Dead Secret Review for PC (Horror Game)

Secrets are one of the greatest treasures in every person’s life. Our secret, only we know. But to be able to discover other people’s secrets, the price is not cheap at all. With Dead Secret, are you brave enough to put your life in danger among indie horror games? The choice will depend on you.


I still often choose horror games as a way to relax on my own after hard working days. A little sensational, a little scared, a little adventurous, a little challenging, and a little curious.

That’s enough to spice up an evening of entertainment, right?

Thanks to game-making technology development, publishers have more ways to scare customers who have chosen their products. I will not say much about monuments like Outlast or Resident Evil when they set the standard for current descendants.

dead secret game audio

Darkwood, The Sinner Prologue, or Welcome to Hanwell are typical games for different horror game styles.

You can easily see these days as jumpscare scenes come quickly and continuously, monsters with fierce looks ready to jump in your face or a little fumble to discover scary mysteries still in the dark.

I thought that was all until I caught Dead Secret on Steam. Different. Trust me!

There is something magical spread very strongly in every frame of this game.

And perhaps a long time ago, people only see a horror game with a story so attractive that players must stick to each moment so as not to be left too far. Let’s find out what deadly secrets that Robot Invader wants us to discover.

Warning: This is my Dead Secret review, not an advertisement. I will use some details in the game to serve the evaluation process. If you want to experience this product most originally, it’s best to stop here.

The Story is not as simple as you think

Dead Secret is heavy on the plot. Perhaps it has been a long time since I played a horror game that made people remember so much. Don’t let the original intro of this game fool you. Robot Invader brings something very different with connected details, logical interlocking, and incredibly seamless.

Let’s get started.

The beginning

1, 2, 3 … Welcome back to the 60s of the last century. One of the great ways to start a horror game is to create a mystery that can stimulate human psychology.

Along with that, place players as a person who is willing to take risks (including his/her life) to find out the truth. And you can see this motif in Dead Secret.

Your role in Dead Secret is a brave and curious reporter. And of course, journalists always want to give themselves a big shot to earn fame, money, etc.

Her goal this time was the death of Japanese mythology Harris Bullard.

With the belief that Harris’s death was not caused by a natural cause (the other scientist died of a decline in body temperature, the investigator’s conclusion), our female room attendant engaged in an adventurous journey.

dead secret release date

As for Harris Bullard, he was found dead at his home. However, this case contains many mysteries, just like the secrets he is holding and brings to the grave.

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The reporter arrived at a house in the middle of the remote Kannas five days ago was still a crime scene with information about the main suspects.

We can see the main character’s determination to find out the truth when she shows her ability to reason and the hard work of understanding related information.

There were four people in her sights.

The characters

And through a short video at the beginning of this game, players can know who is a suspicious person is holding Dead Secret.

We have Graham Wellington, who has previously collaborated on many works with Harris. Josie Herrera, Harris’s current aide, and holding many of his life’s biggest construction secrets. Cynthia Peckman – the ex-wife whom Harris considered to be melasma and finally Bobby Sawyer, an errand boy.

All information remained very blind until our reporter discovered The Woodcutter, who wrote many anonymous letters to threaten Japanese mythology.

Who is The Woodcutter?

Is he the man behind poor Harris’s death?

What secrets is Harris holding, and is that what caused him to die?

dead secret game graphics

It sounds simple and nothing different from contemporary horror games but not. Dead Secret is different.

Because hundreds and thousands of questions will be asked when you step into the wooden house with a closed space like the victim’s life, you will be the one who finds the answer.

It is incredibly noticeable here that the publisher will release a lot of information during your playing, and if not careful, you will trap yourself.

Will you help our female journalist escape safely, or will you turn that house into the scene of a new case? Dead Secret will welcome you.

Get a pen and paper, or you won’t keep up with Dead Secret story

What we have from Dead Secret is different. The content of this game may not impress you yet. But Dead Secret gameplay is something that has never appeared or if it has been so long ago that you have an opportunity to witness it in an indie horror game.

Take the time to talk about what will interest you first. I commend Robot Invader team for exploiting the same story that I worked so hard to build.

How the story drives you

Game details from the timeline to the diary or the characters’ words play an essential role in helping you find out what is behind the death of Harris Bullard.

Indeed, every detail is created as an essential piece of a picture without which you will not accomplish this reporter’s previous goal.

In the first 10 to 15 minutes, you will be overwhelmed by the vast amount of information surrounding Harris’s death and people involved in his life.

dead secret brave reporter
Our brave reporter

But if you look closely, you will see that the logic has been cleverly installed to connect them into a story with a long, smooth circuit.

