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Do You Copy Review for PC (Horror Game)

Come back to mysterious horror games. Today I will introduce you to one of famous indie horror games, named Do You Copy. Its release date is January 11 in 2017 and developed...
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Tattletail Review for PC (Horror Game)

Childhood is always the most beautiful and pristine time for everyone, but it also occurs with the most horrifying memories that make you scream in fear every time you remember. It...
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The Hong Kong Massacre Review for PC (Action Game)

Action game is one of available genres, was loved by gaming community around the world. But to create a product capable enough to make players remember is not easy. Pure action...
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The Coma Recut Review for PC (Horror Game)

It's been a long time since I've come back to a school-themed horror game. And it is even more special because publisher has chosen a novel style to bring us new...
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House on The Hill Review for PC (Horror Game)

What do you expect in a horror game? Each of us will have a different answer to meet our requirements. But I think even if you are a particular person, House...
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Contemp Review for PC (Horror Game)

You don't want to spend a lot of time but still want to experience the feeling of hair on the back of your neck out of fear? Short horror games will...
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Lurk in the Dark : Prologue Review for PC (Horror Game)

Japanese horror game always makes players all over the world dread with high obsession and in-depth stories hidden after moments of entertainment. Not only are the products from big brands, but...
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Gray Dawn Review for PC (Horror Game)

Today, when many of life's problems are exploited to become a subject of gaming products, players will have many opportunities to experience things they may only dream. And I make sure...
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Dead Secret Review for PC (Horror Game)

Secrets are one of the greatest treasures in every person's life. Our secret, only we know. But to be able to discover other people's secrets, the price is not cheap at...
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ParanormalHK Review for PC (Horror Game)

If you are passionate about Chinese horror games, please do not ignore this article. I will introduce you to another mysterious horror game called ParanormalHK. It is a game imbued with...