Creepy Tale Review for PC (Adventure Game)

Beyond any standards of an adventure game combining puzzles that we often see, Creepy Tale gives players a warm brotherhood story. Deqaf Studio has done an excellent job, and it’s time for us to analyze the interesting points in this game together.

Innovation from the game-making mindset brings the gaming community around the world the ultimate experience.

Indeed, from the content to the structure, from the character system to accompanying items, it’s pretty clear that the serious investment of game publishers in making quality products.

But fierce competition from the market sometimes makes players overwhelmed by countless games with excellent graphics, sound, and rhythm.

There is something “wear and tear” when game makers try to take advantage of all technological developments and cram them into one product. This makes people who have a great passion for any games (including myself) to find a way to figure out something new and unique.

And I found Creepy Tale. Not flashy with PR tricks. No splash with jumpscare scenes that make people shudder (as its name). A tale comes with in-depth content and creative gameplay, that is what has struck me. If you want a more detailed analysis of any game’s form and content, this Creepy Tale review is for you. Let enjoy it!

(Warning: This article exploits many details from Creepy Tale game so that it can reveal some essential parts. Consider before you continue reading).


Do you like fairy tales? No, We bring you Creepy Tale. This is a tale. And that is all we can expect. True to its name, Creepy Tale game features the stories we often hear before going to bed. Lightly. Slowly.

Once upon a time…

There are two boys in the forest picking mushrooms. Mushrooms were scattered on both sides of the road, and soon their mushroom baskets were filled.

game release date
If the butterfly wings did not appear if the two brothers were to return home as soon as they were full of mushrooms …

And suddenly, one of them was drawn to a strange glowing butterfly wing. It was the older brother. He ran until he disappeared from his younger brother’s sight after the door of a wooden house in the deep forest.

That’s when our Creepy Tale begins. The younger brother saw his brother being held by two hairy demons with bright eyes through the window. They placed a cage over his brother’s head, and his whole body froze. And so the older brother disappeared behind the entrance to a dark room.

At this point, you probably understand where Deqaf Studio wants to lead players, right? There have been many successful titles with such storytelling.

Creepy Tale called to remind me about Neversong, Timelie, and some other products.

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game story
I’m sure that bungalow will haunt the minds of many players

However, by taking advantage of demons and deep jungle images, this game creates content with a lot of breakthroughs compared to today’s adventure games.

Save your brother, discover secrets of the forest, confront demons and monsters. Sounds quite interesting, right? But behind all that is SOMEONE. And that’s what Deqaf Studio wants to challenge us to.

Is this Creepy Tale an adventure game?

A good story like that is both good and bad at the same time. This is a fertile ground for Deqaf Studio to develop many surprises for players. But in my opinion, if gameplay that the game brings is not appropriate, it will be a failure.

The idea of ​​Creepy Tale is probably only understood by its creators. I do not judge this. But after about an hour of experience, I wonder if Creepy Tale gives the player elements needed in an adventure game?

The in-game story

Creepy Tale is quite tightly structured with eight chapters equivalent to 3 episodes. Meaning after the initial preview, you will have enough time to understand the whole thing is happening and explore every corner of the game. The game’s rhythm is slow but is interwoven with twists that make the player feel anxious many times. It may be good preparation comes from the publisher.

But there is something wrong when you start your journey in the forest of Creepy Tale. I do not see the adventurous nature clearly expressed, but instead, you will be placed in a space filled with dangerous sentences.

creep tale with first perspective
How to break into a house without letting those two devils discover it? The first puzzle is quite hard

The scene changes are delicately woven when opening each bungalow’s door in the wilderness.

These sentences are integrated into each of your contracts from how to get inside the house of two devils who kidnapped your brother without being discovered until dispensing drugs to control the character and auxiliary items.

All need a meticulous, calculated, and extremely ingenious arrangement. The puzzles in Creepy Tale will be arranged in sequence with a dense density, so players need to know how to connect clues to be flexible.

I like the details in scene 3, scene 4 from one chapter will be used to unlock hidden secrets in the first scene. Remember that even the smallest item can become the key to open the next door.

The game questions you

Most of Creepy Tale’s puzzles will direct you to conjectures rather than correct answers. So all you have to do is try everything and try as much as you can. And a brain with the ability to associate is also essential in this case.

