BIGFOOT game Review for PC (Horror Game)

Being one of the most familiar figures for the fantasy and horror game line, Bigfoot is the central theme of the same-name game that lately got boosted. BIGFOOT game was first accessible in 2017 and still in the “early access” state, waiting for an official release upcoming shortly.

Hearing about this game’s hype, and as a fan of multiplayer horror games myself, I could not wait for the official release, so I signed up for early access instead. Truthfully, if you are also into the hunting and action style, you will love this game as much as I do.

So now I want to disclose my point of view on this BIGFOOT review. You must remember that this game is still in the developing stage, so there can be changes when officially released. There will also be spoilers in my review and a violent description; you should consider this before proceeding.

BIGFOOT game, an overview of the storyline

This game does not rely heavily on the storytelling aspect; the storyline is just there to give you the context. But unlike Boogeyman 2, with unclear and vague pieces of the story, you will have a full background story before playing in BIGFOOT game.

By doing this, it helps the mood of the game sink in properly, and I was engulfed in the environment of the BIGFOOT game quite naturally.

You heard it on the news: A mystery sprung up

At the start of BIGFOOT game, you will see many articles related to reported missing cases or confirmed deaths; all are located deep in the woods. The ominous atmosphere continues with the cause of the deaths: being eaten.

Apparently, the culprit is pointed to one creature that we all called Bigfoot. In the game, it is also called Sasquatch and is described as an ape-resembling and giant walking mammal with violent nature.

Bigfoot’s habitat is narrowed down to the woods in the North Pacific region of North America, which is the place for the maps available in-game at the time I played.

This is where we track down Bigfoot

Let the hunt begin

You will play as a hunter seeking for the cause of this dreadful state – the Bigfoot. Adventure deep into the forest, tracking down the trace, and setting up the trap to lure the mysterious creature and take it down is your mission. Are you ready to close the case?

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I love the chilling and thrilling atmosphere of this BIGFOOT game. Unlike the wild and vast feeling on a safari, the woods in the game is more of a creepy and unexpected environment that sent shivers to my skin when playing. The storyline is nothing extraordinary, but I can let that pass.

BIGFOOT gameplay

I can tell some of the bigs names sharing the same gameplay and genres with Bigfoot, such as Maid of Sker, Boogeyman 2, or Sign of Silence, but you won’t feel bored playing this first-person game, I promise.

You can go solo if you are a lone wolf

The basic mode of BIGFOOT gameplay is the solo adventure when you go straight into the game and play alone. You will have to do all the tasks, hunting and killing the Bigfoot on your own.

Some may feel lonely doing so, but personally, I enjoy the solitude of having full control and making the decision in the game. Which strategy you want to deploy, which route you want to track are up to you and you only. Though I got myself (in-game) killed by Bigfoot when playing solo, I can freely experiment with many things.

bigfoot game mechanism
Hold your breath; it can be anywhere

Co-op mode: the more the merrier

Now, the BIGFOOT game allows the players to team up online as four to hunt down the target. As a part of multiplayer horror games, you have to work well with your teammates and distribute the task and roles wisely to win the game.

The co-op side of the BIGFOOT game is quite good to my expectation. When I teamed up with my friends, we discussed the strategies beforehand, but later we had to change and improvised a lot.

A key to this type of game is maintaining communications among the members. Well, I did enjoy all the fun time we had exploring and hunting together.

It’s is not only shooting and killing

BIGFOOT game requires much more brain cells that you can think to win the game. This game is not purely a find-and-slaughter game; there are various elements built in it.

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Basically, you will need to collect items in-game, explore the map, set traps, survive in the woods, track down Bigfoot, avoid getting killed by it and take that giant ape down. No one said that would be easy.

scene in bigfoot game
You will get better vision with camera

Love for the big inventory

The first thing I like about this game is the inventory; I can comfortably store all of its items. No more pain for choosing what to bring and what to leave behind with tiny slots in the inventory.

The items in-game can be categorized into several different types, namely weapons, survival items, supporting items, and trapping items. You will get the trusty rifle and bullets to take down the creature for weapons, or you can go for hand on hand combat with a knife.

Survival items include sticks that I found on my way in the forest, lighter and such. For supporting items, I got flare guns, cameras, and flying drones to get better vision. Trapping items are certainly traps to slow down bigfoot and some meats to draw it in.

Be a real hunter

As I said before, you need to corporate various elements to take down Bigfoot. This creature’s health pool will be shown as a thin red line (the loss of its blood will be shown in white) on top of the screen when encountering, and I must say the blood bar is huge.

You cannot simply kill it with a few shots; it will be a long chase. Meanwhile, you can bleed to death easily with a few blows from Bigfoot.

shooting scene in bigfoot game
Bigfoot’s health pool is just enormous

First of all, you need to make sure that you can survive. Keeping my body temperature in a safe zone, finding shelters, and light up a fire to avoid getting cold, hunt a smaller animal to get meat.

Your stamina is relatively poor comparing to the beast, so you need to make sure that your body is at its peak to fight against it.

Tracking the map is a must too. Bigfoot can appear out of nowhere and then disappear quickly. Exploring the map also gives you more valuable items and shelters to make the game easier. I kept picking up everything I see and ended up using the majority of them.

I would not recommend a short-range approach with Bigfoot simply because you are no match for it. Try to keep some distance and aim for the head with the rifle, dealing as much damage as you can.

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If you want to take it down closer, make sure that it is trapped first to kill you. Deer meat is the most alluring item to Bigfoot; setting a trap with deer meat is the best choice.

bigfoot game graphics
Let’s take a rest

BIGFOOT game graphics and sounds: OK, but not excellent

Developed on the game engine Unreal Engine 4, certainly, I expect a lot on the graphics and sound of this one. To make it fair, the graphic is not the flashy RPG worldbuilding; it is more or less the detailed and meticulous wild environment. The dark, earthy, and greeny setting of the forest brings me the atmosphere of a real survival and game chasing.

However, I have to admit that I wouldn’t say I like players’ design in BIGFOOT game. All the faces and clothes look the same, not to say boring, and also stereotyped a lot.

Hoping on the official release, CyberLight Game Studio can do something about this. Moreover, the smoothness of Bigfoot’s movement should be improved too to make it more natural and less robotic.

Onto the sounds, no complaint. I heard various sounds when playing the BIGFOOT game and felt that it perfectly matched the game’s rhythm. It’s like watching a documentary about hunting Bigfoot, but you are the one in it.

game monster
Should I run now?…

Release information

BIGFOOT release date is set to be on 30 December 2020, but you can now dive in with the early access. Taking part in the early access, your feedback is valuable and can contribute to the game’s fixing and improvement.

Moreover, the BIGFOOT game is retailed at $15.99, and the price won’t change when the early access phase ended. Once you purchase it, it is yours entirely.


I would give this BIGFOOT game a big “yes”. Interesting and varied gameplay as well as the excellent and varied game setting will entertain you for hours. This game has many potentials, and I hope that future development will give the player an even better experience. I can’t wait for the official release!