Dead By Daylight review (Switch Console)

Horror game on Nintendo Switch is always one of the most attentive categories that gamers want to conquer. If you are looking for a survival challenging game this weekend, this Dead by Daylight review should be a highlight for you to have an eye on, do some more research and dive into it.

dead by light character
choosing characters in Dead by Light

It is for the intellects

With the purpose of varying game’s appearance to players, after the first launching for Microsoft Windows in June 2016, it was released on Nintendo Switch on 24th September 2019 and categorized in horror series.

Dead by Daylight is designed as a multiplayer (4vs1) game divided into 2 teams: one player plays as Killer and the other 4 players take the role of Survivors.

When playing this game, players join in a battle for all marbles: the four survivors try to escape by avoid being caught, tortured and killed by the killer. The killer role is to find the survivors, knock them down, put them on hooks and eventually sacrifice them to Gods. The odds are skewed heavily in favour of the invincible killer, so that if you play Dead by Daylight as the survivor can be a nerve-rattling, sweat-inducing, terrifying experience.

dead by light in game
the person play at killer position in Dead by Light

Dead by Daylight review of detailed battle

Although the most important goal of all survivors in this Nintendo Switch horror game is how to be alive, it is not only about eventually surviving but also successfully escaping from killer’s area. Survivors are in charge of repairing five generators scattered throughout the map to power exit gates, then they must open exit gates and leave that area by themselves or find a hatch to jump into.

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However, as each of the generator takes a certain amount of time to fix and requires multiple Quick-Time button presses known as “Skill checks” to keep the process conducting nicely. Failing these “Skill checks” ends up with not only your repairs will be set back but a loud noise will also be created, drawing the killer’s attention to your whereabouts.

As you can see, almost horror games usually feature in terrified feeling by jump scares; shocking, startling events to trigger risky experience. Dead by Daylight is reviewed also goes with this flow, emphasizes these factors in favour of real horror, a gradual increase in tension resulting from the trembling sense of impending doom.

Review about features should be improved

Though the dramatic experience and feeling the game brings to you, every single game has its own disadvantages. The first point on this Dead by Daylight review, we want to give you, is the scoring system. In fact, the score is initially built to encourage players by rewarding them from risky play, resulting in creating exciting gameplay. When participating in this game, survivors can collect the points whenever overcoming challenges, then they can rack their points up by rescuing other survivors who have been captured but not yet sacrificed by the killer. As a result, this game’s scoring system leads to immersion-breaking actions like exploiting the killer’s slow movement passing obstacles, as survivors earn huge points by taunting their hunter, somehow make the game lose its original attractions.

One more issue of Dead by Daylight is the matchmaking system. Currently, there is no group-based teaming up in this Nintendo Switch horror game so that you and your friends can not queue up together for this game. For those who want to team up with their acquaintance, this matchmaking weakness gets players lobby-hopping until they are grouped with friends, which is a terrible experience for all involved.

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dead by light escape
try to escape in Dead by Light by opening the door after completing mission


In summary, this game from Nintendo Switch horror game is an adequate transition that retains all the asymmetrical horror goodness. Dead by Daylight is praised in many reviews for the typical dramatic feeling from typical horror games, the experience of a survival battle between 2 opposite sides and the multiplayer playing mode which absolutely cannot be missed. In spite of disadvantages in scoring and matchmaking system, Dead by Daylight still executes the concept of a competitive, scary game well to let you truly get into real survival battle, eager to stay alive until the end. If you dare to cope with a blood-and-thunder challenge, you definitely should go for it!

Here is the current price of this game on Nintendo Switch: $39.99. The higher price is off-putting but the flexibility of handheld playing certainly compensates.