Good Job Switch review, is it worthy?

Good Job Switch! That’s not a compliment, my friends. This game from Paladin Studios impresses all players upon hearing its name.

If you want a little mischievous, a little smashing, a little entertainment, or simply want to break limits that you have to endure in tedious office work, then Good Job will be perfect.

Breaking away from the form of a typical office puzzle video game, you can look at Good Job in an exceptional “Off the Wall” style (sorry Doug Palladini for borrowing your brand slogan. without permission).

Before experiencing this game yourself on Switch’s platform, take a few minutes to glance at main features of this game, in my opinion is hugely “worth money you spend”.

Warning: This is my Good Job Switch review, so it may be full of personal opinion and reveal a lot of game content.

Opportunity to assert yourself

I like little stories that are embedded in every game. It’s bad or good, and I don’t know either. But I think that is the first thing you should consider if you want to find its value.

The story of Good Job is for some reason, lovely but extremely meaningful. When I watched a trailer that Paladin Studios introduced, I didn’t pay much attention to this.

But when I went into it, I realized that there are many exciting things behind stick figures that you are directly controlling. Think you are running a housemaid at a large tech corporation? But not so simple.

good job switch character
Welcome apprentice!

You are the son of CEO in one corporation. Yeah, it is true.


Your parents are very successful in many areas of business, and the corporation that you will work directly with is a result of their efforts for many years. You were taken to the main lobby, to business departments, and even to the ribbon-cutting of entire building during opening ceremony.

However, because of enjoying a large fortune from a young age, our characters are very clumsy and often confuse. This is unacceptable to a person who will take over the group later.

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This makes the boss forced to forge his child by asking him/her to start from simplest tasks such as arranging correctly machines and fixing the Wifi system. That’s the way for our main character to climb one step at a time in his career.


A cute concept but also very meaningful. But what is more interesting is the way that Paladin Studios chose to transmit it through the Good Job Switch. Let’s move on!

No more boundaries

You can understand above clause when directly experiencing Good Job Switch. The tiny screen and eight buttons on Nintendo Switch will not be able to limit any player.

The variety of gameplay and game mechanics are shown in many aspects.

First of all, you will be involved and present in a vast amount of work. As I said earlier, Good Job Switch allows anyone to become the son of the CEO in a large corporation.

However, that will only help you be “chattering” in the first few dozen seconds of the game.

As described as “an extremely dynamic working environment,” you can quickly see many areas being conducted simultaneously at any time in this business.

scene in good job switch

You can see the Reception area, Logistics area, Recreation Area, Research Area. These areas are spread on different floors of the building; when you complete your mission at Floor 0, it will be transferred to Floor 1 and so on.

So what is our mission?

Don’t let dazzling names of those areas fool you.

To describe correctly in Good Job Switch, every time something goes wrong, you will be the one to solve the problem. Sound like a building maintenance person right?

Along with that, there are many activities that you will experience from replacing a collapsed machine, gathering distracting workers to an area to give a presentation, or cleaning hazardous industrial wastes.

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Seems overwhelming to our little stick character right? While you are still worried about that, Palladin Studios gives you two ways to work:

  • Slowly and Steady
  • Fast and Loose
game graphics
3 … 2 … 1 … Fire in the hole

It entirely depends on you. Despite being a puzzle game but Good Job Switch does not place heavy emphasis on the score.

That is, as long as you complete assigned tasks quickly and effectively, and other things do not mean too much.

How the game evaluates

Two criteria to evaluate the player A, B, C, or S in each game screen is the time to complete jobs and total damages you cause to the company. There is no pressure at all.

Take an example to clarify further this: You may have to move the projectors to one room to another. The machine is very heavy, and dragging it slowly will be the solution many players choose.

But what do you think if Good Job Switch provides players with super-tough wires that can be turned into coin guns and our machine will become bullets ready to be launched?

activity in good job switch
You will experience a lot of activities

The projector will be launched through walls to reach the destination. The damages will be nothing but innocuous numbers. That’s how Good Job Switch built its brand.

In another case when you are supposed to clean up all the toxic waste that has been sprayed over the floor after a failed experiment. Think about where we can drive vacuums as a special vehicle? The answer is only available at Good Job.

The structure of rooms in-game is very “easily destroyed”. That’s why Palladin Studios seems to encourage players to smash a bit more.

Don’t worry about the damage, as long as you’re happy. I have played to the 4th floor of the building, and there are no rounds that I spend more than 10 minutes.

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funny gameplay
Never mind costs you incur from your destruction

Level in Good Job Switch is an extremely creative layout. You will experience a lot of new game mechanics when you reach to new floors.

From the 1st floor onwards, after having completed the first three rounds (usually will be like that), you will experience a particular round with the clever combination of playing mechanics that you have encountered in the previous section.

Spectacular transformations

When the first time you join the game, you will be given an outfit that is not very prominent. However, you absolutely can buy more beautiful costumes after completing the game screen and receive valuable rewards.

Who said that house maintenance workers don’t have the right to dress well?

amazing costumes in good job
Amazing costumes

One surprising thing that the manufacturer gives you is the unique co-op mode. I have never seen in a puzzle game where players can invite more friends to rock and conquer challenges.

Another player’s appearance will save you more time when watering the plant, gathering the absent-minded workers, or controlling the containing blocks to stand in true place.

And the last highlight that I pay attention to any product or regardless of the genre is the audiovisual system. Bright colors will bring intense visual stimulation along with cheerful sounds that will make your fun last forever.

No score. No time pressure. No charge for destruction. Just fun. Chill out, mah friends!

good job gameplay
Are you ready to get yourself a “Good Job” yet?

Release information

Good Job release date is set to be March 26, 2020, at a reasonable price ($ 17.99). Buy link will be at the end of this article. Let’s access, and reference!


Good Job Switch is a fresh breeze to bring excitement to any player. If you need a light game with tremendous fun to relax after a hard-working day, this is the right choice. Experience it now and let us know what you think.