One more thing I quite like is that the harder it is at the end of the puzzle. However, any clues to solve them are sometimes exposed right before the player’s eyes.

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The witch’s house is my most time-consuming place and it is a place that makes me feel most excited. What better way to make your poison potion by yourself? Oh, you’re asking about that recipe? Quite easy. It’s right there…

The downside

The puzzle-solving mechanism and the gathering of auxiliary items became the focus of Deqaf Studio in Creepy Tale.

But this is exactly what I don’t like.

Collecting objects in this game becomes quite tricky when game makers do not highlight what you need to collect.

If in survival adventure games such as Stranded Deep or Green Hell or even horror games like Outlast, Resident Evil… the items need to be collected are highlighted on the background for players to interact, in Creepy Tale it becomes a distant dream.

creep tale gameplay
The witch’s house – one of the most interesting bungalows of Creepy Tale

You will find it annoying to manually search for the necessary items to arrange in an appropriate sequence. You will never know that the bone lying in the shy demon’s corner is one of the things need to collect.

You will also never know that you will have to pull the tree to the corner in order to see and hide the demon’s razor-sharp eyes. In general, the hidden reflection between objects to collect and the rest of the game’s difficulty level has been dramatically improved.

There is a society of villains

The evil system in Creepy Tale is built very well. We have a strange but also exciting extra from an agoraphobic goblin, a hungry witch to a music-loving ball hair. All have a unique personality.

Someone wants to kill you right away. But there are also people like a normal resident of the forest who wants a normal life and fear when strangers like you appear. Exploiting these factors, you will get what you need.

creep tale with many puzzles
The difficulty of increasing puzzles combined with unclear objects to collect makes many players want to give up

The overlap of these characters’ appearance makes the player confused to determine where the real danger is.

And so the puzzles in Creepy Tale will give you more pressure from being killed if not fast.

However, you need to pay attention to “bosses” who pull strings and control the game’s evil. You will meet that person and realize that these monsters are not evil; they are simply puppets… Oh, I have revealed too much, huh?

One point I need to keep in mind for you is that there won’t any save points during Creepy Tale’s journey. And if you suddenly disconnect halfway through, you’ll have to start from the beginning. Be extremely aware of this.

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Creepy Tale has drawn players’ minds to the ancient regions

Sticking with the plot content has been built, Deqaf Studio has successfully made Creepy Tale in both image and sound.

Eight game chapters gradually create an atmosphere of the old forest covering the player’s mind. I quite like the rustic 2D drawings that have been built by artists.

And this is evident in the monster system in-game when they are a masterpiece. Although only a minor part of making it difficult for players, it can be seen that each character has its personality. How can they do that?

creep tale monster system
I like this atmosphere

Although a game in favor of adventure genre, what makes Creepy Tale creepy is the gentle horror that uniformly covers the work.

You can see the thin fog everywhere when players step in or out of each house. You may be impressed by the giant tree ghost. And you will never forget the vague souls hiding behind the trees.

What are they doing? Watch and wait for an opportunity to end your brother’s life? Are they bad, or are they good? That only you can answer when participating in Creepy Tale journey.

Arousing inspiration for players to immerse themselves in the game’s space truly is a success. Other small details such as books in the library or the mushrooms in the witch’s house are generally well invested.

Comes with the visual system is a quite crisp sound. With Creepy Tale, each demon has its unique sound. That’s the sound they use to communicate with each other, the last word before they die, the growl, etc.

creep tale game graphics
The timid little devil

But in general, there are still quite small “grains” that can cause a bit uncomfortable for players. The overall background of the game is quite dark.

This creates a bit of monotony during the experience.

Along with that, the music system with the general direction role is a bit boring when many places are repeated. Does that affect you? Please rate yourself!

Release information

The official release date for Creepy Tale is February 21, 2020. That ensures the game’s errors have been fixed, and you can experience it as smoothly as possible. With less than $ 4, you have an interesting story with yourself as the main character. Well worth, right?


Not too excellent, but it is enough to give you a little shudder, a slight obsession, a little confusion, and difficulties. That’s all I can expect from Creepy Tale, and this game makes me happy.

Try and let me know what you think about it! Thanks for reading this Creepy Tale review.