …

Perhaps the very emphasis on the content makes Anthology of Fear be divided into chapters and episodes. Each part will have a different way of playing, placed in specific contexts. In this kind of psychological horror games, sometimes you will find yourself lost in a forest and have to find a way to run away, sometimes you will leave the psychological struggle that happens in only one house.

anthology of fear bedroom
… or waking up in a mysterious house occupied by evil forces

The stories, though individually, are firmly rooted together to create a continuous and frightening storyline with a surprising end.

The developer also shared the main features of the game to assert that this product does not follow the action game style, but is more psychological and puzzling. It forces players to explore deep to see all the horror.


  • 3 character lines with 3 separate stories: Each story is designed in a different context, different locations that players will have to change the state continuously.
  • Minimize Jumpscare. Emphasizing psychological elements, one of the long-forgotten things of the psychological horror games.
  • Real fake indivisible. This will make gamers will need to dig deep into the icons that appear in the game, research it to see all the macabre history of these areas.
  • Skilful way of pushing the story. You will have to push your full alert if you want to explore all levels of the story.

Release information

Ultimate Games and RG Crew have not yet set a release date for their “brainchild” but still, make the gamers community standstill while promising to release Anthology of Fear in the first quarter of 2020.

The two-game makers added this psychological horror game and it will be released for all platforms in which the Nintendo Switch version will be released a few months from the official date.

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The cost of Anthology of Fear has not been announced.

Should we wait for this Nintendo Switch horror game?

It’s unclear what Ultimate Games and RG Crew plan to do with the Nintendo Switch version, but it can be seen as a calculated move. Previously people are still familiar with the appearance of Mario Kart or Bayonetta on this background. With Anthology of Fear, maybe players will experience one of the best Nintendo Switch horror games ever?

nintendo switch on hand
Nintendo Switch is clearly still the most anticipated gaming platform

Going a little deeper into the matter, in my opinion, with the Nintendo Switch platform, players will have faster gameplay not only by way of relying on a first-person perspective game but also because of Nintendo’s gaming consoles for Nintendo Switch horror games. It puts players into a very fast operation.

Thus, you will need to pay attention because then your mentality will be pulled up very tight. Are you mentally prepared?


Anthology of Fear is worth the wait. But for me, the Nintendo Switch version is even more worth a try. Can this type of psychological horror games among the Nintendo Switch horror games redefine courage? Find out for yourself!