Contemp Review for PC (Horror Game)

You don’t want to spend a lot of time but still want to experience the feeling of hair on the back of your neck out of fear? Short horror games will be the answer that is exceptionally suitable for players with this need. Contemp is a game like that, and let’s see what’s interesting about this product.


The horror game is gradually becoming a familiar spiritual dish of many players.

However, the problem is that most products that follow this genre today require a fair amount of playing time before you can solve all the mysteries behind the challenge set by the publisher.

This becomes a significant obstacle because not all of us have ample time to sit still in a chair and plug our face into the computer screen. A short horror game was created as an exciting solution from publishers when the manufacturer’s maximum game time was only 10 to 20 minutes.

contemp game graphics
What is waiting for us?

Besides, you will no longer have to headache to solve the mystery posed in the game; their content is often quite simple. The short horror game is making great strides because the emotional factors are almost kept intact.

Besides, the fact that game makers have to compress frightening details in a small area makes sometimes they even haunt more than Blame Him, Follia Dear Father, Infliction, or many games that love the process ” study “seriously.

Contemp is a game that interests me right from its confusing title. There’s not much information about this indie horror games, and experiencing it suddenly became an exciting job for me last Friday night.

Short enough to be curious.

Horror is enough to haunt and keep you awake.

Are you ready?

Warning: My Contemp review uses details taken directly from the experience to reveal some of the game’s content. This will affect the emotions of many readers. Exercise caution when reading

Attraction comes from a simple story

You will be surprised to learn that Contemp is the work of a computer graphics artist from Lule√• Technical University after only nine weeks of work (excluding sound and music). And to be fair, those nine weeks couldn’t bring this game story in depth.

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What happens in Contemp is as concise as its name suggests. You suddenly appear in front of an abandoned house and are curious to explore it.

What motivates you to drive out at night? Why don’t you go on and stop there? No one can give us the exact answer. Such a prologue sometimes gives a great deal of inspiration, and in this case, Contemp gives us precisely that thing.

contemp gameplay
Things have been a lot different since you stopped in front of that house

And when curiosity arose, nothing could stop our young man from exploring that house. You find the key and begin your deadly journey. I was surprised by the massive space of the house. This door closes, and another door opens to lead you to another part of the house.

There was only one house, but from the first floor, the second floor to the attic, it was all dark. Micaka’s success is creating a feeling of stuffy, too stuffy throughout the game.

You will not know what awaits you after the turns, after every door, or what you are looking for. That was all, and when the patient was exhausted, the door finally opened. Boom. Your “treasure” is waiting for you.

Gameplay inherits spirit of modern horror game

Discovering and collecting items is the leading spirit that Micaka wants to convey through Contemp gameplay. That shows right from how to be able to “break into” into the house. It’s not just opening the door, because if you don’t look closely, you might be stuck there for quite a while.

It troubles you from the beginning

Right from the moment you get out of your beloved car, remember that everything depends a lot on whether or not you have gathered the clues to uncover the house’s mysteries.

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The game gives players a very comfortable space to freely develop their thinking when the rooms are oriented. From scratched ceilings to horribly disordered things like signaling the player to the appearance of a non-human entity.

game items
Gathering items is still the primary mechanism of the game

The rooms, as well as the floors of the house, are arranged to hide certain clues. The first floor has a sense of clutter and has quite a bit of information that players can take advantage of.

The second floor is the opposite when from pictures to bookcases can contain something. Do not miss any nooks and crannies!

Don’t skip a thing

In the Contemp gameplay, the item system is designed in the main form, which helps a lot in assisting players to determine what to find and collect.

I quite like that Micaka uses the phone and the cassette system to navigate the operation and provide players with essential details of what happened in the past at the house.

Be wise

The puzzles are also scattered throughout the house, but their difficulty level is not as high as to how to re-start the house’s electrical system and open the attic path. .. With a little attention, you can find the answer.

Overall, Contemp gives players a feeling of lightness. In particular, maybe due to the short playing time, you can hardly see any chase taking place in the game. You won’t have to worry too much about the pressure you are under. No death. You are safe. The only thing you need to pay attention to is to ensure a logical mindset.

game corner
Don’t miss any corner of the house

Ultimate sound-graphics system

Compared to what we can imagine, Contemp does an excellent job of ensuring both the player’s listening and viewing channels enjoy the best. The detail in the layout and the items in each room in the house is something I admire Mikaca.

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Every detail is cared for to the maximum. You can see it in a closet with perfect costumes, wooden walls with timed colors, or a shelf that offers all sorts of things.

The use of light in Contemp is an impressive highlight. When you first enter the house from the flickering light, the light flickers to a red light before you enter the room on the first floor.

horror scene
Game graphics in Contemp are designed in great detail

They create a significant effect on the mentality of the player. The corridor system is also considered a successful creation by the manufacturer. The dark colors make them feel like they last forever. But wait until you discover Contemp’s “treasure” in the attic.

The sound system is also somewhat satisfying. The sound of footsteps is made quite clearly to help the player enter in from the moment. Along with that, the sounds like the sudden closing of the door, the knock on the door, or the sound of the sound coming from the phone made me tremble.

They are plugged in extremely reasonably at times that can easily cause panic in the player’s psychology. However, there is still a relatively small Contemp weakness that the background music has not been fully exploited.

Most of them are the soft noises produced by the player’s actions. This sometimes causes a feeling of incoherence.

mysterious in contemp
What Contemp has done is create a frighteningly stuffy atmosphere

Release information

Contemp’s official release date is June 14, 2017, and best of all, and you can experience Contemp for free. The access link will be at the end of the article.


Overall, Contemp has succeeded in conveying the atmosphere of horror to the player.
Although only one among indie horror games, the game’s graphics can be compared to AAA games like Resident Evil or PT. Overall, this is an exciting game and is worth the experience. Thanks for reading this Contemp review.