Ensure your victory with Green Hell map reviews

In the last few years, there haven’t been as many survival-adventure games that have achieved as much success as Green Hell. What is its secret? This article will talk about a tiny aspect that made the feat: the Green Hell map.

For those who have not access to Green Hell, it is really a pity. The game was officially released by the publisher Creepy Jar to the world gaming community on September 5, 2019, and things after that are incredibly positive.

Taking survival gameplay is the key, but Green Hell focuses on what you need to do to survive and directs players to discover the mysteries that rotate the fate of the main characters.

This is a new point that few survival – adventure games can do.

Besides, the story setting in the Amazon rainforest also allows the game maker to fully exploit elements such as ecosystems, animals, and aboriginal people to bring to players real and terrifying experiences.

green hell map reviews
Green Hell map system is extremely impressive built

However, because the starting point of Green Hell is an open-world game, the arrangement of a landscape system and area suitable for the playing process is also one factor that should be considered top.

I spent about 2 weeks experimenting with this game, and here are my comments. Let’s see what Creepy Jar has brought in special in the map of Green Hell!

(The information of this article is gathered from the Green Hell wiki and trusted Green Hell reviews. You can rest assured and enjoy)

Overview of Green Hell map

The game’s context is set in the Amazon jungle – the “green lung” of the Earth. And in my opinion, Green Hell has successfully conveyed the atmosphere of this rainforest to the player.

With ​​about 5.5 million km², this area is located in the territory of 9 countries, including Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Surinam, and French Guiana.
This place owns the richest ecosystem of both animals and plants. And this has created a huge space for Green Hell to turn it into a real hell for human survival.

The Green Hell map was built to expand that somewhat of the grandeur; however, the good thing in the publisher’s creative thinking is that it “conceals” some places for players to explore for themselves.

This makes the adventure not too boring. Along with that, the Green Hell map will be divided into two map systems for you to freely choose with different locations and suitable for your purpose and the gameplay that you build in each mode.

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With Story Mode, we will have:

1. Abandoned Tribal Village (Coordinates: 46W 26S)

Located secluded by a shallow river in a river valley, this village can become a suitable place for you to recover from a long tiring day or relax for a while to craft serving items for your survival process.

This place is not difficult to find, but perhaps because of that, the amount of items here is relatively small.

green hell map abandoned tribal village
Abandoned Tribal Village

Comfort and convenience are the hallmarks of Dryer, Cage Trap and Stone Ring.

2. Airport (Coordinates: 29W 22S)

It was strange that an airport had been built in the middle of such a desolate place. In the Green Hell map, this is one of the areas rich in resources and essential items for both living activities and crafting items.

Do not ignore the radio station inside the main building, and you will find quite a lot of interesting things.

airport map

3. Omega Camp (Coordinates: 25W 33S)

This camp consists of two big tents surrounded by forest. One of the two tents contains the important secrets our protagonist has been searching for throughout the journey. Here’s the place you need to pay special attention to in the Green Hell Story Mode.

The food source and items here are extremely diverse.

Along with Story Mode, the Green Hell map has been refreshed with Survival Mode. You will have access to a brand new location called the Drug Facility (Coordinates: 51W 27S) and two more changed locations, Airport and Omega Camp.

Do you smoke marijuana? Whatever the answer, the Drug Facility is the most interesting place we can explore on the Green Hell map. Leave the equipment and necessities you can find here behind because you’ll find one of the many origins of Cannabis Culture with the massive Cocaine Fields.

Great! Food items, weapons, and tools, all of them can be found around this location. And you’ll find blueprints of the Water Collector, Bamboo Water Collector, Grill Rack, and Killer Trap. However, beware of deadly pitfalls.

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green hell map omega camp
Omega Camp

These locations are designed to be located entirely separate from the old forests in the Green Hell map. However, to find them, players will struggle because they will need to find maps first. The maps are not always complete, and you will sometimes search for their leftover pieces to have enough information to explore important areas.

The appearance of the maps will play a very important role in your exploration. Because the Green Hell map is extremely large and it will be extremely easy to get lost because lots of trees and space will surround you will contain confusing effects.

In general, the Green Hell map is scientifically built and effectively supported for the survival-adventure-heavy gameplay that Creepy Jar is aiming for.

Interesting places in Green Hell map

Green Hell map is intricately built with multi-layered structures, and this has created fascinating places that you can easily miss if you are too focused on your journey.

Here is a list of my must-go places

1. Abandoned Native Camp

This is probably the first place you should visit because it does not hide any danger except for a few aggressive animals. You will be provided with a bone knife – your first self-defense weapon, along with some blueprints of some simple items like a dryer or cage trap.

Coordinates: 46W 25S

2. Plane Crash Cave

What does a falling plane mean, you know? Lots of things can be used. And this is true in the case of this game. This place can provide you with a warehouse of processed foods in the Green Hell map.

plane crash cave
Plane Crash Cave

Coordinates: 40W 24S

3. East Native Camp

This camp will bring you the first encounters with Aboriginal people. But that seems to be its only benefit. A little bit of adventure and exploration, right?

Coordinates: 37W 17S

4. Bamboo Bridge

Do not provide any items related to the survival process, but this impressive bridge gives you access to an extremely large area. Repair is the only thing you can do.

bamboo bridge
Bamboo Bridge

Coordinates: 37W 20S

5. Fishing Dock

Drinking water is one of the important factors for sustaining life. And the fishing dock will be where you can find water purification blueprints on the Green Hell map.

fish dock
Fish Dock

Coordinates: 51W 19S

6. Oasis Cave

Once you have a water purifier, the next thing you will have to do is find a source of water. Located in the northern Drug Facility, this oasis is the answer for you.

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Coordinates: 51W 24S

7. Anaconda Island

Not as dangerous as it sounds, a rich source of food and medicine awaits you. Along with that, this place gives you a fishing rod, a machete, and a place for you to save the game and rest.

Coordinates: 35W 26S

8. Stone circle

This is an old model of worship with an altar in the center. A Molineria, a water lily, and an obsidian blade are things you won’t find anywhere else on the Green Hell map.

Coordinates: 41W 26S

The above are places that in my opinion can bring you the fun of the long and stressful journey with the main character. Besides, the hotel’s host of recreational offerings ensures you have plenty to do during your stay. Bamboo Camp (52W 17S), Oasis Cave (47W 14S), The main Tribal Village …

green hell map stone circle
stone circle

Points that make me not satisfied

Creating a massive map system for a survival – adventure game is not easy. We can see the game makers’ efforts to do this, but there are still a few points that have not been met.

Unlike games, I’ve had the chance to experience lately, like Neversong, Maid of Sker, or Song of Horror, which has a simple setting. Green Hell map recreates a large space of the Amazon rainforest. With a rich resource, you will not take too much time to exploit them. However, the problem is that when you die, they stay where they are, and as long as a notebook records the coordinates, you will easily reach them again. This greatly alleviates the stressful nature of the game.

Along with that, some locations are designed with a higher level of difficulty than usual with hidden enemies. And playing over and over there was a nightmare.

Closing Thought

There is not too much to blame for the Green Hell map as it has done so well in its mission and it is an essential part of the puzzle that will help you ensure your playing progress. Hopefully, the information I provide will be game tips that will help you find the game’s mysteries easier.