Deadside Review for PC (Action Game)

It seems like the shooter – survival is being a “cash cow” for many game developers to be interested. With the success of Fortnite or PUBG, players around the world have gradually changed their view of the genre that is heavy on violence. And recently, Bad Pixel has launched a completely new “project” called Deadside. Is there anything exciting waiting for us?

Many new things are changing the world of gaming day by day. Accordingly, the games designed with simple gameplay, superficial content, and a faint graphics-sound system will no longer have the opportunity to attract anymore for gamers.

All things are gradually replacing by severe investment from the publishers.

One of the highlights that I attractive in when surfing through the newly introduced “pet” of many game makers is the subtle and skillful combination of the survival factor. One can see the appearance of this even in horror games like “Hide or Die,” Pacify, Stay Close … And gameplay in the form of “battle royale,” a vast arsenal and births.

deadside gameplay
That brave warrior will be created by you

Extreme survival is becoming a success formula for many shooters in general, including PUBG or Fornite.

And with Deadside, a newbie from Bad Pixel, I bet we are all waiting for something because of the firm statement from the publisher about “a hardcore multiplayer shooter with survival elements.”

What is the perspective of the person who has experienced this game? Let my Deadside review give you some answers.

Deadside has built an impressive scene as the backdrop for the fight

Where do you think it will be the right place for a fight? If you are still trying to find an answer, I think it should be better to skip it, because it is merely a useless task.

Nowhere is this the right place to shoot or kill.

And it also the core for game developers to choose deserted places without a shadow to become a venue for gun battles. Deadside has entirely inherited from its predecessors.

This game brings players to an entirely strange island up to 225 square kilometers, nine times larger than the Early Access version that was released earlier. It gives players a completely new experience of what is called an “open-world” in shooting games.

deadside map
Where everything all started

I like this because you know there’s always something to explore. More than 10 hours of continuous, play and I still have to be continuously surprised by the hidden things behind the destroyed cars, the crumbling walls everywhere, or the underground systems in Chemy Log or Kamenka.

Moreover, this place becomes a suitable scene for the battle when Deadside game puts players in the fight against enemies, including other players and systems equipped with AI systems ready to discharge an AK tape into your body at any time.

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Things that Deadside brings to the player is the real atmosphere; the realistic to hair stand up of the neck.

There is not too much to say about the content of the game, as we are not able to see here the appearance of zombies or mutant creatures.

It all revolves around people who are trying to fight for their own lives.

deadside car
From the abandoned cars…

The mechanism is intensely creative and full of potential

The beautiful visual couldn’t take your eyes off! Mixed into that scene, we come across real warriors. That is when players catch up with the fierce rhythm of Deadside game.

But you know what?

Since the moment you attend on the map, you have become the target of many others. Hunt or be hunted. Your task in Deadside is to answer that question.

I don’t see a line between shooting and survival in Deadside gameplay. However, for your understanding, in my Deadside review, I will analyze and clarify each part of the game’s mechanics.

deadside weapon
The weapon system of the game has fully revealed from the early access


In essence, Deadside is still a shooter, and I can say, Bad Pixel has done this well. The companion with you appear wherever on the map and have nothing but a knife to defend yourself.

And your job is to loot guns and bullets to protect your own life.

There will be a large arsenal waiting for you to explore from shotguns, shotguns to semi-automatic, and automatic machine guns like UMP45 or AK47.

deadside enemies
Loot gear to fight is still the core of Deadside

Bullets and guns can be everywhere, from crumbling houses hidden behind walls to inside burning cars.

Along with that, the density of places to collect items in Deadside streamlined, so you will not have to worry about the shortage of weapons to protect yourself.

However, this is also triggered the wars.

The hidden behind the golden treasures playing before your eyes may be the guns that are pointing straight to take your life away.

Weapon upgrade

Deadside also gives players a real impression of pressure for the desire to upgrade their guns, so the level of “fighting” will have to go through the process of collecting ancillary parts.

From the magazine, scope to muzzle, you need to pay special attention if you want to be able to upgrade your self-worth. As such, Deadside can focus on the smallest details if you are going to create a perfect battle.

deadside guns
IZH-43S (Sawed-off Double barrel) – one of my favorite weapons with an extreme destructive power

And once the bullet has left the barrel, someone will lie down. Death. That is right, and I am talking about fatalities.

