Barn Finders Review for PC (Simulation Game)

If you are a fan of indie games, I am sure you know about Barn Finders; the game simulates reality trading markets, including buyers and sellers, and they have to optimize their ability to gain the bargains. This game is suitable for majority of game players, especially office workers.

Barn Finders has recently been launched and is getting controversial reviews on its gameplay and how to play it on the PC version. As a person who loves simulation games, I experienced it and gave my views on its graphics, sound, and price. I hope the following sharing of this game will provide you an aspect to understand and decide whether or not to try it.

The game reproduces an actual auction market

The simulation game of real-life always brings excellent experience for players and of course, we can’t non-skippable our candidate Barn Finders.

Players start the game with a small bedroom of the pawnshop. Uncle Billy will awake you, and then he will give you complete essential tasks; you have to find some decoration stuff that the customer requested. After that, you will go to an abandoned house and start the journey here.

This house has been left without usage for a long time, and many items there could be helped you. You can imagine something interesting is waiting for you ahead.

barn finders gameplay

First, you have to find useful stuff which is able to recycle to get money and ship them to the store. After repairing and acquiring valuable items, the next thing you need to do is auction them to earn profits.

Learning about Barn Finders gameplay

For those interested in business or trading, Barn Finders game is the right one for you; it can help you relieve the pressure after the workday and satisfy your passion in business, or you also can practice for your business in the future.

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It’s a real modern trade market. Having buyers and sellers work together with the lots of dealing and negotiations, and probably, you have to become an actual entrepreneur and want to be a winner of many successful transactions.

To prevail so you need to bid higher than your opponent to get the exclusive items. After completing the recycling things you had been offered, you can take it to auction to earn other bargains. You also can have a pawnshop for your own and make the deal with others.

pwanshop in barn finders

The unique item in Barn Finders is the giant granary. Of course, it’s quite challenging to get this item. It depends on how lucky you are, and you have to look outside the bin and predict its price.

If you give a higher price than itself, you will lose your profit. On the contrary, if you set a low cost, It provides your competitors a chance to bidding a higher price that you will not be able to make again. Therefore, you have to consider carefully before offering the right one.

Of course, the transaction logic of every kind of commerce, from authentication, identification of products will affect your success, and to become a successful trader, you need to overcome and experience it.

And one more thing is that not all items are legal. Therefore, you need to get a consult from experts to make the right decision. I know, it challenges but I believe you will know how to deal with it.

use axe in barn finders

After all, don’t forget to return to your home and renew all the items you got. In Barn Finders, there are many various features that can help you fix your stuff, such as the polish tool, the spare part to replace.

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You also can use a hammer to crush any things around, make them useable. From these items, you can start to own your store and brings it to auction with the new customers.

Graphics and sound of Barn Finders

The game’s graphics and sounds were not very impressive to me. How to say it, It does not mean it was terrible, just that I don’t feel anything special.

Barn Finders’s context is in a warehouse; there are too many objects; It designed with many different elements and multi-colors. At first glance, you will be attracted by the game graphics quite eye-catching from the view of repairing items to store decoration, all designed ingeniously.

However, when you experience, you will feel it quite complicated, a bit unfocused. There are too many objects and fast motion; sometimes, it will make you feel dizzy.

game graphics

However, there is a plus point that got a lot of useful Barn Finders review, that is the brightness of the game. Barn Finders provides an atmosphere similar to what you might experience in a real warehouse, it’s not too bright, but it is still enough to observe all the items and repairing them visually.

An undeniable fact that the game sound which helped to set an exciting mood for players. The music corresponds to a particular class of emotions for each action in this game.

Limitations in the gameplay

I agree with the previous Barn Finders review; actually, PC version of this game is quite complicated. I spend a lot of time to get to know it, so it was a challenge for any beginners.

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First of all, I have to say that the controls board is a bit “take-time” for adapting. The combination of computer mouse and keyboard could be confusing for you guys. You will have to turn to retrieve items quickly.

Nonetheless, on Barn Finders PC version, you can only use up and down keys to move back & forth and crouch by using keyboard. Therefore, it will be difficult for players; if you want to experience the whole game, you need to be patient.

characters in game

Another issue with Barn Finders is that the plot is too loose. The players could only do a single action of each step; like, they can only enter the warehouse at one time; if they leave, they will not be able to return. This feature significantly limits the chances for the player.


Objectively, Barn Finders didn’t achieve what I and some other game lovers expected. I like its gameplay and graphics, but I have to admit that it’s not easy.

Well, you might think I’m too fastidious. (lol) Barn Finders release date is June 15, and I’m in a flash that experienced it and gave you guys my point of view above.

One more thing, you need to be noted that the price is $19,99; I think I quite high price compared to other indie games. However, at this time, the game producer is running a super deal, only $ 16.99 to get to experience it. Such an affordable price, I think.

And finally, just my opinion, many others have different views. Just feel free to leave a comment below to let me know your views. I wish you guys will have great gaming experiences.