Everything you need to know about The Forest map

A horrible scheme and mutated humans make The Forest map one hell of a roller coaster. Players’ mission is to follow the footsteps of Eric LeBlanc. He is a loving father who is in search of his son Timmy. What dangers will they encounter in this hostile peninsula? Know The Forest map and save the characters.

It is impossible to win the game without knowing The Forest map. It is a giant world filled with different exotic locations for players to explore. Each one of them is spawned by specific types of monsters. But, what players can loot in these spots might be worth the effort.

Without firearms and light sources, players can’t help the protagonist Eric Leblanc save his son. But how can you get your hands on these items without getting killed? What is the safest way to run through the forest? Check out the game tip about The Forest map and find out for yourselves.

Where to find The Forest map and why it is important

To find The Forest map location, players must find the Hanging Cave. At starting point, there won’t be any drawing or instruction on the map. In other words, it is 100% blank. The Forest map is hidden inside of the cave and players must look around for it. Another way to find the map is to get killed.

According to Endnight Games, players will be dragged near to the location of the map. This happens the first time that they get killed by cannibal mutants. This is the easier and lazier way to get the needed map.

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The cave map slowly reveals as players advance in The Forest

The Forest map initially doesn’t contain any information in it. But details will appear on the map later on in the game while Eric moves around on the peninsula. So it is likely that the map is the result of his handy work.

The progress of the game relies on the unblock of new details of the map. While exploring and carrying out tasks, players will achieve more details and instructions on the map. Therefore, players can’t move forward without having The Forest map. The tasks and achievements are directly connected to the map.

Get to know 2 basics of The Forest map: Cave and Land

Even though The Forest map includes various exotic areas, there are 2 basic locations: the underground caves and the surface’s open lands. Here are the tips on how The Forest map can help you survive in each location.

The dark but less dangerous caves: Perfect for moving around the area

Caves might sound more dangerous but they aren’t in this survival game. The Forest cave map shows the entrances and exits of every cave. Thus, players can move around in the system easier. There are 15 caves in total and they will all be included in the map at the end of the game.

full locations
Caves are connected together so players can sneak through the area

In caves, players have to deal less with mutants like Virginia or Cowman, but mutant babies are common. However, in caves these monsters spawn less regularly and don’t tend to respawn. So the caves are safer than the open land. Knowing well The Forest map helps players advance more efficiently.

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There are some loots players can get in caves like dynamites, coins, ropes. They are essential for surviving in this adventure game. Gathering these items allows a better defense system. It helps players get through the night of the forest.

The bright and hostile land: Where to get valuable loots

On top of the surface, players will encounter locations like beaches, villages, mountain, sinkhole, yacht. All of them are guarded by many cannibalistic mutants. And they have the tendency to respawn quickly after being killed. The Forest map shows the position of these locations and guides players to where they should direct.

completed map version
The completed version of the Land map

The open land is hostile but it provides players with many goods to keep themselves alive in this adventure game. There are weapons like a machete, foods, ropes, fuels and also items that show parts of the storyline. It is necessary to stock up these items when going to the most dangerous locations like sinkhole or snow mountain. Most of the valuable loots gather on land, not in caves.

Mutants’ behaviors are different in each location

After running through most of the areas in map of The Forest, it is noticeable that the mutants behave differently depending on the location. Inside of the cave, players have more chances to survive and more time to calm down after each fight. The mutants don’t respawn after being killed. Instead, they drawback to their safe corners. Hence, players can continue the journey without having to stay alert constantly.

monster in the map
One of the easiest to deal with mutants in The Forest: Painted Mutant

In the pitch black caves with little light sources, the mutants are creepier than ever. In this location of The Forest map, the game plans true terror with sick and disgusting creatures. The atmosphere is significantly different from horror games like Neversong or Skelattack. These horror games have more childlike designs. Thus they don’t plant fear using the monsters.

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The situation is different when players are on the surface. Mutants appear waves after waves and they respawn continuously. In the caves, they appear to be creepier. But in the sunlight, players have an eyeful of how severe the deformation is. Armsy, Virginia, Cowman, Girl, Megan are those that go through the most transformation.

another monster in the forest
Virginia: One of the most deformed mutants in The Forest

However, players can expect that mutants have common traits that expose their position and existence around the protagonist. Even though their characteristics vary in The Forest map, the sound that they make is unmistakable. While exploring the forest or the caves, players will hear screeching sounds made by mutants. This is a cue for players to respond quicker before a strike. The use of sound in this game can be seen in many others like Maid of Sker or Sign of Silence.

Final thoughts on The Forest map

The Forest map has shown a great variety of locations’ designs. Thus, it makes the gameplay more diverse and unpredictable. Knowing the locations and the characteristics of the mutants in each is beneficial for players. Stay alert, stay alive and survive this nightmare in your own way with the help of The Forest game map. The ending of the battle depends on you!