tsushima island thumbnail

Visit Tsushima island in real life – is it different from the game?

If you don't have an opportunity to visit the beautiful Tsushima island, please follow Japan Headlines Youtube channel to get the most accurate answer. Launched in mid-July this year, Ghost of Tsushima...
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Diablo Immortal has a new impressive trailer but not inferior to PC

The duo Blizzard and NetEase confirmed that Diablo Immortal is in the process of complete development and promises to launch soon in the future. At ChinaJoy 2020, Diablo Immortal continues to launch...
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If you are stressed, let enjoy this hot jade rabbit cosplay

There are many rabbit cosplay from different sexy cosplayers. But with the smooth white skin, huge breasts, and the long legs of this rabbit make many people admire. Rabbit cosplay is always...
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Let feast your eyes on gazing at sexy cosplay photos of “Royal Sister” Gangut

Azur Lane is a hot mobile game in Japan with content goes around ... extremely hot female characters. It's also a hot topic which many cosers used with many sexy cosplay. Redesigned...
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Speechless beauty of Nier Cosplay from pretty Korean girl

Especially, famous with game uniqueness, Nier Automata is also renowned with lots of Nier Cosplay, which can make you surprised about the "hot" of them! The most specific to be mentioned...
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Top five of the sexy cosplayers all time

Cosplay has long been a part of contemporary world culture. And cosplayers are ambassadors who bring this fun to the masses. The following article will introduce you to five of the...
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Crysis Remastered coming soon to Switch/PS4/Xbox/PC

If you are a fan of shooting game brand - Crysis, you may look forward to an announcement a comeback of this game. With an opening of the 30-second teaser trailer...
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Maid of Sker coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Do you believe in mysterious forces? Perhaps because human nature is curious, few people can deny the attraction of such things. For a long time, game developers have dug their pens...
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Remothered Broken Porcelain is coming soon to Switch

Survival horror games are an interesting game genre where it not only gives people a sense of fear because of supernatural forces or creepy threats but also puts people in situations...
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Top 10 Upcoming Horror Games of 2020

If you are a fan of scary games, 2020 will be an excellent year for you. It can be said that 2020 is the booming period of scary game series; each...