Crysis Remastered coming soon to Switch/PS4/Xbox/PC

If you are a fan of shooting game brand – Crysis, you may look forward to an announcement a comeback of this game. With an opening of the 30-second teaser trailer for Crysis Remastered, the excellent graphics remake or upgrade of the original game 2007 will make your 2020 summer hotter than ever.

More surprisingly, this PC-only game is now open to other platforms, including Xbox, PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. It means that it is the first Crysis game released on Nintendo Switch. Crysis Remastered will have technological enhancements along with software-based ray scanning technology and significant changes in the game configuration. That makes every gaming experience of users perfect.

Let compare differences between Crysis and Crysis Remastered

The first version of Crysis in 2007 was so good that it could still compete with other games of 2020. Perhaps, you can’t forget the main context of the game with a fictional island called Lingshan. It was a wonderful island with many beautiful things appearing before your eyes. This island included tropical forests, shores, and yellow sand. Plus, it also had the interior of a state-of-art spaceship or white icy areas under the moonlight.

Besides, this game didn’t forget to add bloody gun battles that make you play until midnight to complete all missions. The environment didn’t seem to have specific boundaries, and you can go to any places you like without space restrictions. Thus, you could see different unique things from various environments.

That day, game developers seemed to use the most advanced graphics technology, CryEngine 2, to bring extraordinarily vivid and impressive images in-game. So, we can say that the remastered version likely to be a top-notch performance of the graphics technology.

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crysis remastered gameplay
Pick up your weapon and join in this dangerous battle!

Crysis Remastered will be upgraded with higher quality textures, new graphics features that much more detail than 13 years ago. It will also add more perfect effects and backgrounds as well as other beautiful things. It includes current ray-tracing technology, and will probably continue to show its ability to match any hardware closely. So, it will bring the most excellent experience for players.

With this new version, you can encounter again the thrill of a battle with Nanosuit. Crysis Remastered returns with a first-person shooter, open-world action, and epic battles that players enjoy. So, they can respond with ultimate graphics and optimization for a new hardware generation.

What do we have in Crysis Remastered?

Crysis Remastered is a refinement of the first part in the Crysis series, a game collection once called hardware assassin, and they were created to show the CRYENGINE power. This game is a first-person shooter, open-world style, and full of epic battles. Crysis Remastered is upgraded about graphics and optimized for new hardware generations with Saber Interactive’s development cooperation on CRYENGINE.

This version contains more extensive features

Crysis Remastered will focus more on the single-player campaign than the original game. It also updates several high-quality textures, upgrades images, and a set of graphic effects.

crysis remastered graphics
You can’t resist the attraction of this fascinating game!

These effects include an HD texture pack, SSDO, anti-aliasing, SVOGI, motion blur, depth fields, new and unique lighting settings. Crysis Remastered also owned specked effects, tubes of light, fog, screen-space reflection, and ray tracing based on software. This game promises to bring a big jump in term graphics when comparing to the original.

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A significant belief through Crysis Remastered

We can believe that when Crysis Remastered comeback, gameplay will be sharper with many smallest details, are visible by the naked eye. The iconic Nanosuit that Prophet wears will probably become more different. Several locations that appear in-game will be more impressed with realistic elements.

Sounds can be tremendous and catchy by engine, weapon, explosive noises, and the attractive voice of the character. Besides, the effect of fire smoke, weapons, vehicles, and trees can become real.

Old story but more fascinating

Crysis Remastered is a first-person shooter set in a fantasy world with a giant structure. It’s created by aliens and buried in a mountain of the Lingshan island in the eastern Philippines.

However, this stunning place now has been discovered by military forces. In a single-mode, the player will take the role of Jake Dunn with the nickname Nomad in Delta Force.

scene in crysis remastered
Don’t forget your mission through this game!

Nomad is equipped with many modern weapons and support devices for the future. Especially is the Nano armor, one of the equipments which military forces are trying to develop.

In Crysis, players will join in a dangerous battle and fight against enemies who are planning to occupy this structure first. Besides that, there are extraterrestrial creatures planning to rise and freeze the earth in different environments on and around the island.

What’s going on with attacks in Crysis 2 and Crysis 3?

In Crysis 1, everything begins with a simple saving mission, then quickly becomes a bloody battlefield and horrific bomb explosions with the invasion of aliens. About Crysis 2, the story is still the same. However, everything seems to be perfect with excellent fire effects and epic fight scenes that give a significant impact on the experience of players.

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And in Crysis 3, it continues the story after 20 years in Crysis 2. They are fierce and baseless attacks that Prophet made with the organization, which created the Nanosuit armor that he was wearing. Any versions also prepare with careful investment and use CryEngine. Three parts of Crysis impressed similarly with beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay.

Release information

This game release date is Summer 2020, by the developer Crytek and publisher Electronic Arts. Currently, the price of this game has not been announced. With great success, you shouldn’t ignore this exciting game.


When Crysis was revealed, it has received a lot of positive reviews. According to PC Gamer magazine, this game gained a rating of 98%, making it one of the highest-rated game PC with the best gameplay and best graphics. It can be said that Crysis Remastered can help Crytek regain its title as the best game on the market.