Follia Dear Father Review for PC (Horror Game)

For a long time, school was no longer a new background in horror games. But with Follia Dear father (PC version), you won’t be so sure of that. What’s “special” hidden behind one of Italy’s most modern universities? Discover with me through Follia Dear father review!

Perhaps it has been a long time since I had to scream so much when experiencing a survival horror game.

I had insomnia for many nights following Miles Upshur on the journey to explore a mental hospital in Outlast 1 or finding a complex connection in three stories in a remote Russian land with Anthology of Fear.

And to be honest, I was surprised that Follia Dear father could do the same for me. The survival – horror element has been pushed to the extreme, turning this game into a terrible, disgusting, or any words that you can think of about horror games now.

With a first-person perspective, make sure you keep your mind awake because a brave heart is not enough. Follia is an Italian word meaning “madness”. But I dare assure you that this game doesn’t just stop there.

I see something new from old stories

A few of my friends said they saw the figure of Outlast fluttering in the story of Follia Dear father.

Maybe it’s right, maybe it’s wrong. But I think these survival horror games should not be put in place, so it should be considered to compare anything because each such work is the unique artistic creation of the game publisher.

In my opinion, Real Machine Game has the right to be proud because they have created a storyline that can haunt any players.

follia dear father gameplay
A horrible night at Frederick Fidelity University

Follia Dear father story revolves around a dark journey of Marcus Bitt to uncover terrible mysteries behind Frederick Fidelity University’s campus.

He is an entirely normal person, and the only point in this character’s life is that his parents are both teachers of that school.

Everything went on in the right direction of life until one day, after waking up, Marcus received an email from the same school his parents were teaching.

And not unexpected of many players that the main character received an email that night was the most significant turning point in his life.

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It all starts with…

Mr. and Mrs. Bitt had an accident at school, and the school needed Marcus to come to the office to confirm some problems.

While hesitating about a strange request of the school at night, Marcus suddenly received a voice message from a friend who is going to pick him up and take him to school.

That is when our story officially opens. Still those scaffolds. Even creeping lights. All is shrouded in darkness.

hospital scene in follia dear father

After finding the school’s entrance, Marcus and almost players quickly realized what was happening at the familiar school. Dead bodies are everywhere (many of them have lost their heads).

Many organs were piled up with flies all over them. And with that, strange creatures appeared. I don’t dare to say what they are, but you can believe in these words:

They are not human

Especially game content is subtly integrated through diary pages that Marcus collected. “Lately, there have been strange noises coming from basement.”

Where did creatures appear? Is there anything going on behind those closed wings? Will Marcus’s parents still be alive? That is probably a point that makes players, despite being creepy, still cannot stop playing.

By now, you may have realized that Follia Dear father has something similar to Outlast.

monster in follia dear father
Run now

I also have a feeling that when faced with corpses, “follia” of creatures moving insanely trying to kill anything that moves.

Even game perspective contains inheritance from many previous works. However, play! Play, and you will know the fear you face hundreds of times worse!

Legendary gameplay – familiar but strange

With the above content, there is probably no better way to play Follia Dear father than stealth. Indeed, stealth gameplay gives players the most realistic feeling.

This game provides players with first items to be able to complete their survival mission in an environment dyed with death.

Flashlights and lighters will provide you with the light you need to continue your journey, search for other support tools, and to face and run before creatures ready to eat your ears.

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However, to increase game difficulty, items such as flashlights also have an “expiry date”. You will need to look for energy to maintain a light source like a battery. And sometimes, you’ll find them among a bunch of human organs!?

The exceptional gameplay leads to

Besides, Follia Dear father offers players an interactive mechanism with the environment ranging from crawling, running to pushing items to find more free space.

In particular, you will find items that you can use as weapons to fight enemies. Please note that curiosity is the mechanism for you to succeed in the work.

There are many hidden areas, and depending on player’s creativity and courage, the story will be opened in a different direction when players find these locations.

There are many creatures built by Real Game Machine in their horror game. Understanding each of your enemies’ characteristics will be a key to survival to continue exploring many game mysteries.

And finally, you will not be immortal as you think. You may die, may be eaten.

scene in follia dear father
But you can rest assured a bit because it won’t just be stealth

As if you can’t escape

When faced with an enemy, even though it is possible to fight back, your outcomes there is only one: death. This is a point I like quite a lot in this game because it requires you to be alert and determined during this long journey.

Save points will be everywhere, and depends on the game mode you choose (Easy, Normal, or Hard), the number of save points will vary. However, no one wants to die and return to milestones that they have crossed before, right?

One more thing that you can cling to preserve your life is that in some scenes, one of surviving victims will appear to assist you in discovering secrets.

She will act as a guide for you to find more items or go to new areas. However, it will not take long before our supporting actor is turned pale.

your assitant in follia dear father
Your assistant

Items are a lot; however, there won’t be any instructions given to you where to find it. For example, when you need to find a crowbar to pry the lid of an electric box, you’ll have to go around the abandoned house to find it. It is all up to you.

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Great sound and visual system

It would lack something if my Follia Dear father review did not mention this element. Let’s start with the effect that the game’s viewing channel brings. In general, all of them just stopped at a decent level.

Of course, there are still highlights about the publishing that the publisher has tried to convey to the player.

You will be overwhelmed when you wake up after Marcus ‘drowsiness and take a walk around the parents’ mansion. Gorgeous and glossy.

Even this is the first time in a horror game I was able to stand on the balcony of the house and look straight out at the long beach, with lighthouses and beautiful ships under the starry sky.

follia dear father graphics
Graphics in-game

Besides, many chase scenes are also built very cleverly and ingeniously to bring a high sense of realism. The ventilation system that Marcus had to crawl through actually haunted my mind for a long time. Who knows when it’s nearly out, “she” appears again.

About audio system, on the other hand scored a goal into my heart. Each player is extremely groomed as hypnotizing the whole mind of the player. You will not know when your enemies will appear in the corner.

Music is still melodious, but their movements are not like that. That is a major factor contributing to the success of the game.

Also, elements such as opening/closing sounds, sounds created from these creatures … are reproduced almost perfectly in Follia Dear father.

Release information

Real Game Machine chooses the Follia Dear father release date on April 30th, 2020. Along with that is a fairly cheap price ($19.99). The reference link will be left at the end of the article.


Horror games with elements of survival have been released in recent times, but Follia Dear father still has its vitality. The fascinating story and impressive gameplay will take you from surprise to many horrors. Experience it to know that sometimes schools are not as safe as you think!