stay close thumbnail

Stay Close Review for PC (Game Details)

What are you afraid of the most? It's not easy to answer this question, right? Fear is the most challenging thing to measure in every human life. Stay Close is the...
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ARAYA Game Review, old but worthy to play

Asian culture has long been a topic repeatedly exploited in horror games. And ARAYA game is one of those works that take full advantage of it. Officially appeared five years ago,...
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Suite 776 Review for PC (Game Details)

Suite 776 gives players a terrifying fear behind the door of a building under construction. The game creates a thrilling and mysterious environment where players will have to use all their...
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Locked Up Game Review (PC Game)

After a very successful "debut" in February 2020 and received many positive comments from fans, Emika Games quickly released a full version of Locked Up game to meet aspirations of the...
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Good Job Switch review, is it worthy?

Good Job Switch! That's not a compliment, my friends. This game from Paladin Studios impresses all players upon hearing its name. If you want a little mischievous, a little smashing, a little...
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Follia Dear Father review for PC (Game Details)

For a long time, school was no longer a new background in horror games. But with Follia Dear father (PC version), you won't be so sure of that. What's "special" hidden...
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Hide Or Die game review for PC (Game Details)

Hide or Die game is just like its name "if you do not hide, you will die". This game has entirely different gameplay on the market. Instead of a fixed character,...
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Visage game review for PC (Game Details)

Do you know Visage - a masterpiece in horror games? If you don't know or understand enough about this game yet, let follow us and find out some information through this...
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Yomawari The Long Night Collection review (Switch Console)

Yomawari Switch was released in October, right on the Halloween festival. It has changed the way, gamers enjoy Halloween. While others choose costumes to go to exciting places. With players, they...
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Pacify game review for PC (Game Details)

Pacify game is the latest game by developer Shawn Hitchcock, who developed many famous games. True to the central theme of a horror game, this game builds scary contexts in the...


Stranded Deep Review for PC (Adventure Game)

Do you like adventure? Do you want to challenge your survival skills in a new world? If you don't have the chance to experience...