Detention Switch review (Handheld Console)

As you may know, the scary game is divided into different specific types of game such as adventurous horror game, survival horror game, etc., that we are quite familiar with.

Today, let’s zoom in another type of Nintendo Switch horror game that we proudly beg will bring you with a unique experience, it is a psychological horror game named Detention.

Detention game was created by a Taiwanese developer Red Candle and was launched for Nintendo Switch horror game on 28th February 2018.

It is not just a basic scary game by supernatural spookiness but also manages to express a critique on the little known political injustices. Okay, let dig in Detention Switch review below for more detailed information!

detention switch overview of game
overview of game detention switch

Game’s Background

First of all, Detention Switch gets you to be back in the context of Taiwan in the 1960s when the country was deeply under martial law days. This Nintendo Switch horror game certainly can be considered nightmarish.

scene in the game detention on switch
the scene in the game detention

Starting at Greenwood High School which is located in a remote mountainous area, there is a student named Wei, who eventually wakes up after falling asleep and finds out the school deserted due to an upcoming typhoon.

After encountering another pupil called Ray, they head for the bridge above the red-blooded river that leads into town. Unfortunately, the river has been destroyed so that they head back to the school grounds to find shelter and hope this all blows over.

At the college haunted by evil creatures, whereas concealment from the rampaging monsters, 2 main characters unveiled mysteries that slowly reveal the dark past of the cursed faculty.

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Overview of Detention gameplay

On the game set, when playing as the role of two students, your mission in Detention Switch sticks to focusing on item-based puzzle solving and avoiding enemies (known as “Lingered”).

In terms of solving the puzzle, you will navigate around the school to find all answers for puzzles by notes and other little tidbits. Some notes that you take might seem irrelevant to anything at first, but they help you to understand what was happening at the school beforehand better.

Many of the puzzles will certainly make you scratch your head, but everything makes sense within the logic of the game and the world where it inhabits. Besides, you can understand more about the state of martial law through text bubbles when an object of interest comes into view.

As a result, Detention Switch is such a typical psychological horror game leaving thoughts on you after playing. Initially, we went into it expecting very little but came out with huge respect for the developer who created a meaningful message.

main character in game
the main character in-game

For taking a specific Detention game review, there is no battle here so that you can never be killed but must avoid being discovered by Lingered by holding your breath.

If these enemies notice about your presence, they’re very easy to run towards you, and it takes them only three swipes to end your life.

Because of that, you obviously have to measure your breathing time correctly to make sure you are undetected. But sometimes, it is not easy to get around the Lingered so that is when food offerings prove its own importance.

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Putting one of food nearby will give the enemies something to chew on for a certain period of time, and this supports you to sneak past while they’re distracted.


Nintendo Switch horror games’ key point is horror and scary theme, and this game understandingly does follow this outstanding advantage.

Rather than emphasizing repeatedly recycling jump scares, developers, strengthen its terror and tension experience via terrifying enemy design, alarming and graphic imagery, especially the soundtrack.

The visuals and audio of this Detention Switch become distorted and fluctuate in response to narrative cues and player actions.

darkness in game
darkness in-game

The outstanding feature applied to consolidate the terrifying experience to players is the so truthful art style.

It is a perfect combination of many factors: Hand-drawing elements that flexibly navigate the classrooms, the game theme with sharp and twisted houses and especially, frighteningly detailed enemies who wander around the corridors in search of you.

A big thumbs up positively go for audio style. While taking part in this game, shrill screams ringing, high pitched scratches presumptively returning from chalkboards and different non-diagnosable sounds accomplish the aim of constructing you surprise yourself a minimum of once: whether or not it came from the sport or right behind you? thus, once reading this Detention game review, the optimum thanks to expertise Detention is in hand-held mode, headphones on and lights out.

Therefore, after reading this Detention Switch review, the optimum way to experience Detention is in handheld mode, headphones on and lights out.


Detention Switch is a typical example of how video game, particularly psychological horror game utilized to describe and provide useful information about specific historical/ social periods.

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The plot pulls no punches, as it strikes at the core of what makes us human. Playing Detention Switch through the eyes of a child, seeing all breakage makes it more saddening when realizing what has been happening under the current martial law society.

Despite the game’s basic plot, the audio and visual design featured here is beyond expectations. Besides, with a very affordable price $12.99 on Switch console, Detention game is an engrossing and scary game that deserves a place on your Nintendo Switch collection.