Gray Dawn Review for PC (Horror Game)

Today, when many of life’s problems are exploited to become a subject of gaming products, players will have many opportunities to experience things they may only dream. And I make sure you will be shocked when challenging yourself with Gray Dawn – a utopian horror game

I didn’t miss any single moment of Gray Dawn’s trailer released by Interactive Stone in mid-2018. An indescribable eagerness. I am a game enthusiast, and in particular, I’m a big fan of horror games.

Many games of this genre have gone through my life, but I’m sure that Gray Dawn brings me deep impressions.

Why is that? There are many reasons for this. But ultimately, it also comes from the unique theme, the publisher selected: Religion. A sensitive issue is whether you look at it from this angle or discuss it in any field. The controversy regarding religion lasted for centuries.

A war could break out because of religion. Or more specifically, many people can devote their entire lives without hesitation because of their faith in religion. An adventurous move by a trio of producers from Interactive Stone. What do they give us? Let’s wait and see.

A moment of truth: Gray Dawn was mercilessly removed from Steam for reasons I cannot speak here, but to the best of my knowledge, I will provide you with as much information as possible.

One more thing: this is my Gray Dawn review, and I exploit the materials from my journey with Father Abraham to create it. If you are not afraid of spoiling details and want an overview of it, this article is for you.

A story with many secrets

Oh, a religious story is more accurate. Interactive Stone has built a good story and has depth. There are many ways to understand what is happening in Gray Dawn. And here is mine.

Do you expect Gray Dawn to not open with the beauty of the dawn or something similar? Honestly, I want that too. But not. The person who guides you on this risky journey is a crow.

gray dawn father abraham
Our man, Father Abraham, a man with the most complicated life in the world

There is a lot to say about this image in Western culture, but if you think about something good, please take it out of your mind. A curse, bad luck, and all that is the darkest hidden behind a Father’s piety (with my respect), a cathedral awaits you with Gray Dawn.

A thrilling start

When a melody in the first minutes of this game rang, my soul went on a short adventure to happy moments of the most important holiday of the year: Christmas Eve.

Gray Dawn took us back in 1912. A warm atmosphere spread everywhere as Father Abraham Marcus mused about enjoying the hymn in his room at Black Tower Parrish.

Everything is not outstanding until you officially play the role. The warmth gradually gives way to panic when the latest news replaces the song you are listening to.

A series of child killings are happening locally, and the latest victim is a boy named David. There are eight victims, and the one thing they have in common is that they are all boys and girls adopted from St. Anne’s Orphanage.

David, what happened to you?

Conflicts erupted from here when you, the venerable Father Abraham, are getting accusations of children’s murder. For Christianity, killing is one of the greatest sins of man.

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All doubts are confirmed by one of his colleagues, Father Ryan Carpenter, accusing you of selling your soul to the devil. Mixed with the public’s anger, players will hear the words from Father Abraham’s heart’s depths. Conflicts have appeared. So who are you on?

The more you move, the scarier it gets

Gray Dawn’s story is an artistic mix of religion and life, between crimes and the desire to find oneself. The deeper you go and the information, the more you realize that many things don’t exist as they appear.

Behind the priest’s uniform are horrific sins when Father Abraham had an affair with a woman named Alexandra, abused children… David was the last victim. While trying to flee from the person who adopted him from the orphanage, Abraham’s father struck him with a car.

What is all this?

Is it true that even if one has vowed to dedicate his life to a beautiful cause, man cannot escape evil, trivial and mundane things? Maybe so. Abraham Marcus is just an ordinary person like all of us. And mistakes are inescapable.

gray dawn gameplay
Perhaps this is the first time images related to Christianity have appeared so horrifying

Father Abraham is still the right person. It is accurate, and there is no irony here. Abraham’s love for Alexandra stems from his thoughtful considerations when the woman is struggling in life.

A comforting word, a handkerchief to soak up the welling tears. And you will be even more surprised to learn that he saved seven children from cholera and gave them a new life in Parrish.

And he kept Black Tower Parrish a safe place for Christians to confess. So did he not perform well the tasks assigned by Jesus? But no matter how he sought the light of honesty, Father Abraham could not find a way out for his soul. Gray Dawn – one last sin – a tragic end for that man.

Gameplay with many breakthroughs…

Let’s judge this game fairly: A groundbreaking platform from the strange plot has brought players too new Gray Dawn gameplay experiences.

Escape from the silhouette of purely horror games, survival horror games, or psychological horror games. Interactive Stone puts on the “brainchild” of a pious Christian’s appearance but also full of rebellion.

game graphics
The room where it all started. Cozy and peaceful, right?

The way the publisher named this product fully embraced what I was looking for a “psychological thriller” covered in religious appearance. What Interactive Stone has done is create an atmosphere that weighs heavily on the player’s mind so that no matter how hard we try, we cannot escape.

And gradually, what led us to the end of the administration was curiosity about why Father Abraham did so, what was opened after the death of the altar boy David, and many in-depth lessons and other colors. That is the first success of this game.

Gray Dawn gameplay impressed players right from the choice of perspective. The first view still works well when they bring the truth to the cold. All of your activities in-game are through the hands, brains, and memories of Father Abraham.

