Fight the Horror Review for PC (Horror Game)

Combining horror elements into an RPG is not easy. It can be seen that the products belong to this category are currently focusing on the direction of action combined with auxiliary elements such as sound and graphics. But 4DMACAU, a new game company from China, dared to change this and have a highlight with Fight the Horror. Let’s see what this game has!


Horror games are one of the most chosen genres because of its intense stimulation that brings to the player. Fears and evil entities are often exploited factors to create an obsession. It considered an adventure sport, horror games make people think more about their safety and existence.

And maybe that’s why players who press the Start button, closed the eyes in bloody jumpscare, disgusting monsters, and death. It seems to be the characteristic of these products bearing in them the word “horror”.

I will not talk about monuments like Resident Evil, Outlast, or Friday The 13Th. Recent horror games like Visage, Never Again, Suite 776… have also really done their duty to continue that tradition.

But with Fight the Horror, the game selected for review in this article, I bet you will have a completely different experience.

Look at it from the perspective of an RPG. A little bit of spirituality, a little bit of Chinese culture, and horror pushed to the extreme, welcome you to Macau in Fight the Horror.

(This is my Fight the Horror review, so there will be a lot of personal commentary and details revealing a part of the work. Please consider carefully before reading!).

I like the way any things happen in Fight the Horror

One of the factors that play an essential role in any RPG success that is a logical storyline with clear content and ensures each route’s integrity of the character.

With Fight the Horror, 4DMACAU did this part quite well.

Why is that? Because not only one place, this game will bring you seven different events as basic background throughout your journey. Their ingenious combination has created a deep connection and leads players from this to the other surprise. So what do we have?

fight the horror gameplay
The safe house – where you take the task

Fight the Horror built on a typical scene while gamers play as a young man with a costume as if he just stepped out from a fantasy exhibition. A seamless white suit with glowing glasses reminds players about Cyclops (a character in Xmen).

Who are they? Where are they from? Nobody knows, and maybe we won’t have to care too much because the following is the main part.

What will you do?

They embark together on a mission to uncover the mysteries behind Macau – one of the largest world’s casinos. If you still think about that flashy appearance, maybe Fight the Horror will disappoint you. Ruined. Dilapidated.

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Anything left here is merely the smell of death and monsters. There will be many terrible events that are happening in succession, and you will be the only one to discover what is hiding afterward.

The fall of Saint Paul’s, the best-known landmark and the symbol of Macau. That beautiful cathedral was consumed by a huge fire. But that’s just the “tip of the iceberg”.

Someone said that what caused the church destroyed was a typhoon. But others said a certain epidemic killed all people alive here and prevented them from getting recovery. What has happened?

fight the horror graphics
game graphics

A boy has an ability to see through the underworld and communicates with any souls on the afterlife. He was invited to funerals in order to contact with the dead. Every time he finished his task, he fell into a strange dream.

No one knows anything about his identity. Orphaned. No relatives. It was as if he lived in Macau to get his special ability. Who is he?

Bingo is one of China’s ancient gambling. But when you come to Macau, it’s not just about money.

Many gambling addicts are willing to sell their souls to the devil. And when they realized this, it was too late. Their chances of escaping depend on the ferry ticket they can earn after the fateful bingo. Is this all true?

Those are just three of the unusual things that happened in Fight the Horror. And you are the one who finds them. Seven events – seven days of life and death. Can you afford it?

Oh! I survived after seven days

A good storyline requires the publisher to invest appropriate gameplay to be able to convey all the content. And we can say Fight the Horror gameplay has met that.

You will start in a rather strange place, a room like an old restaurant. And one fascinating thing is that you will receive daily tasks via a TV by tapping on it.

And after the story appears, you will have 20 seconds to prepare before being transferred to the interactive location and performing the assigned task.

fight the horror main character
The game will take place at many different locations in the city (depending on your daily task)

Destroy hordes of monsters, collect clues, solve puzzles, uncover the mysteries, and return home safely. That’s all. Pretty simple, right?

But if you believe that Fight the Horror can only be that way, you’re wrong. Many complex things in this game surprised even experienced gamers.

Get control over the game

As for how to receive a quest and a move to a pre-arranged location, it is straightforward. The player’s body will be controlled primarily by blood and stamina – one of the basic features of the RPG series.

You will engage in battle with monsters, and this will cause your stats to change. Specifically, the health bar will drop if you are injured. The stamina bar will decrease when you do any activity. Please note that anything except walking and collecting items.

