Darkwood Review for Switch (Horror Game)

There are a number of Nintendo Switch horror games out on the market since the release of the latest console from Nintendo. There’s Outlast, there’s Layers of Fear, there’s the Resident Evil series, but no game on this list of Nintendo Switch horror games looks to be as good as Darkwood.

While other Nintendo Switch horror games bring the overused first-person experience to the Switch, Darkwood brings a top-down survival-horror experience that hasn’t been implemented well in the past by other survival-horror games that we’ll go over in this Darkwood Switch review. Let’s take at what makes Darkwood something you should consider buying with this Darkwood Switch review.

It’s unlike any other

After a successful run through Steam, the Darkwood was ported to the Nintendo Switch to join an already impressive lineup of Nintendo Switch horror games. However, unlike those games, Darkwood is tried a different horror formula: slow and creepy. Other survival horror games are often fast-paced, but Darkwood keeps the horror at max creepiness while taking gameplay at a slower pace than others.

The slow burn of the game is only accentuated by the buildup of creepy sounds you hear in the darkness that makes your character turn around to see nothing. Of course, like any other horror game, movie, or even a television show, there’s going to be something there when you turn back to where you were going in the first place.

Darkwood keeps you in the dark

darkwood review walkthrough in game
Darkwood gameplay

Darkness is in the name, and with this Darkwood Switch review, we are sure it was intentional. The map isn’t very helpful when it comes to showing your location. Darkwood doesn’t really help you out in that regard.

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All the map does is offer some clues if you’re already discovered a location. That really throws people off and adds an extra layer of anxiety for those who need to keep a mental tab of where they are. That might not be the best for those who get frustrated easily as you’ll find yourself running off just to collect more resources to see where you’re going.

There are different difficulty levels

darkwood in game darkwood review

Fortunately, for us writing this Darkwood Switch review, and others who are more casual horror game players, Darkwood offers different difficulty levels. Those who don’t want to lose all of their hard work when they eventually succumb to the darkness should play on normal so they don’t permanently lose their items.

Although, playing on this difficulty level doesn’t feel like a real punishment more than it does make the game a little more tedious. That doesn’t make it any less scary when we turn our character and see something that wasn’t there before.

Even safehouses aren’t safe

darkwood review item in game
item in-game

We made the mistake when writing this Darkwood Switch review by thinking the simple act of hiding in a safehouse, known as a hideout in Darkwood, would keep us safe from the darkness.

You need to worry about everything from keeping your generator full to stocking up on boards and nails.

You also need to worry about keeping a steady light source and even doing the horror genre cliché of propping furniture against a door to keep the darkness away.

You need to do everything from barricading the windows to setting up bear traps. We learned the hard way, when writing this Darkwood Switch review, that using furniture is of little help against poltergeists.

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Overview of Darkwood game

Overall, we’ll give Darkwood an 8 out of 10. We were really impressed when writing this Darkwood Switch review with how much the game made our skin crawl while providing a true survival-horror experience. We only wish gathering supplies wasn’t so tedious as it can get us lost in the forest, but we wonder if that’s intended.

Darkwood was released in May of 2019 and is currently available on the Nintendo Switch shop for $14.99.