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Razer Orbweaver, worth the while or overrated?

Razer Orbweaver is among the list of 100 best gaming keyboards on the market right now. The device is designed especially for gamers. It is supposed to make any gaming experience...
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How to walk through Stranded Deep map like a pro

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A guide to Vampyr weapons, which deal the most damage?

Vampires are bloodthirsty creatures that hide their dreadfulness under the beautiful skin. With the help of Vampyr weapons, players have the chance to experience the vampiresĀ“ war and know how they...
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Tips and tricks on how to survive Stranded Deep multiplayer

Stranded Deep multiplayer is one of the recent adventure games that provoke the fear of airplanes. The game started with a plane crash scene, and players will end up on a...
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Top 10 Nintendo Switch game case should buy in 2020

Owning a Nintendo Switch is not easy because of its high price. Besides, buyers will also be quite confused with various accessories to ensure players have the best experience. This article...