Bad Pixel has built thoughtfully to be able to bring players the most violent death.

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Only 2 to 3 bullets (depending on the type of gun) you may have to lie down. It is entirely consistent with reality.

However, what I do not like is what happens after you go to heaven. Of course, you will relive in any location on the map.

Of course, you will lose all your belongings, and that will be the spoils for those who have won. You can then look back at where you were dead so you can go back there and even loot again the killer.

You will be able to see your bloodstained body lying on the floor of a road somewhere.

Pretty confusing, right?

It sometimes causes an unnaturalness in our playing process.

So what is the advice here?

game graphics
Bases like this can be created from your own hard work and effort

Try to exist when you have collected a fair amount of items because then you will have to find everything from the pants to the hats in order to protect yourself. Challenge and take lots of time!

Along with the fighting, the mechanism is an opportunity for players to experience one of the funniest survival games in the world.

The mechanism of survival in Deadside built incompletely.

Those are my thoughts. In the game’s trailer, we can see that players can entirely create bases to protect themselves, store furniture, and rest restore health.

Rest assured that you can meet this challenge. I’ve seen substantial bases built by experienced players.

However, Deadside’s humility comes from how you can get the ingredients that make them.

An ax is what you need to get wood, but when you cut down a tree, it will not fall. I wish the whole tree trunk would fall so that I could gather more of the needed material.

But not! Wood appears in sheets, and all you can do is assemble them like a puzzle game for children. Regarding the survival characteristics of Deadside, perhaps it is not yet worthy.

Game modes

Above all, I can see that Bad Pixel has tried to bring us to subtle details of the game. The game modes that you can experience extremely interesting. You can play both PvP and PvE style games at the same time.

During gameplay, you can still receive missions from the NPC, and after completing it, you can gain valuable items. The task is quite difficult to distribute evenly, so it is not easy to achieve a 4x or 6x scope.

Machines with artificial intelligence will appear in your survival process. So prepare a strong mentality and a high level of alertness to be able to fight two enemies at once.

You can ultimately create allies if you feel life in Deadside is too harsh. Indeed, when exploring new areas or deciding to attack a base, a squadron would be extremely necessary.

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deadside vendor
You can get valuable items from vendors in safe zones

Deadside arranges checkpoints throughout the map so you can preserve your achievements while you are offline.

What I am impressed that you need to be attentive for sure your character’s body is in balance.

It means the amount of food and water must be up to standard if you do not want to die before hit by a headshot bullet from an enemy. You should note this critical thing.

Besides, although giving players a wild survival environment, you can earn valuable items from suppliers located in the safe zones of the game. There will be in the safe zone in the North and the other areas in the South.

All combat will end at a radius of 200m around the center of the safe zones so you can rest assured to earn yourself valuable items.

multiplayer game
Playing in a team is also a great way to survive

In short, Deadside has designed for players attractive gameplay in order to have many exciting moments of battle and survival, but also not lacking entertainment needed after a long tiring day.

Excellent graphics-sound system

Deadside built in both first and third perspectives, but from any angle, you can see severe investment to produce the complete frame.

From forests to abandoned houses exudes realistic beauty. Along with that, items in-game are very diverse. Very carefully constructed hats, shirts, pants give players multiple choices.

The sound system is realistic and fantastic to you in an unexpected way. Like, when you are walking through the streams, you can even hear the sound of frogs calling!

excellent graphics
The beautiful graphics system of the game

The sound of gunfire shoot off is realistic such as we are into the real gunfight, giving us the feeling of overwhelmed and cannot take your eyes off it.

When you are walking alone, you can even modify the background music that can give your mind a little relaxation needed.

Release information

Deadside release date is set on April 14, 2020. And for less than $ 15 with the full version, you can own a nearly complete survival shooter. The link to buy this game will be at the end of my article.


I see Bad Pixel’s effort in creating an enjoyable experience for the player. The aspects of the game are all well, and you can certainly believe that Deadside will be a lot better in the future.

I am ending my writing here because it is time for me to stop by to see if any unknown stranger has invaded my base. Download and let me know what you think.