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fight the horror weapon system
Equipping yourself with a weapon is extremely important

This made me feel uncomfortable. You can see that running and attacking monsters are the two primary operations that will appear in Fight the Horror gameplay.

However, they also consume stamina very quickly and if you exercise too much you will try to sit down. This is extremely dangerous when you’re fighting because you can do nothing but watch your enemies attack you.

Therefore, you should use intermittent movements with breaks intelligently to avoid inhibition during playing.

How the game equip for you

4DMACAU has built a diverse weapon system with many items with extraordinary combat capabilities. You won’t see it anywhere other than Fight the Horror, and this is my assurance.

From a lock, a feather duster, or an ax, it can all become something to help you defend yourself. Bare hands are a weapon, but you know they’re weak, take time and stamina.

Especially when traveling with you is a monster system that is extremely difficult to deal with.

fight the horror recovery

We have zombies, human centipede, God of vengeance… and all that is the most terrible you can think about. Fight the Horror is one of the most diverse villains games I’ve ever seen.

Each monster has a different battle parameter, so it is difficult to control. Be careful because they will appear extremely unexpected.

That is what makes the game horror. The sound of wheezing and grinding teeth can suddenly fill the space and make you lose your temper.

And use your brain

Besides, Fight the Horror makes us think logically and deeply to solve the puzzles posed by events. Of course, in this scope of this Fight the Horror review. I cannot give you the answer to each event.

It depends only on yourself. It is essential to remember the locations and functions of each department. Thinking and sticking to the objective!

Thankfully these difficult challenges are supported by a repository of items with many functions. This is the point that I like. The usage of chips to replace potions restores blood and vitality is something I admire the creativity of game makers.

fight the horror monster
The monsters in-game are very impressive

A feature of Macau makes it an essential part of the game skillfully. Each chip will help you recover a part of the index but can also be used to place bets. And remember the reward for your recklessness is always worth it.

Along with that, you will have an opportunity to collect other symbols. This is the component to tolerate weapons or summon demons to serve many different purposes.

Timeline in the game

The playing mechanism in Fight the Horror is divided into day and night. This makes it easy for players to know what to do.

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You will have time to gear up and boost your stats through direct interaction with the NPC or by collecting items. At night is the time to leave. Solving the task in a given period is the mandatory requirement of many opinions.

The game mode is divided into single-player and multiplayer. This turned to Fight the Horror into one of the best multiplayer horror games ever. You will have an opportunity to experience the first match 3v3v3 in the world.

fight the horror multiplayer mode
3v3v3 mode is a highlight of Fight the Horror

Teams will still carry out their missions, but preserving their lives will be much harder. Therefore interaction and tactics of playing that set out very high in Fight the Horror. The single-mode gives you real experience, but the multiplayer mode is much more fun.

And the last thing, you can die. But then Fight the Horror opened for players an afterlife world extremely interesting.

You will turn into a soul to have a few more minutes to explore the map before Reaper takes you away forever.

Of course, you will respawn, but allowing the player to turn into a soul is the creation of 4DMACAU. Cry, cry, and cry. That is the only thing you can do. So plaintive!

What do you think of the audio-visual system?

My feelings are quite mixed when analyzing this. Regarding the general context and the system of supporting characters (monsters, NPCs …), 4DMACAU did quite well. Macau’s ruins are perfectly reproduced.

Along with that is the auxiliary character system with an obvious effect in shaping horror in-game. Fight the Horror will surprise you and then creep you up.

However, the character image was built quite rough, which made them lose quite a lot of love from me. A scary setting with a heavy atmosphere that the character you control is not very suitable.

fight the horror afterlife mode
Afterlife mode

The sound of Fight the Horror is the opposite. Perfect. Footsteps, fighting sounds are very real. It uses very well the echo effect that comes from whispers like prayers or magic spells to distract the player’s attention.

The crying of the main character’s soul is enough to make you sleepless. The horror of this game thus is well depicted.

Release information

Fight the Horror release date was chosen as April 9, 2019. And with that, many updates optimize gameplay and fix most of the game’s errors. For $ 8.99, you can rest assured about the quality of it.


Feeling an authentic fight with creepy moments to shudder, Fight the Horror is a product should try. Are you confident, have enough sanity, and a logical mind? Please answer by yourself after experiencing Fight the Horror.