DreadOut 2 Review for PC (Horror Game)

I couldn’t hold back my excitement when Digital Happiness officially released DreadOut 2. Are the improvements meet the expectations of big fans?. “With DreadOut, Digital Happiness marked Indonesia on the world horror game map”.

You can find a myriad of similar comments by the time this game was released. DreadOut has found a place for itself alongside the great Outlast and Resident Evil. This is a product that has a wonderful blend of modernity in gameplay and Indonesian folklore.

And even now, DreadOut is something different from The Dark Occult, Paper Dolls, or Palmyra Orphanage (the games I’ve been experiencing recently). Part 2 comes out as a bridge connecting my emotions many years ago. The trailers explode with dark, bloody touches alongside the great elements of gameplay inherited from their predecessors.

Are you ready to continue with Linda’s grim destiny?

Let me book a ticket to Indonesia now!

Warning: My DreadOut 2 review directly exploits details from the original, so accidental revelations can inevitably affect your emotions during your play. Consider before reading.

When is the end of Linda’s fight?

Despite being a huge fan of DreadOut 1, it is not easy to catch up with Linda’s adventure. Thanks to Digital Happiness’s dedication to Story Before at the beginning of the game, for quite a summary of what happened in the past.

It begins with what left off

The tightness of the story is the first thing I feel in the storyline of DreadOut 2. Our main character is Linda Melinda, the lucky schoolgirl who survived the abandoned village’s terrible massacre.

But no longer as naive as she was; Linda, though returned to her daily life as a Keeper of the Dark, was chosen by Lady in Red for her mission against The great serpent Blorong. DreadOut 2¬†with Linda hiding in a closet at the end of class after her classmates’ malicious bullying. Was everything normal again? No! That will never happen.

dreadout 2 character
The heroine Linda has been revamped with an enormously seductive look

The content of this part still focuses on Linda’s battle with dark spirits when up to 80% of the game is focused on gore scenes. I cannot exploit too much about the aspect of content that Digital Happiness wants to convey. Linda has mastered her strength. She can even move parallel between the real world and Limbo (a form of the soul).

But the thrill has not ended

The game scene is also extended throughout the town where Linda lives. Everywhere turned into battlefields. Blood will be shed and it’s your job to keep her alive.

It can be said that the battle between Linda and Nyi Blorong is mainline of DreadOut 2. But alternating with that, the game maker has cleverly built small pieces of the puzzle to overview the characters in the game.

Linda during a trip to Kampung Cienteh to learn about Cemani Egg learned many things related to her past. Her family is special and that is why her parents died. Besides, you will also discover an ancient mansion that is considered the headquarters of many generations of Keeper of the Dark – the people who protect the world from demons.

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school theme
Everything is not as regular as before

Old people are back

The person who plays the role of unraveling the narratives of the story is a rather special character. After the battles seem to have left the player feeling pretty “bored”, Ms. Siska (Linda’s former teacher and presumably dead after season 1) appears.

She killed Blorong. Ms. Siska’s words contributed to the explanation of all that happened in DreadOut 1. Those little school boys and girls were only part of the ritual sacrifice to summon the snake goddess. And when she was too confused in the sense of strength, Ms. Siska no longer wanted to be anyone’s subordinate, and what would come must come. The moment for a subversion.

Ms. Siska tries to persuade Linda to take complete control of humanity’s destiny, but our heroine does not accept it. A fatal stab, and it all ended. Everything seems quick and will leave many players down.

dreadout 2 monster
Limbo – the world where ghosts rule

We see Linda walking down the streets. She was listening to music and didn’t seem to notice anything around her. But when I realized that Linda’s eyes were already blood red, I doubted that this might not be the whole game’s end. Overall, the content of DreadOut 2 is quite pale and divided by constant battles. I do not appreciate this.

Everything just stopped at changes in content?

Do you have a successful game, and you want to build a second game on top of that? There are two possibilities. One is, we will continue to have one more masterpiece. Second, the next game only satisfies players emotionally, meaning they no longer wonder what will happen next. But sadly, that’s all it does.

The next game will not bring much new or worse, unable to break out of its successful predecessor’s shadow. And I’m sorry to say that DreadOut 2 is following the latter possibility’s negative trend.

dreadout 2 game item
The “divine” Irisphone is associated with the game DreadOut

Be prepared for a twist

But maybe let’s just start from my fondness for this game, okay? As I said above, Linda has escaped from death, but she has exchanged a wealth of power passed down from Lady in Red as well as her own horrifying experiences.

This is clearly shown in her battles with evil spirits when her mobility and stamina have been greatly increased. Our protagonist is faster, braver and this gives me the strength to fend off the consecutive raids of Pocongs, Jurig Amuk …

The fact that the game publisher opened up another world parallel with reality also caused me a particular interest. In this world, Linda was returned to her Keeper of the Dark true nature.

