Do You Copy Review for PC (Horror Game)

Come back to mysterious horror games. Today I will introduce you to one of famous indie horror games, named Do You Copy. Its release date is January 11 in 2017 and developed by Space Octopus Studio. Besides, this game is also free so that means you can play it without paying anything.

By having unique gameplay, it will give you a whole new experience that you never had before. There will be nobody chasing us like Suite 776 – another horror game, I introduced quite a long time before. Instead, all sounds and bizarre monsters will always haunt and go along with you throughout gameplay.

Joining a creepy story

Do You Copy is a thrilling and engaging game inside a vast forest named Grace Wind. Gamers will play a role as new forest management on watchtower 4.

Let imagine you are forest management who reserves jungle every night when participating in Do You Copy. However, this place is not like anywhere else you have worked. Simply because it is still witnessing a series of mysterious disappearances taking place every month, and residents are still talking about a half-human, a half-goat monster lurks somewhere in the dark forest.

One day, you started your shift like every night. Even knows you can not give up position because maybe some stupid guys will get lost in this area. But, as if being teased by devil, right then radio rang out in breathless voice of a stranger calling for help. “Please help me. Something’s chasing me… save … I don’t know the way…”.

do you copy monster

And then, you calmly guided stranger back to the tower, that is when you step into Do You Copy. However, he gradually goes far away from you, and you’ll start to discover the truth behind the lost man, that is monster still haunting this forest.

Do You Copy gameplay

“Save people or lead monster to watchtower”.

Everything gets more complicated when you realize that this monster has many abilities. And depending on your choice, you will either save the lost person or lead the beast to watchtower. It’s up to your selection and ability and will lead you to one of four ending below:

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You can show him the wrong way or leave him alone. Of course, in this case, the lost person will be killed, but you can preserve your watchtower.


Show him the wrong way or leave him alone and lead monster to watchtower. As a result, you get killed by it. I believe all gamers don’t want this result.


You guide the right way for the lost man, and he is saved. But somehow, monster finds out your watchtower, and it will kill you.


Saving the lost man and not leading monster to your home. As a result, both protagonists and lost man is saved. But I want to remind you that your enemy is very ferocious and sinister. So, you have to be smart and calm down against it.

How horrible is our enemy?

Although this is not a scary action game like Fight the Horror, I judge it very hazardous. Your enemy does not have any big guns, but game manufacturer gives it many abilities more than this.

Changing shape ability

After experiencing Do You Copy for a while, I noticed that I could see the monster and predicted its height around 4 to 5 meters when standing at watchtower. But when it comes closer to the tower, it’s not too high that I think. From there, I concluded this monster could change the size or even shape.

do you copy gameplay

Ability to fake voice

This is not only my personal opinion but many Do You Copy reviews also agree. When standing at the watchtower, you can hear some voices and hard figure out which one is the lost man or monster. The important thing is focusing and try to find out by yourself. In my experience, when you listen to some ferocious voices with strange sounds, nobody else, that is the monster’s voice.

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It is very smart

Your enemy is quite smart, although its voice is little intimidating, it can adjust sound like the lost man. So you need to identify the lost man’s voice before leading him to watchtower.

How to win in Do You Copy?

I am sure all of you want to achieve GOOD ENDING. So I will show its gameplay and hopefully, there are good tips for you. In Do You Copy, besides watchtower 4, we have tower 2, which is very similar to tower 4. So, all you need to do is trick the monster, lead it to the watchtower 2, and lead the lost man to the tower 4. It’s quite easy right ?

On the contrary, if you realize some bizarre voices that means you give a chance for the monster to your house and “GOOD” ENDING is you will be killed by it. So essential thing is that you have to recognize correct voices if you want to get a “happy ending”.

main character

Exploiting game’s mysteries

Above informations are Do You Copy reviews and sharings about my gaming experience. In this last section, I will explain some of mysteries that I discovered about this game.

Who is Do You Copy’s protagonist?

When you look at the tower, you can see some windows are all closed; aisles are blocked by barrels, which means, protagonist knows monster’s existence and protects himself with above items.

Other than that, inside the house, you will see many paper pieces put together, a lot of newspapers revolve from 1918 to 1999. It leads me to speculate that protagonist has been here for a long time and maybe he is a detective or a police officer, has come here to investigate mysterious stuffs.

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game document

At the working desk, you can find out an article about some recent missing person at Grace Wind Park, which is Do You Copy’s EASY ENDING. That leaves me thinking; maybe our protagonist is someone who focuses on seeking evidence and doesn’t take lives seriously, leads to the lost man being killed by monster.

Mysteries about monster

It is known some disappearances started happening in 1918, meaning that this monster has appeared before this time, and every 27 years, it will wake up and kill people lost in the forest. So, why is it available in this forest?.

Do You Copy’s producer took great attention to every little detail, if you can see, there is a symbol in tower 4. This is a summoning symbol, and the monster may be present in the forest because of that summoning symbol.

That is all my theories about game plot and mysteries behind Do You Copy. Although I do not confirm that it is 100 % correct, above hypotheses are very reasonable, and it has built an interesting horror game which is no less Locked Up.


The thing fascinated me the most is Do You Copy’s plot because it makes me curious. So I spent a lot of time researching gameplay and hypothesizing about it. Besides, I also highly appreciate game’s sound, from the lost man’s voice to the monster, all is perfect and it makes players always feel scared.

If you have enough brave and ready to enjoy indie horror games, I think Do You Copy is a proper choice for you. Let try it, and leave your comments to see do we have the same opinion or not. Thank you for reading and hopefully, you will have a great experiencement while playing Do You Copy game.