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Along with that, you will also have to breathe a sigh of relief when the main character manually records essential details, the knots to untie.

Correct the profession of a reporter. This is the excellent point of Dead Secret gameplay so that you can know what you need to do and where you are in this uncertain investigation.

Find your clues

For many horror games nowadays, information glides through very quickly in players’ minds, and many people consider it redundant.

But not with Dead Secret.

You will be required to know the information provided. The brief information in the main character’s notebook is a lecture. When you reach certain milestones in the process, you will have to pass the tests.

dead secret main character
Quite creepy, huh?

This is also an essential task because only when you answer all questions correctly, the next clue will show up, and you will be able to continue your journey. This shows that Dead Secret wants to lead players to the big rather than achieve the set goal.

Profound and extremely meaningful. Besides, this is also an exciting way of interacting with us in the game environment, bringing players completely immersed in what is happening inside the computer screen.

The information in-game will appear everywhere. You will be able to collect them from newspaper clippings scattered on the floor, pieces of diary hidden under the sofa cushions.

And that is not all!

Use your wisdom

The mechanism for collecting information in the detective’s style is supported by searching for clues commonly found in horror games.

Dead Secret puts players in an intense tension when they realize they’re not alone.

There is someone here!

Once you have discovered 2 to 3 rooms, you will find many entities at your side. I call them objects because we cannot determine whether it is a person or a soul.

This is a curious point that makes the player focused throughout the story. In addition to the standard mechanism of searching and collecting items, you will be provided with a mysterious mask to see points still everywhere in the house.

It is a mythologist’s house because there are mysteries everywhere and scattered parts of the great work he is studying.

dead secret gameplay
Are you ready?

One of the exciting things for players is that Dead Secret has five different endings for players to experience. You will go from end to end by yourself.

In Ending D, you will die when encountering a cloaked man and wearing a white mask. In a few other developments, you will escape with a bunch of information enough to create a shock to the media.

Which ending do you prefer?

You will have no choice. By simply, you are holding Dead Secret.

And the last thing to comment on the gameplay of Dead Secret is that the main character suddenly came to Harris’s house when she was broken.

This is very difficult because many things our female reporters can do if they are not affected by health factors. I consider this a ridiculous episode. It would make more sense to alternate it into the plot to turn it into an event, right?

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Sound and graphics are acceptable

Nothing too prominent in the sound system as well as the graphics of Dead Secret. Perhaps it’s because this is just one of indie horror games, and spending too much time investing in content and gameplay has taken away the creativity of Robot Invader in creating quality frames.

The visual

In terms of visuals, the publisher has conveyed the Japanese essence exuding the same work being studied by Harris. You will feel cold when you look at the masks decorated in the scientist’s office or supporting characters’ costumes.

Along with that, making full use of Japanese legends also gives players many new experiences.

You will learn a little about the legend of The Snow Lady – who will cause quite chilling chases for you.

The setting of Dead Secret is also built quite suitable for the atmosphere of a house on the outskirts of Kannas when the space is not too large to dilute gameplay, but it is also tight enough to make you feel stressed later. Every dark corner or when exploring the basement of the house.

The background in Dead Secret is built to maximize the atmosphere of Kannas suburbs

But one thing that makes me laugh (I don’t know if this is the publisher’s intention to ease the game’s intensity) is the movement of some villains. Excessive flexibility and slowness.

This will cause a lot of annoyance and loss of continuity of gameplay that you will need to ignore if you are a technical person.

Along with that, many relatively long documents cause a bit of frustration for players because the game requires you to read through it to understand what is happening.


The sound of Dead Secret is quite good at controlling the psychology of players. There are melodic, fast-paced music to make players feel nervous and distracting for the faint of heart.

There is also a song with a bright melody as a break for players to recharge their bravery and help themselves awake. Look at them, there’s little to blame here.

Release information

Dead Secret was released a long time ago when its official release date was from March 28th, 2016.

However, the game’s price is still relatively high ($ 14.99), which will cause hesitation for players to decide whether to bring this product to their play equipment.

In my opinion, if you are a fan of Japanese culture or want to find a horror game that makes you brainstorm, Dead Secret is for you.


Many factors decide an excellent game, and Robot Invader has done something with Dead Secret. This promises to be a new “food” for your relaxing evenings. Download now and let me know what you think of this game! Thank you for reading my Dead Secret review.