ARAYA Game Review for PC (Horror Game)

Asian culture has long been a topic repeatedly exploited in horror games. And ARAYA game is one of those works that take full advantage of it. Officially appeared five years ago, but the attraction from this survival horror game has not diminished. Find out more in this Araya game review.

“Old but worthy to play” are brief comments that I can give for ARAYA game before we go into further analysis.

Compared to Asia’s Outlast in general and Thailand’s in particular, this is a unique game when it both pushes players to the extreme of fear and skillfully integrates Eastern spiritual elements to increase the mystery and obsession.

And according to many players, ARAYA game has opened the way and inspired indie game makers to produce great works such as The Sinner Prologue, Deca, Lost Within… These game has integrated with the VR system to help players have the most authentic experience.

However, in this ARAYA review, I will only mention factors related to the PC platform. This is my personal opinion, but hopefully, it will be a great reference channel for you.

Welcome to the haunted hospital!

Abandoned places always make people feel something unusual. And if properly exploited, game makers can do something great. ARAYA game did an excellent job of bringing the player’s mind to stories surrounding a hospital left behind after rumors of demons.


Let’s start with the name of this game! Araya is the name of a girl. It will not be anything unusual if MAD Virtual Reality Studio does not confine her to a bipolar girl who is psychologically challenging to control.

araya gameplay
What truly happened?

Araya has fewer and fewer friends, but Sorn, a playboy (at the warning of Araya’s best friend), quickly gains her heart. Two lovers and what will come will have to come, and you know what I mean.

Araya is pregnant, but Sorn does not want to father of the child. Conflicts arose, and in the end, Sorn killed both Araya and the child with only a sleeping pill before slipping and killing himself.

But this is merely the starting point for many horrors that await players behind. You will have to fully experience ARAYA game if you want to know what happened.

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That’s not easy; brave hearts. Why is that? That’s because the manufacturer has subtly divided the story into three separate parts to increase the player’s curiosity.

You will experience the game to learn about a person, but many events surrounding that person are separated from the perspective of three characters: Marisa, Rama, and Boon.


We have Marisa, one of the few people chosen by Araya to be friends. After Araya’s death, two people were no longer connected. Until one day, Marisa received a strange message from Araya. About an appointment at the abandoned hospital.

marisan in araya


We have Rama, a guardian of the hospital. After the hospital was closed, I was not sure why he continued to keep watch. And that’s when he saw some bizarre events happening in his shift.

rama in araya


And the last person to have “honor” on meeting Araya’s soul was Boon, a debt-stricken young man who had to do the task of completing some work to get rid of the debt.

boon character

The three of them bring us different perspectives in ARAYA game with mixed emotions and personalities. Is there anything hidden behind these dark corridors of the hospital?

Why did Araya choose to stay rather than escape? Are you brave enough to explore?

Do not rush to answer. Experience ARAYA game, and maybe you will realize something.

ARAYA game has not truly satisfied players

ARAYA gameplay is so cool, but there is something that I am not satisfied. Sorry to the fan of ARAYA game for comparing your game with Outlast.

Like a survival horror game, ARAYA game has completed its assigned mission. Game chapters are fairly well-divided, and no matter what character you play, you’ll enjoy the greatest perspective: the first- perspective.

Game mechanics revolve around fairly basic actions such as walking, crawling, running, picking things, exploring, collecting clues.

find clues in game
The first-perspective helps players have the best experience

MAD Virtual Reality Studio showed their elaborate attitude when spending the first 15 minutes of this game to make the intro. Therefore it helps players visualize the specific way of playing, manipulating, and game atmosphere. Bravo!


Throughout ARAYA gameplay, you will turn to explore a lot of floors at the hospital and meet all rumors of people around the place. You will not be provided with anything other than a flashlight.

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And maybe because this item is so popular when you won’t have to search for batteries or power supplies. I personally oppose this because it dramatically reduces the urgency often seen in a survival horror game.

Activities such as activating elevators, finding records, or activating power sources… are also naturally integrated into game tasks.

scary gameplay

There will be no easy way. For example, when you want to activate the power, you will have to look for fuses, and this makes many players feel scared because no one knows what is waiting for you behind the door.

The rhythm in ARAYA game is kept at an average level. However, do not let them fool you because it is merely a stepping stone before the actual chases happen. Some chase chains are well built when pushing players into the state to make full use of functions they are provided.

You will have to walk, run, jump, open the door continuously if you want to be able to preserve your life. While flashlights are provided with endless energy, use them wisely to avoid detection when hiding.

How the game obsessed you

ARAYA game built the great plot twists action. Even when you get to the elevator and think you have escaped, you still risk being chased and knocked out by Jit (hospital metamorphosis guard).

horror game
Run for your own life

Although quite clever in the rotation between Marisa, Rama, and Boon, sometimes the rotation makes gamers lose the emotional circuit. And you know, this is annoying. A lot of clues from notebooks are anywhere in the dialect, and if you want to find out what’s going on, ARAYA is an ideal game.

And finally, you can completely die. The blade of Jit will pierce your body if you run not fast enough. Please note. Save game points will be everywhere, and you will have a milestone to start if unfortunately have to lie down.

Excellent audio-visual system

Atmosphere. This is a significant factor for any game. And for the horror game, it also plays a vital role in its success.

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ARAYA game has done that. The dilapidation and destruction of the rooms have clearly shown hospital deterioration after being abandoned for a long time. This contributes to the orientation and stimulates the player’s psychology following the intention that MAD Virtual Reality Studio wants.

The effect that comes from Araya’s soul is also perfect, as she always appears unexpectedly. It could be laughter, open doors, quick wheelchairs even though no one is around.

stunning hospital
The “stunning” scene of the hospital

All are elaborate to create the best effect possible. And for someone who likes small details like me, I don’t know how many times I had to scream when I suddenly saw the balls appear in the corner of corridor, gecko suddenly jumped at the player’s face…

Terrified but addictive!

Well-integrated oriental details

With amulets and shrines, ARAYA game leads players into a spiritual world full of mysteries.

And we can never forget the core character of the work: Araya. She is entirely built to be the highlight of any horror scene in the game. You can rest assured that your journey is not alone because ARAYA is always there, right next to you!

Mixed with that is the sound system. The sound of the door being opened, the sound of a cockroach crawling, etc., along with the sound of the player’s movement, can make those who are most confident
can tremble.

graphics in araya

The sound of chases has also fulfilled its duty when increasing urgency to distract you. Wear headphones, and I promise you’ll have a sleepless night.

Release information

ARAYA is a game that can be classified in the seniors when ARAYA release date has been since November 24, 2016. It is being sold for only $ 8, and you can access the link at the end of this article to bring it to your device.


Want a thrilling experience for your lonely evening? ARAYA game will be the answer. Want a journey back to Asian culture? ARAYA game will be the answer.

But you want something to haunt you, causing you to lose sleep for weeks at a time? ARAYA game is not the answer. Experience and let us know what you think in the comment section below.