Blame Him Review for PC (Horror Game)

Japanese horror games always contain something extraordinary. Not flashy, sensational with jumpscare, many products from game makers of “The Land of the Rising Sun” radiate dark energy that makes you scream out in fear no matter how brave you are. And Blame Him is such a game.

I like horror games. Because to me (and I think like many others), the gameplay of this genre makes people fall in love with them because they dare to dig into the deepest secret of different fears.

We have so many things to fear, right? There are many comparisons between Asian horror games with representatives from Thailand, Japan, and the rest of the world.

In my opinion, that’s right.

Unique vibes in Blame Him, as I mentioned at the beginning, make Japanese horror games so obsessive as the horror that comes from real-life, familiar objects, and close-knit people around you.


Simplifying anythings to spread horror is the motto that many Japanese horror game makers are pursuing. Remember that nightmares can come in your sleep at any time.

If you’ve played through Devotion or Onryo and many other titles, you’ll understand. Contributing enthusiastically to this type of game in recent years, we can not forget Chilla’s Art with a series of high-quality works.

And most recently, the two talented game makers made players shiver with Blame Him. The strange name stimulated me to “research” it right away.

I thought I would come across something of The Sinner Prologue, Suite 776 (games I recently played), but I was wrong. You can trust Blame Him will not let you down.

(Warning: This is my Blame Him review. There will be quite a lot of personal emotions and details that reveal the game’s script. So if you want to enjoy the game in the most “naked” way, please stop before too late).

Do you have any patience to solve Blame Him puzzles?

A friend of mine once said, “To complete any Japanese game, you should prepare yourself to have another brain.” And that’s true if you want to find out what Chilla’s Art is saying in Blame Him.

The storyline in Blame Him follows a very confusing sequence when interspersed with memories of the protagonist are horror stories that have become legends of Japan.

first gameplay
Blame Him story opens very gently with how you will take care of your child

Let’s see what I found. You will play the role of a father, the rest of a broken family. Replace the mother, your task is to bring up your baby. But this is not a baby-care simulator, so don’t overthink it.


Blame Him starts slowly with your taking care of the baby by comforting the baby when he cries, making milk for him, and finally putting him to sleep.

The sleep came gently, the father and son fell asleep, and the player’s soul also rested in the first minutes of this horror game. Until midnight…

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An earthquake, along with the collapse of walls and furniture, pulled our father awake.

blame him chapter one
Moment of Fate (Image is cut from gameplay)

While bewildered before this event, the protagonist’s child was taken away by someone or something. And so our journey to rescue the baby begin.

How Blame Him scrares you

During a dangerous journey, Blame Him leads players through many locations in a vast, interlaced sewer system.

A school with a murderous teacher, a hospital with a metamorphosis doctor whose hobbies are dissecting people or a deserted house with a series of corpses suspended to serve a ghost ritual.

But is everything as simple as that? More than just discrete stories, Blame Him connects them coherently through transitions in the form of a tape.

scary scene
Everywhere you go is covered with darkness, death…

The most plausible explanation for all the jumble that this father went through is that he accidentally pressed and drowned the child while sleeping. The monstrous scenes, the strange creatures he meets are the price he has to pay.

Overall, Blame Him is a matrix with many events arranged in unpredictable sequences.

This may be a plus, but it may also be a drawback that makes Blame Him lose its attraction to the gaming community. Not everyone has time to find the story behind, right?

Gameplay requires high skills from the player

I like the content of Blame Him, but its gameplay is much more impressive. Please be praised for Chilla’s Art and sum up Blame Him gameplay in one word: genius.

I like the way the character and environment interact, the way the codes in gameplay are hidden, or any chases between the main character and villains in-game.

In other words, I love everything about the game mechanism that Chilla’s Art has built. Why is that? This can only be felt if you directly contact its gameplay. The truth is Blame Him has a very harmonious combination of thrilling episodes, hard-to-solve puzzles, and stealthy gameplay.

blame him gameplay
In a lot of scenes, pliers are important for you to solve puzzles

An intricate initiation

Like any horror games from the first perspective. The interaction of players with surrounding environment will be pushed up to the maximum.

You will have to perform sequential tasks from the smallest manipulations such as coaxing children, making milk (at the beginning of the game), opening/closing doors, rotating water valve lock … if you want to complete the placed Objective out in Blame Him.

