Don’t Knock Twice game Review for PC (Horror Game)

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Games based on movies are no stranger to us, but their success rates are not too high. Don’t Knock Twice game from the developer of Wales Interactive can avoid that “crash”? I am quite skeptical about that.

Cinema and video games have, to a certain extent, closely related to each other. They are both the crystallization of creativity but also a complete product from manufacturers for commercial purposes.

Director makes movies, and game makers bring players games. But they are individuals working in different fields, so we can easily see the inconsistencies in terms of inspiration.

That leads to the product coming later that does not meet the standards set by its predecessor or even fails and most of these cases are games. Don’t Knock Twice is an enjoyable and quite successful horror film directed by Caradog W. James, and I was quite excited to hear that Wales Interactive intends to remake it.

The horror quality and the imprint of the concept from the original version have been reflected quite clearly in the Don’t Knock Twice game, but something is missing. Read my Don’t Knock Twice review, and you’ll see it.

Warning: Don’t Knock Twice review shows my subjective thoughts and uses the game’s details directly, so maybe it will reveal somewhat what will happen. Consider before reading if you want a full experience.

I want to see something different!

Don’t Knock Twice is a game based on a movie that has been released before, so it is not too difficult to understand when the game maker made the most of the scenario that Caradog W. James built. This isn’t a bad thing, but it might feel pretty boring if you’ve ever seen its predecessor in theaters.

And for me, Don’t Knock Twice game just stopped at the level of reconstructing horror and essential details of the movie version. In other words, the best way you might be surprised by its story is to not go to James’s cinema.

baba yaga
Like the original version, Don’t Knock Twice game is still based on the urban legend of the witch Baba-Yaga

There are characters to remember

The game’s character system will be kept intact with Jess – the mother, Chloe – the daughter and a unique villain: the witch Baba-Yaga.

Following the clues from the pieces of documents scattered throughout the house, the player realizes a relatively large conflict between Jess and Chloe.

Jess is a famous sculptor; however, she gave up on her daughter nine years ago to be successful. And when full of fame and money, Jess returned to her hometown and adopted Chloe to compensate for her partially.

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But through the pages of Chloe’s diaries shows that motherhood is just something quite forced. One side tries to mend and correct the mistakes, and the other side seems to carry a “petrified heart”.

scene in game
The primary setting is set in Jess’s large house

It’s got a breeze of sorrow

The rivalry atmosphere between mother and daughter is just the backdrop for the upcoming tragedy.

If you take the time to learn, you will know that the kids who have not had access to technology gadgets today have many mischiefs, and one of them is the door knocking game.

Along with her friends, Chloe knocked on the door of a house she shouldn’t have come near: the house of the witch Baba-Yaga. In short, Baba-Yaga is a popular image of witches in Slavic countries. When Chloe knocked twice at her door, it was Baba-Yaga awakening, hunting, and eating the children.

And that was when the mother and daughter reunion turned into a terrible nightmare. Jess will have to trade everything to help his little daughter survive and repel the witch.
Don’t Knock Twice game builds two endings for players to decide their destiny. But I assure you, no matter who must die, it is not the end.

game sound
Don’t let them startle you

The bright spot comes from the gameplay

In the context of the details in the original version were overused, Don’t Knock Twice gameplay brought me real surprises. Not taking too long for the greeting, from the very beginning, Wales Interactive threw the player right into the gloomy atmosphere of the mansion where Jess and her daughter lived.

This makes players more or less surprised because you will have to quickly get used to catching up with the rhythm of the game. Don’t Knock Twice’s gameplay will mainly revolve around solving puzzles to find clues and collect enough sacrifices to help Jess perform the dark ritual at the end of the game.

The game triggers your brain

I like the variety in the arrangement of the puzzles since their level to the frequency of appearance is carefully thought out to serve the storyline and stimulate the player’s thinking ability.