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Here you will be able to try your best with melee battles with extremely diverse weapon systems. This game suddenly turned into a real action movie. This is an extremely remarkable new feature of DreadOut 2.

dreadout 2 game mechanism
You will be involved in a lot of duels

With that, we can see this is one of indie horror games that have a system of extremely diverse sidequests has been added. These are amazing bright features and also a necessary break for the player’s soul. You will be able to explore the incredibly famous urban legends of Indonesia when Linda stumbles upon and talks with Mona, a scientist who studies supernatural phenomena.

Or like in some other missions, players will be able to create their outcomes by choosing different answers to the question given by the NPCs themselves. Remember, each choice will lead you to a different outcome. Good or bad will be up to you.

The virtual world is familiar

Along with that are many other interesting details for you to interact directly with the surrounding environment. You can book Grab to go to a specific address through Linda’s Irisphone.

Or the fact that Karasukan – an angry soul created from negative human characteristics – borrowed Henny’s body (a friend of Linda’s) live-streamed to express her desire to destroy Linda.

I especially like the detail that Linda hid in a bed with a body covered in a towel when she had to run away from the mad doctor Gore Surgeon ina hospital mission. Smart, extremely smart! It can be seen that the real-life details have been utilized creatively. And many of them have become a turning point for players to lead players to different Act in the game.

dreadout 2 gameplay
In DreadOut 2, fights took place with a very high frequency

Looking optimistically, DreadOut 2 gameplay has seen a significant upgrade of the old mechanics that made up the success of the previous version. “The magic phone” acts as a mirror of love is a very typical example.

But as can be seen, this item seems to have been overexploited. I have the feeling that the Irisphone has become an integral part of the main character. Digital Happiness’s construction of gameplay in this way has been criticized quite a lot when it has many indisputable similarities with Fatal Frame.

In many scenes, Linda just runs around, projecting – taking a cell phone at the villains and winning when the souls disappear. I was quite excited in the first moments when I was able to spot ghosts lurking in the surrounding space. But gradually, it was repeated with a very large frequency causing me to feel bored.

Improvements in gameplay

In DreadOut 2, we can see that the game maker has developed a melee mechanic for Linda’s character. With weapons like knives, axes, or even chemical tanks (when confronted with the mad doctor), Linda truly became a soldier.

This Digital Happiness tactic worked but in my opinion, it was a half-success. We still see a little of Outlast, a bit of Silent Hill in the air of DreadOut 2.

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Plus, the tensions aren’t pushed to a peak when the game is torn apart by so many fights. Blood and gore. Creepy. Linda has something of a female warrior. That’s fine, but the intentions for a horror game are therefore overshadowed.

game graphics
There will also be quite a few side quests to reduce boredom for you like finding keys or solving puzzles

Thankfully, I do some extra work from time to time, such as solving puzzles with the old mansion’s serpent circle or collecting objects such as keys or Cemani Eggs. This increases the player’s interaction with the game environment.

In general, DreadOut 2 still has its charm and will certainly be more successful when moderating its “snapping and slashing” gameplay.

Big strides in graphics – sound

Although DreadOut 2 gameplay has many flaws, ancillary elements such as the game’s sound and graphics have made a huge step forward compared to its predecessor. Players can clearly see Indonesia’s unique characteristics through small streets with rows of houses close together.

I was incredibly impressed with the fact that the publisher built the setting of a town surrounded by mountains. This explains why, in any Act, Linda is covered in a mist many times. The fog layer and the lack of light affect work extremely well in guiding the player’s psychology.

first aspect
Small streets typical of Southeast Asia

Not only that, for specific scenes like the Sman Arwana 5 school where Linda is studying or the Indiemooi Hotel are meticulously shaped in detail. This brings me frightening truth to me.

Behind the usual classrooms or rooms are pitfalls ready to send players to hell. Yes, I want to remind the individuals that makeup Ghostpedia – DreadOut’s own world. As can be seen, from Pocong, Karasukan, Dreadlings to Palasik. All have their unique traits.

However, there are still small “grains” that annoy fastidious players like the tamarind designs in Linda’s fight with souls that are not enough to create horror. The characters’ movements are, in some cases, quite funny. And one more thing, Linda’s outfit repeats confusingly from day to day

In the end, for the audio, I think that’s too good among indie horror games. The local language sounds have been carefully selected. The individual effects of characters like Nini Tetty have been carefully crafted to create a unified storyline.

Release information

DreadOut 2’s official release date is February 21, 2020. And with the price less than $10, I think a lot of gamers will be willing to bring this game to your computer.


Want to know what happened to Linda after DreadOut 1? DreadOut 2 can help you satisfy. Do you want a horror game that combines the gameplay of tight guillotine delight? DreadOut 2 can help you with that. And most of all, do you want those moments that scream with fear? Come to DreadOut 2! Download, experience, and let me know how you feel. Thanks for reading my DreadOut 2 review.