Along with that is the keen eye to discover support items scattered everywhere. These items can be keys, pliers, toilet flush cords, or anything else.

blame him game items
Do not miss any positions if you want to collect enough clues

However, it is just a platform for you to develop your intelligence. A suitable interaction mechanism helps players will have many ways to manage difficult situations.

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You must pay attention because to solve any challenges in-game, the logic is required. A door is locked, but you don’t have a key or a tool to pry like a crowbar. A broken piano upstairs would be a very reasonable choice.

Pull it to the edge of the stairs, slide it, and let it destroy the thick door. This is the first suggestion if you want to get through the locked door on the bottom floor in Chapter I: The Deceived.

Thrills are all along the way

On your journey, you will often have to strain your eyes to find out secret codes for opening the door or find all the way to get the water valve if you want to continue.

These seemingly simple operations are pushed up extremely hard in Blame Him. Coupled with a frightening gloomy atmosphere, your senses may fade if you are not alert.

The puzzle mechanism is the highlight of Blame Him gameplay. Don’t forget, it all revolves around you finding the logic to choose the right sequence.

blame him another enemies
Uninvited guests

The sewer system that appears in Blame Him is something you need to be aware of. Lots of rooms to visit, lots of places you need to check, so you will not miss any clues.

The large space system makes it difficult for players to identify targets to move. Drawers, doors are closed, all of them need to be discovered because something is missing will make it difficult to solve that sentence.

I kind of dislike this part because they slow down the game a lot and in many cases affect the tempo of game chapter.

The devils are ahead

And finally, because the starting point is a horror game, we will never forget confrontation with any demons in-game.

With Blame Him, you will have many enemies. Weapons with high damage properties blunt their virtual variables are what makes you both scared and tangled.

Most of the time, you will have to fight against murderer teacher or the monstrous doctor with normal physical strength. Running and hiding, that’s the only way.

This helps to ensure the drama for the last minute when you find a gun to kill one of these enemies. Remember, the red boxes are probably the safest place for you.

blame him boss
You can encounter enemies any time so be alert

The enemies in Blame Him are built with a superior sense. Of course all abnormal abilities such as running super fast, appearing, and disappearing unexpectedly. Let concentrate and stay alert.

You will probably be killed. So try to find ways to preserve your life. Game stores are located everywhere so you can protect your work. Try not to lose your life!

Excellent audio-visual system

The development of game making technology delivers the game’s backend system more and more modern.

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The honesty in every corner is what Blame Him has achieved. Every streak of blood, every light is chilled to the maximum extent by Chilla’s Art. This helps players immerse themselves in the space of the game.

game graphics
Game graphics are built very detailedly

The light background in Blame Him is quite dark (except for the last scene when the father finds the child in another dimension).

In particular, there are scenes when you have turned on the light but still cannot see anything. This is consistent with the sewer environment that Chilla’s Art built from the beginning of the game.

Especially, game makers show their serious investment when building an excellent movie to start the game. You can see a man with his head completely closed and locked in a dark room by something (not human).

And the screen darkened as he collapsed from suffocation. Who is he? What is happening? This is the necessary mental preparation for the player and reveals a part for us to know the story behind Blame Him.

However, I’m quite wondering how the unnaturalness in the way villains behave and feel.

blame him enemies
The characters are a bit disappointing

At a very close distance, but it is also impossible to see or hear your breathing (our main character has very loud breathing when scared).

This takes away the inherent interest of a horror game. Or the way the murderous teacher shook her neck, and the way when giant doctor moved was sometimes ridiculous and made me laugh. But no problem at all.

On the contrary, game sound is accurate in every detail. Crying is probably the most haunting sound in-game. Between the sound of door opening and objects falling, baby crying makes players more involved in making a quick rescue.

After all, we have turned into fathers and mothers in Blame Him. Game rhythm is well controlled in the pursuit of character breathing and footsteps of both good and evil.

Release information

Blame Him release date is officially set on June 3, 2019. And you can see how big its appeal is even after debuting for one year. Currently, Blame Him price is being reduced by 75%, meaning that it is less than $2 and you can bring it to your PC. What a bargain! What are you waiting for without downloading now?


Japanese horror game has never been disappointed. And Blame Him continued to its predecessors to accomplish that goal.

Good gameplay, deep content, and great overall. This Blame Him review is not able to convey the whole experience. So that you should download and experience it now!