Diablo Immortal has a new impressive trailer but not inferior to PC

The duo Blizzard and NetEase confirmed that Diablo Immortal is in the process of complete development and promises to launch soon in the future.

At ChinaJoy 2020, Diablo Immortal continues to launch a brand new trailer. The couple Blizzard and NetEase confirmed the game is in development and promises to launch soon in the future.

As we have known, Diablo Immortal is a new product of Blizzard in development. This is the first time when a product belongs to Diablo’s world has appeared on mobile and tablet platforms.

diablo immortal gameplay

With interesting gameplay, Blizzard emphasized that this is really a quality product, not “instant noodles” as many people imagine. Blizzard understands the passion and desire of the fans with what they have done and their brand. With new gameplay, there may be many surprises, but what Blizzard wants is to satisfy everyone.

You can take the whole Diablo world in one compact machine, anywhere you can travel on your journey and connect a vast network of players. And finally, Blizzard wishes to bring a new RPG experience on the phone and they are trying to do their best, even although it will be a challenge that the company faces every day.

Diablo Immortal currently has 5 main character classes: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Wizard, Crusader, and Monk.

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