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Limbo Switch review (Handheld Console)

LIMBO game was released in 2010, according to the Limbo Switch review this game has really made a big impact on the gaming community. At that time, LIMBO beat other games...
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Inside Switch review (Handheld Console)

When the tastes of players are increasing, it is time for game publishers to keep their creativity to make breakthroughs. This Inside Switch review will reveal the thoughtful developing effort and...
best nintendo switch horror games

Best Nintendo Switch horror games in 2019

There's no doubt that games are always a good thing for our free time and release stress away.   And you know that spooky and thrilling game is a type most players...
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Hello Neighbor Switch review (Handheld Console)

Created with Dynamic Pixels' hope of one of the best Nintendo Switch horror games ever, Hello Neighbor has created a very good effect with the world's gaming community. Especially with the...
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The Beast Inside review on PC

If you are a big fan of thrilling survival games, you can’t ignore The Beast Inside game. The Beast Inside release date is on October 17, 2019, under the development of Illusion Ray...
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Welcome to Hanwell Review for Switch (Horror Game)

If you love psychological horror games, Welcome to Hanwell is the ideal choice for you. Let's find out about Welcome to Hanwell review through the following article. If you love horror games,...
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Detention Switch review (Handheld Console)

As you may know, the scary game is divided into different specific types of game such as adventurous horror game, survival horror game, etc., that we are quite familiar with. Today, let’s...
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Shadow Corridor Review for Switch (Horror Game)

If you are looking for entertainment that can bring you extreme fear, nothing is better than a horror game. And if you're still wondering what to play, the Shadow Corridor will...
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Dead By Daylight review (Switch Console)

Horror game on Nintendo Switch is always one of the most attentive categories that gamers want to conquer. If you are looking for a survival challenging game this weekend, this Dead...
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Oxenfree Switch review (Handheld Console)

About game In a time when instant noodle games were born, players had to follow the trend and then "get fed up" themselves at a bad time. But Oxenfree has changed the...