But one thing I find quite ridiculous is that you can’t even see your legs or body, or even in many cases, you can’t even see your reflective image in the mirror. If you are a thorough and perfectionist player, this will affect the game atmosphere quite a lot.

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…and mysteries that require your cleverness to solve

The central part of gameplay will take you to the puzzle engine and finding furniture. This is a relatively common form of playing many horror games today.

The puzzles will be scattered from Father Abraham’s private room to the other dimensions that the boy’s soul named David leads you.

The open space makes the player’s imagination unrestricted, and you won’t know what is waiting for you behind closed doors.

You will have an opportunity to observe objects from a viewing angle up to 360 degrees. This helps you recognize even just the tiny cracks in the rim of the cup or the special cakes with a symbol of the breathing house to put in the frog’s mouth.

game soundThis is a religiously heavy game, and this requires a little bit of field knowledge if you want to overcome challenges smoothly. You will never know the “blood and flesh” that the puzzle requires is “wine and sacramental cake” if you are just an outsider.

The fact that religious elements appear densely is both an advantage and a disadvantage that you will experience during playing. What you need to do at any other moment is watchful.

Don’t forget to use your sharpest observation

Gray Dawn is one of survival horror games that put players in a state where they need to pay attention to each frame’s small details. Each item in Gray Dawn is “attached” to certain content by game maker, and to be able to follow the whole story, sometimes you have to pay attention to every small piece of dialogue.

I pay special attention to the story between Father Abraham and his mistress, Alexandra.

The charcoal tubes were used to record the words – “suicide steps” before she hanged herself. So those coal pipes were nothing outstanding, and they were even thrown everywhere.

many mysterious things
To solve the riddles in Gray Dawn is not easy because you need a little knowledge related to religion

Find them, and you will know the reason for the appearance of the picture of Father Abraham with a woman and the bloody suit in the priest’s bedroom.

All the episodes in Gray Dawn are logically arranged. And that is the second success in any room you will be surprised. Pay attention, and you will find an exciting piece of this priest’s life in each room.

It takes you from this surprise to another

The transition between dimensions is a particular highlight of Gray Dawn. On one side is the Parrish with a dark past and the pastor’s intolerable crimes, who are the complete opposite of the world filled with peace and purity as taken from a book.

Children’s stories take players from one emotion level to another. Besides, the system of items collected inside Parrish will be exciting things that David gives to you to fully explore cemeteries, underwater catacombs, and many other places in the parallel world.

impressive gameplay
Heart music box – a magical item that you will not be able to miss

I especially liked the compass when Father Abraham discovered Rosemary Cemetery helping him change the weather from winter to spring and vice versa.

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In particular, when you have walked through the door to David’s world, you will need to find clues to return to reality. This is both a task and an opportunity to get into your eyes too spectacular scenery. Enjoy it.

Along with that, an exciting bonus mission is that you will have to search for seven pictures of Jesus and attach them to the monuments. What are you waiting for? Discover it yourself!

With Gray Dawn, you will not have an opportunity to experience the same quality of life as Hide Or Die, Escape The Ayuwoki, and Never Again,… so do not hurry. A little understanding of religion with careful and logical thinking will be all you need to win.

The high-class graphics-sound system meets expectations

Great. Great. Great.

That’s all I learned after more than 6 hours of gaming experience.

Let’s talk about the graphics system. Meticulous and sophisticated in every detail. If you are knowledgeable about art and religion, you will be overwhelmed by the method of paintings and sculptures that the publisher put into this game.

Besides, the priest’s characters’ costume system, the altar boys to Alexandra’s wedding dress, are all cared for every needle and thread.

If you need more evidence, the graves of Rosemary Cemetery will make you feel completely satisfied visually.

game environment
The religious images are fully utilized

These are just small details, and if you look further into the entire composition, you will see that the scenery in each frame is also beautifully painted.

If Parrish, where Father Abraham is presiding over, evokes something dark and evil through bloodstains on walls, upside-down crosses, frog rain, or the images when he torments the altar boy world that David leads us is as beautiful as a fairy-tale.

This brings about various extremes that directly affect the viewer’s vision. Along with that are a lot of other unique things for you to explore on your own.

The audio system was surprising to me when Interactive Stone drowned it in the characters’ lines. It’s a bit more, but it’s the adaptation needed to deliver Gray Dawn’s intricate content. That is probably the most controversial point.

The remaining auxiliary sounds such as the devil’s sound, the cries of the crows, or the music system that play a role in guiding the player’s mind are quite good at their position.

Release information

Gray Dawn release date is set for June 7th, 2018, and with the relatively high price (about $ 20), probably many people are hesitant to bring this super product to their PC.

But in my opinion, Gray Dawn is worth what it has. Currently, this game has been removed from Steam for reasons that I cannot say here, so the only way you can experience it is to visit the official link of the game that I left at the end of the article.


A dark, religious story emerges in a novel way of storytelling. Hopefully, this game is not well known through my Gray Dawn review; you will give it a chance to promote what is best. This is a good game and worth experiencing.