Escape The Ayuwoki Review for PC (Horror Game)

The rapid spread range Covid-19 prevented many people from going out. If you are feeling bored at home, then choosing a good game will be a solution to help you find joy. This article will introduce to you an exciting horror game for PC: Escape The Ayuwoki. Let check it out!

Fear is something that both makes people afraid and makes people feel a bit curious and excited. Exploiting this to bring into the game product has long been the strategy of many game companies, especially for the horror game genre.

But to succeed with this is not easy at all when the taste of gamers are increasingly enhanced. You can see many contents of today’s horror games are digging a lot deeper and focusing on the psychological issues of the player.

At the same time, the video-sound of the game is much more refined and applies the most advanced technology of the gaming industry.

If you like the heavy gameplay on the plot with many “knots” that can take days to remove, Outlast or Resident Evil is a perfect choice. But with the creativity of game makers, there are many games that are easy to clean in a short time like Infliction Game, The Sinner Prologue, Granny, Evil Nun … are also gradually asserting their position.

And by the end of 2019, the gaming community had a tumultuous occasion with the horrific launch of Escape The Ayuwoki. The strange inspiration of Deadlycrow Games.

Excellent audio-visual system. All of these are just a click away. Let me dissect this horror game and see what it is so scary! (The article mentions Escape The Ayuwoki game with the PC version).

The inspiration came from an unexpected content…

During my years of pursuing the horror game genre, there was never a ceremony I could ever imagine having one day experience a product related to our King of Pop: Michael Jackson.

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Strange. Really beyond imagination. And that peculiar inspiration creates a story that the quote in the game’s trailer affirms: “Beyond the reality”.

escape the ayuwoki gameplay
Something is waiting for you in the dark…

We will start with the basic story of this horror game. Escape The Ayuwoki story revolves around an abduction in which the player plays as a victim.

You were taken to an old mansion, unconscious, and woke up in a strange room. The goal of this game is to find a key hidden somewhere and use it to open the main gate and escape. However, you will probably guess this task is not easy at all.

The difficulty comes not only from riddles, secret corners, or the creepy darkness of the mansion but also from something that is waiting for you in the dark.

Come with me to welcome the main character of the show: The Ayuwoki. If you are a person who likes to watch weird things on the Internet, then it would not be strange for a Spanish creepypasta to be on this entity.

This is the prototype for Deadlycrow Games to create their Escape The Ayuwoki game. Ayuwoki is a particular cartoon character whose appearance is quite similar to the legendary singer Michael Jackson.

I don’t know why he was called like that, but according to some local friends, the name Ayuwoki was a quick recitation of a line from the legendary song “Smooth Criminal” (” Annie are you ok? “).

Pretty impressive, right? Legend has it that Ayuwoki appeared in everyone’s bedroom at 3 am. No one knows precisely what will happen, but one thing is for sure: if it seems you will hear MJ’s characteristic hee-hee.

escape the ayuwoki environment
The imaging system is built-in detail at the maximum

…to create a haunting gameplay

If only from the perspective of gameplay to evaluate, Escape The Ayuwoki is quite simple to conquer.

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When this is merely a horror game with elements looking for items combined with survival and puzzle. All you need to do is try to survive and hide as discreetly as possible to avoid Ayuwoki’s crazy attacks.

However, if this is possible, there would not be too much to say. To escape the label of a typical escape game, Escape The Ayuwoki introduced the monster to the gamers community.

There is nothing like Ayuwoki, you can believe it. He seems to have eyes and ears everywhere to watch your every move. Unlike normal monsters, Ayuwoki possesses an agile physique to be able to come and go like a wind.

You cannot anticipate his appearance, and all you can hear is the sound of hee-hee before death.

escape the ayuwoki graphics
Flashlight becomes your only weapon

You will be equipped with a flashlight in the Escape The Ayuwoki game.

…more thrills are yet to come

No offensive weapons. All you do is hide and run fast.

The flashlight will give you the only ray of hope, but remember that when you turn on the light, you will be more easily caught by Ayuwoki.

Besides, Ayuwoki’s constant movement around the mansion will make you unable to remain calm. At this time, you can make the most of large cabinets, huge corrugated iron boxes to secure your place.

I especially like and be impressed with the fact that we can hide under the table; this is the right place for you to calm down, observe Ayuwoki as well as give directions.

Especially, in Escape The Ayuwoki, the class structure in the scene will be fully exploited to open up places and clues that are beyond the imagination of the player.

scene in escape the ayuwoki game
There are many places that you can choose. But are you calm enough to find them?

Escape The Ayuwoki also offers players a mechanism to interact with the environment correctly. So don’t be afraid to flip the mansion up in search of a key since it can be anywhere.

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It all comes together in a tremendous audio-visual system

Beautiful and authentic. That’s all I can comment on the image that was built by Deadlycrow Games in Escape The Ayuwoki game.

Indeed, each room, each row of dark corridors are detailed to the maximum to give players the most realistic feeling possible.

The floors of the mansion are complexly arranged without hassle to help players maximize their intelligence. Remember that a brave heart is not enough.

escape the ayuwoki monster
Do not be too afraid, please!

As for our devil. Ayuwoki’s visuals are wonderfully built, no matter what you think. I have never seen a face so profoundly obsessed. Something dark, scary, but also a reflection of Michael Jackson.

The sound system is also an undeniable highlight to help improve the overall game. The sound of your footsteps, breathing, and the typical hee-hee sound of Ayuwoki made it impossible for me to sit still for a moment.

Ayuwoki’s breathing echoed throughout Escape The Ayuwoki. In the background, players will hear a vibrant song reminiscent of “Smooth Criminal”.

Release information

November 26, 2019, was selected as the official release date of Escape The Ayuwoki after more than a year of “pregnancy” of Deadlycrow Games.

You will experience all that is the best, the most horror in just 1.5 GB for less than $5. Download and experience it now. The link download this game will be at the end of the article.


Escape the Ayuwoki may have a simple mechanism, and its gameplay is similar to other horror games, but the fear you will feel while playing is unforgettable.

It is also a challenge, and amid all the screams, the game is generally fun and enjoyable. If you are looking for a fast horror game to play and enjoy, try escaping from Ayuwoki.