You will feel relieved just to turn the hot water to collect the safe code but sometimes sweaty minutes to get the heart of Chloe’s doll (what is elemental of the Fire element) or opening secret doors. This shows the serious investment coming from the game maker to attract the attention of players fully.

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dont knock twice game graphics
The pieces of paper are scattered all over the place so that players can directly collect clues

Along with the puzzle, systems are pages of documents scattered throughout the house to help players discover what is happening here. But not only that, it is the diary or the pages of notes about Baba-Yaga that will set the player in performing the tasks that the Don’t Knock Twice game has set.

And also your muscles

In addition to stimulating the player’s curiosity, Don’t Knock Twice game has also been installed a bit of battle when you will have a few “reluctant” weapons such as fire spray or ax to fight directly with the witch as well as interact with the game environment.

This more or less dispels the feeling of boredom when you have to crawl in the dark to solve puzzles. Even after summoning Baba-Yaga and entering the world, the ax plays a role in determining the main character’s fate.

Besides, players will also be provided with a phone to receive messages from Chloe directly. This is an interesting detail in depicting the conflict between mother and child and leading the storyline.

game puzzle
Puzzles with varied difficulty levels to challenge players

It is also a very important source of information for you to solve many difficult puzzles. It can be said that the fighting mechanism and the phone are two interesting highlights that Wales Interactive builds in Don’t Knock Twice gameplay.

Although there are many positive points, that is not the reason why Don’t Knock Twice is highly appreciated by the gaming community.

But it will also mess you around

For myself, after about 60 years of experience, I also noticed some of the following shortcomings. First, we can see the setting of Don’t Knock Twice is located in Jess’s mansion, and the player will have to go through many areas such as floors, garden attic or basement.

However, creating too many rooms sometimes turns this house into a real maze. This not only causes a feeling of boredom, but also makes many players feel frustrated because they cannot remember which way to go to the basement. Can a minimap solve this problem?

game monster
The combat mechanism is an interesting highlight of gameplay

Don’t Knock Twice game takes advantage of the first-person perspective like Contemp, Boogeyman 2, Lurk in the Dark, and most of today’s horror games to increase authenticity.

But this artistic idea is “bankrupt” by the lack of polish of the game maker in building actions to interact with the game environment directly. From lighting candles, to using axes to chop down sticks are expressed superficially.

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And this is extended to the end of the Don’t Knock Twice game when Jess has a chance to face Baba-Yaga. These frames are based on a cheap animated movie’s motifs, and I’ll let you have an opportunity to judge for yourself.

The sound-graphics system was decent

Darkness is what Wales Interactive did well in the Don’t Knock Twice game. Jess and Chloe’s house was always in darkness, only occasionally illuminated a little by candlelight as well as the flashes across the sky.

This leaves the player in the position of preparing for the threat at all times. Besides, if you look closely, you will see the game makers take care of each picture on the wall while depicting their transformation over time and the level of Baba-Yaga’s invasion.

Or you will also witness the too unpredictable appearance of Chloe to increase the drama of the game. Besides, the image of the villain is also quite interestingly depicted. She will also be the subject of jumpscare jumps with increasing frequency in the late game.

The images in the game are overcast

The sounds used in the Don’t Knock Twice game are also very effective. From the sound of footsteps, howling laughter, or loud knocking on the glass door to signal an “attack” from the dark forces is also used reasonably.

The background music that plays in the space at unexpected times has played an essential part in leading the player’s psychology. And with the support of VR technology, I believe that Don’t Knock Twice game will become one of VR horror games that will haunt the faint of heart.

Release time

Don’t Knock Twice’s official release date is September 6, 2017. But the VR version I was looking forward to, for some reason, is still in trial mode. With the price is not very pleasant (about 8 $), do you think the Don’t Knock Twice game has a chance to appear on your gaming device?


Don’t Knock Twice game is a horror game that has been completed in terms of both form and content. In particular, with the application of the most advanced technology of the game production industry (VR technology), it deserves to be a VR horror game that brings you the most authentic experience of horror. Thanks again for reading my Don’t Knock Twice review.