never again game thumbnail

Never Again game review for PC (Game Details)

Someone said: "Loneliness is the price you pay for maturity." This thing may be right, maybe wrong, and I do not judge. But this seems to be the greatest fear that...
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Palmyra Orphanage review for PC (Game Details)

If you are looking for a survival horror game with constant jumpscare scenes that can make you scream out of fear, then Palmyra Orphanage PC is the perfect answer for you. Horror...
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Escape The Ayuwoki review for PC (Game Details)

The rapid spread range Covid-19 prevented many people from going out. If you are feeling bored at home, then choosing a good game will be a solution to help you find...
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Wick game review for PC (Game Details)

Your grandparents always advised you not to play hide and seek after 10 pm if you don't want to meet ghosts. But as if your friends are not obedient children and...
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The Dark Occult review for PC (Game Details)

The Dark Occult (The Conjuring House game) is a psychological horror game that made a significant impact on the game market in 2017. Players will experience many different emotions from anxiety...
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Home Sweet Home review for PC (Game Details)

No place and no one can bring frightening, thrilling and psychological feelings like horror movies in the East. Especially are horror stories and survival horror games in Thailand. Home Sweet Home is...
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The Sinner Prologue review for PC

Hail to fans of thrilling games, you are here because you can’t wait to know what’s going to scare you in The Sinner Prologue. The best is not yet to come...
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Paper Dolls Original review (Switch Console)

Although it has received mixed reviews from the public and game lovers, it is undeniable that Paper Dolls Original has been very successful as a remarkable horror game in the market....
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Remothered Tormented Fathers review (Switch Console)

Released in 2017, it seems that the attraction of Remothered Tormented Fathers game has not diminished over time. And with the release of a dedicated version of Switch Console, who knows...
top 10 nintendo switch scary games

Top 10 Nintendo Switch scary games in 2018

In this period when many people work from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you can arrange to complete your tasks and have more free time. Wonder what to do? Throw-backing...


Stranded Deep Review for PC (Adventure Game)

Do you like adventure? Do you want to challenge your survival skills in a new world? If you don't have the chance to experience...