Boogeyman 2 Review for VR (Horror Game)

This year 2020 is the time for horror games, and when Halloween comes closer, we all need a bit of old terrifying taste. Back to the story of Boogeyman that we all know and love, now the sequel for that game is back with a new mystery. Boogeyman 2 belongs to the line of indie horror games, which has gained an increasing reputation recently. Keeping the same point-and-click mechanism, Clockwork Wolf brings us a short, affordable Boogeyman 2 but still, it can make you scream for hours.

Boogeyman 2 is nothing new in the mechanical aspect; you can find similar single-player, jumpscare experience in the famous series Five Nights at Freddy’s, Pacify, or Little Nightmares. However, this game is one of the most intensive psychological horror games I have ever played – to survive through all nights; you must get nerves and good eye-hand coordination.

Therefore, to tough up myself a bit for all horror games is coming out, I decided to purchase it, try it and write down this Boogeyman 2 review here. A little warning: you should consider one thing before process since my review may contain spoils for detail and information in-game. Anyway, let’s go with me into the world of this chilling fantasy.

We are a small girl

Boogeyman 2 uses a popular narrative approach for players; we are transferred into gameplay without a clue. The game starts quickly and has a fast pace, with all the elements of jumpscare and psychological horror on every minute you spend in-game. Going through all night would take roundly 2 hours, and it was the most nerve-wracking dual hours that I have ever experienced.

The storyline of Boogeyman 2

It all started with a pinkish room and a single bed, where you are bound. The room is definitely for a little girl, and you could inspect that from the way the blue-dressed doll called you “Mom”. The storyline of this game is simple, you are one week away from Halloween night, and all you need to do is not let the Boogeyman touch you every night. Sound easy, right?

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boogeyman 2 game graphics
The room that you will be in

This game has a one-stage, short-glimpse of the storyline, it does not provide you with the full story, but we all already know Boogeyman’s folklore. This horror game is based on parents’ mystical figure to frighten kids into warning them not to do misdeeds and behave well. Boogeyman’s concept is not well-defined, but in general, it is a scary male creature that bears an ugly appearance. In this game, Boogeyman has an unforgettable face under a big hat, which makes my heart jump out of my chest when I first played it.

When you finish the last night – the Halloween night, the game simply ends too without a hitch; no major event happens. The only thing that could help you to deduce the Boogeyman 2’s story is the vague and nonchalant words from the doll, who vanishes shortly after. In case you want to dig deeper into the storyline, I recommend that you try the Nightmare mode, which is insanely hard, but when you complete it, you will unlock hidden events and the full story.

Boogeyman 2 gameplay

Even though this is a sequence to Boogeyman 1, the story does not heavily connect, so you can fully enjoy the experience without the need to understand original story. However, jumpscare and thrilling gameplay are what make this one of the most popular psychological horror games after all.

But it is not just a piece of cake. Your little doll will wake you up every night and softly speaks to you, telling you how Boogeyman feeds on your fear. You have to fence for yourself with only a flashlight with limited battery life. Boogeyman keeps lurking everywhere, and one second can lead you to failure.

boogeyman 2 dolly
The doll, your first companion

If you fail to light up the spot that Boogeyman coming through, it ends – yes, the screen goes black, and you have to restart from scratch. You have to be fast enough; on hearing the audio clue for Boogeyman’s appearance, you must find the spot at once to chase him away.

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You must be alert every night until 6 a.m. Boogeyman comes through various spots, from outside of the windows, through the vent, from the wardrobe, or even through the curtains. And the most terrifying and familiar place – under your bed.

Your only weapon is flashlight, but battery does not last forever. You have to save as much energy as possible, or else you have to take risk of trying to charge it up. And internal room lights will get weaker and broken, at some point, leaving the room in total darkness. This is when the chill and fear creep up on me and strain all my neurons, waiting for the little screeching sound that Boogeyman may make.

boogeyman 2 gameplay
Where is he?

Boogeyman 2 gameplay does have some flaws, though. Some mechanical issues are reported, mainly on the flashlight. Sometimes even when I spotted Boogeyman so soon and light the spot, it still does not work. You have to adjust the aim to get the result. Moreover, audio clues are missing or too small to hear, so you have to max your volume to catch it.

Realistic graphics and audios

Boogeyman 2, still a point-and-click game, has received a good upgrade from developer. The graphics and in-game sounds seem to be closer to reality; it is recommended that you use headphone for the best experience. The graphics follow semi-realistic style, with the first point of view, making it seems like you are living inside that pink room.

The VR is excellent; you will have smooth movement all around the room and a floating menu. Boogeyman 2 supports full VR running at 90fps and only requires Intel i3 2.5ghz or equivalent to run, so it is suitable for even playing on your laptop. The visual details of Boogeyman 2 have been polished, adding stuff like the power bar showing energy of the flashlight in comparison to Boogeyman 1.

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game sound

However, you will not have a free-roaming ability. This game is not an open-world, but you will be confined in the small room, making you feel stuffy. On the other hand, 360-degree entrance will compensate for that, offering a better viewpoint.

It’s always changing

The weather will never stay the same, but it deteriorates day by day. It’s just slight changes like a short blackout or weak light on the first day, but it will worsen. You will experience deafening snowstorms to blinding lightning, which can help you or Boogeyman. This is one of the main features that I like about Boogeyman 2 since it makes the game world more realistic and believable.

Release information

Boogeyman 2 has been introduced for such a long time. Boogeyman 2 release date is on 8th February 2017, but it has never gone out of style. This is one of the wonderful indie horror games retailed at such a low price, only over 3$ for the full game, or you can purchase the double pack, which includes the whole series of Boogeyman 1 and 2 at the discount of 4.99$. The entire psychological horror series is such a bargain for all its good entertainment and experience, so personally, I would love to pay just a few bucks to get it.


To sum up, Boogeyman 2 pass the standard for a good and simple game, with all enjoyment coming out purely from thrill and fear. This type of wicked theme is suitable for the upcoming Halloween too, so let’s stay home and chase Boogeyman away! And this is also the end of my Boogeyman 2 review, and on your part, on a scale of 10, how will you rate this game?