phasmophobia thumbnail

Phasmophobia Review for PC (Horror Game)

As members of a ghost hunting squad, the experiences Phasmophobia offers players is not only interesting but also different. Thanks to Kinetic Games for creating Phasmophobia to realize the open dream...
dreadout 2 thumbnail

DreadOut 2 Review for PC (Horror Game)

I couldn't hold back my excitement when Digital Happiness officially released DreadOut 2. Are the improvements meet the expectations of big fans?. "With DreadOut, Digital Happiness marked Indonesia on the world...
devotion game thumbnail

Devotion game Review for PC (Horror Game)

What do you think if one day, the family is not as peaceful as before? How will you protect your loved ones? Devotion game from Red Candle Games will give you...
boogeyman 2 thumbnail

Boogeyman 2 Review for VR (Horror Game)

This year 2020 is the time for horror games, and when Halloween comes closer, we all need a bit of old terrifying taste. Back to the story of Boogeyman that we...
sign of silence thumbnail

Sign of Silence Review for PC (Horror Game)

Sign of Silence is a horror game that turns the biggest fear of camping into reality. The game´s ambiance sets in the outskirts of Danwille, a supposedly peaceful town that hides...
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Urban Trial Tricky Review for Switch (Racing Game)

After experiencing many different types of games, players recently have returned to adventure games, and a famous name is Urban Trial Tricky. It is the exclusive game of Switch. The game...
soul at stake thumbnail

Soul at Stake Review for PC (Horror Game)

Nowadays game trend is starting to pay attention to some uncommon playing styles like horror survival. With team play, combined a bit creepy gloom that it brings to, will make it...
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Maid of Sker Review for PC (Horror Game)

Maid of Sker is one of the newest indie horror game that will make you less interested in traveling. The game was created bases on a renovated plot of British folklore....
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Do You Copy Review for PC (Horror Game)

Come back to mysterious horror games. Today I will introduce you to one of famous indie horror games, named Do You Copy. Its release date is January 11 in 2017 and developed...
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Tattletail Review for PC (Horror Game)

Childhood is always the most beautiful and pristine time for everyone, but it also occurs with the most horrifying memories that make you scream in fear every time you remember. It...