Call of Cthulhu Switch review (Handheld Console)

Focus Home Interactive is known as the production of thrilling and psychological horror games. Its reputation has been challenged by the time and it asserted itself. Call of Cthulhu Switch is a noticeable game that you should care about. This title is not just a normal Call of Cthulhu game, it contains many special things.

This game is based on the paper sketcher of RPG. It also maintains as the name as the storyline written by famous author H.P. Lovecraft. Call of Cthulhu is one of the big examples in the way to put away Lovecraft’s characteristic racism.  It also a big hit in the 1900s as the most horror game ever.

Call of Cthulhu Story

Let take a look at our Call of Cthulhu Switch review now to explore this creepy game’s world. You may know how the thrilling atmosphere set up in this game. Call of Cthulhu set in the time after World War One. Once you enter Call of Cthulhu game, you will control Edward Pierce and suffer a thrilling experience with him.

Edward Pierce is a war veteran. His main work is struggling with his nightmares. He had a bad feeling about drugs and drinks. Everything surrounds him looks so gloomy and terrible. When you start the game, your character’s mission is to know exactly what happened there. There is something that exists on this untrue island of Darkwater.

call of cthulhu switch gameplay
The dark covers half of the world and can you survive?

With this first set up, Call of Cthulhu game will bring you the most memoried experience. You will have a chance to discover and investigate your fear and everything scary around you. You can enjoy the unknow of Darkwater and its mysterious Call of Cthulhu character.

Graphics in-game

If you want to know more about the graphic in this game, keep following this Call of Cthulhu Switch review to master. The graphics bring many interesting things to Nintendo Switch. You can play this game on Switch or access to your TV screen to have a larger experience. Imagine that while enjoying this game on a large screen, how scary it will bring to you?  They use irregularly and slightly janky animations.

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call of cthulhu graphic
Are you brave enough to join this horror journey?

Another interesting experience of this game is the good shadows. They appeared perfectly and made the game alive. The characters are designed so well with specific characteristic bring the players good vibes.  This game background is attractively displayed with various local experience.  You may be impressed by the general presentation.

There are lots of models and thereof in a different shape, the game suffers vividly. They are put in the same robes. Not only that, but the voice through the characters’ actions was also so amazing. Sometimes, you will feel interested in the accent of a character once they gain or lose a new thing in the middle of a conversation.

Is Pierce a fascinating character that makes you want to embody now?

Once you embody as Pierce, you will find that this experience is so great. You will have the ability to allocate facts to originally RPG archives. Psychology which affects your mind. The Eloquence which tests your expression. The strength which challenges your skill and teaches you more things.

call of cthulhu on switch
The men in the black robes are following your footsteps!

You should enjoy the world of Call of Cthulhu Switch deeper and deeper to explore more. If you want to level up, you need to unlock many options required in the game. However, the meaning of these options is based on the percentages you are. These options can be used as an unknown role. This sometimes may frustrate you a lot.

What makes this game feel scary

The atmosphere that brought the dark and thrilling experience

With the wet and dull colour cover all the tales of this horror story, you may feel worried. Call of Cthulhu Switch attempts to build the real sense and scares to players. Just only a few hours entering the game, you will be eager to explore more about Darkwater. The monsters are hiding and observing you under the surface.

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If you are a fan of Lovecraft, this setup may look so familiar. The game itself is a ton of creepy things but the atmosphere is a ton of terrible. The story will soon beat you off although you are a strong person. As the game process, you will discover step by step what truly exists in this land and what the secret is!

Is the challenging horror feeling in Darkwood game has some relationship with Call of Cthulhu?

Moreover, it is said that the Call of Cthulhu game had some sameness to the Darkwood game. It comes to the world of dark and real nightmares. With the attempt to give a real look and emotion to players, all of the things are designed perfectly. From the smallest sound to the vibe and thrilling sound in each character’s step.

Both of these games are a challenge for those who want to test their fear and enjoying the survival horror sense. Sometimes, you may jump because of scares. You will discover and search for the secret inside the evil place. Pick up your weapon, take the traps, run and attack your enemies to defend yourself. This is truly a game to defeat your fear.

call of cthulhu game 1
Can you get out of this creepy nightmare?

Your choice will have a big impact on the progress of the game

You may feel enough with the first-person exploration. But, Call of Cthulhu Switch brings you more interests with various options and selections. The game still keeps moving with its major mission. When you embody as Pierce and complete his mission, you will realize something unsafe.

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Sometimes, many main missions just bring you a limited selection in important scenarios. There are lots of forced furtiveness sections which make the game at the place it belongs to. When you match the annoying puzzles, the incomprehensible craziness of Darkwater may appear. It will be an interesting act of experiencing through Call of Cthulhu game.

Call of Cthulhu Switch release date

To please the expectation of fans, Lovecraft immediately makes a role-playing thrilling game- Call of Cthulhu. This horror title was released to the public on October 30, 2018, and made a quite big hit.

call of cthulhu character
The dark universe comes close to you!


Call of Cthulhu is a game that suits anyone who is a fan of Lovecraft. It runs smoothly as you hope on Switch.  Most of the actions and feelings are grimy and defined. Moreover, with the additional areas especially the dark side of Darkwater, it brought players many things to discover.

In conclusion, if you choose this game to play, you may become a loveliness fan of Lovecraft. You will have an interesting and memorable experience. After following this Call of Cthulhu Switch review, I hope that you find out an overview of this horror game. Your wants are entering the world of this game now, right? Let play and expect the unexpected.