Green Hell Review for PC (Adventure Game)

If you are a fan of survival games, definitely you will be keen on feeling of getting lost in the middle of impenetrable rainforest. Hence, take no hesitation to play Green Hell – a fantastic survival game to pack yourself with an awe-inspiring experience.

If you are thrilled by dense rainforest, coupled with struggling survival without equipment or food, Green Hell will keep you on the edge of your seat. Keep scrolling down to read on our Green Hell review to gear yourself up for it.

Dense and poisonous rainforest is an actual Green Hell

As a survival game, Green Hell puts you in a set of surviving situations where you manage to live without food while being attacked by the unknown. It enables you to feel spine-tingling when following the story of Jake Higgins – who makes a great attempt to survive in the giant and gloomy Amazon rainforest.

The appealing thing is that Green Hell’s players need to apply real-life knowledge to survive in the jungle and explore the dangerous forest’s mysteries. Besides, the game provokes optimal ideas related to survival mechanics, which is practically designed following reality and reconciled in the real experience.

An open world of magnificently dense rainforest is awaiting

There is no denying that graphics play an indispensable role in making a game more successful and enthralling. And the graphics illustrated in the Green Hell gameplay is a good one. Compared to other general market grounds, the graphics here will make you be so into it.

Just imagine how you’ll feel fascinated to come into an open world, surrounded by the jungle. The game’s environmental context is so electrifying that you may witness uninterrupted rain in the forest whatever the day and the time.

Though it is the game experience, it still offers you a pleasant feeling to live to the fullest like reality. See the things in front of you – it’s overgrown rainforest, hidden deadly traps everywhere there, and you will hardly know if you accidentally penetrate them.

green hell gameplay
Green Hell requires players to use real-life experience

Take it for a trial, and you’ll find the game sounds help you a lot. With such exciting gameplay like this, you will be absorbed in the wilderness where poisonous rattlesnakes might attack you at any time. When you play with your headset, you can hear numerous ambient sounds within the jungle.

The small mice’s squeaks or the mud’s squish is very clear, which has helped the rainforest feel alive. Furthermore, the impressive directional sounds can distinguish the snake’s direction. Thanks to these sounds, you can know whether the snake is going near you or not. It doesn’t mean you can avoid a snake bite, but it’s useful to know you need to run other ways.

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What’s more, Green Hell never dissatisfies you with the sound of the jungle that is always alive. The developers have done an excellent job of making exciting sounds of birds or terrifying sounds of some jungle tribesmen finding you out and shouting to others.

green hell graphics
Coconuts have many functions within the game

But, every coin has two sides. The game’s performance is not too great because there exist troubleshooting game performance problems, particularly some occasional frame rate drop in players’ experience. However, it will not be off the mark to bother me.

The journey in the darkness begins

You will be attracted by the wonderful crafting system in the game. In case you are the first-timer for Green Hell gameplay, it might make you feel complicated to explore that an item can have myriad uses in many situations. One of the not-to-be-missed vital objects is coconut. As usual, wild coconuts often come with green shells, and you will need something to open them.

Do you know that what amazes you after cracking the coconut is a world of possibilities brought about by it? Besides drinking the coconut water, you can both cook it or enjoy its fresh raw. You can then utilize the empty coconut shell and create makeshift bowls to carry the soup or collect rainwater. In this case, coconut shells are perfect liquid containers.

This is to say, game developer is on the right track to balance adventure-game experience and real-life solutions. It is demonstrated by the appearance of impressive crafting recipes that yield benefits within the in-game environment and context.

Thanks to these factors, Green Hell’s impressive rafting system is lively and described as the real-world jungle. To make access to crafting recipes, players also use Notebook to drag or drop the required materials to craft squillion things. To survive through the gameplay, you could create all things from weapons, thatched roofs to bandages for urgent situations.

green hell game sound
The only goal in life now in the Amazon is to SURVIVE

Being surrounded by the Amazon rainforest – which is considered as the “green hell” – players are supposed to master themselves to live with their best possibilities. The reason is that their only goal in life now is to SURVIVE.

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Just as an ordinary man, Jake plays the protagonist, who is a researcher. That’s why his profession makes an advantage to help him figure out everything around him in the jungle. From hunting food, gathering crops, building camps, trapping animals, and starting fires, Jake is forced to do it by himself. Moreover, he can even create tools and weapons.

Occasionally, this everyman also learns how to dress and treat every injury that he undergoes though it is not an easy feat to tackle. Imagine what a person needs to survive when being in the heart of the poisonous jungle. Regardless of physical and mental anguish, Jack has to deal with it on his own.

What you need to cope with are hunger, thirst, and sleep

Three factors sleep, thirst, and hunger, that are incorporated into a delighting game experience, are the highlight of Green Hell gameplay. It becomes more demanding when players are required to take the right kind of food instead of grabbing the random ones. While it is relatively easy to recognize whether the water is clean or not, it’s hard to know the food that is infected by bacteria or parasites.

green hell game mechanism
Amazon rainforest is full of predatory animals awaiting to attack you

Only by experiencing through error and trial you can be more mature and learn how to explore the appropriate thing. It would also help if you gave an eye to a balance of protein, carbs, and fat intake to make sure a healthy diet. For sure, these are the things that are challenging for players as it’s even difficult to balance out in real daily life. This helps to touch the players’ most genuine experience, much like an actual survival in the bush.

Green Hell is also a struggle to protect yourself from being killed while being in the wild. There are plenty of times players can die due to carelessness. Sometimes, there are unknown things awaited to bite and kill Jake instantly. So, be prepared for all of the things that may approach you. It’s about conquering insect bites, predatory animals, and aggressive natives.

So, to avoid death, taking shelter, crafting weapons, or building firm structures are vital. To do this, using a blueprint and a notebook allows you to explore myriad crafting recipes, structural or medicines items such as beds and. Players might find it a bit tricky to use initially, but you will get acquainted with it after a short time.

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game items
The Notebook is useful for surviving in the jungle

It’s worth mentioning that the mechanics demonstrated in Green Hell are brought from real life to the game experience. Perhaps, this reveals why the developers don’t explain much about the way it works. Hence, this enables players to discover themselves.

Unlike the thrilling and dark tale in Neversong or the charming game like Skelattack, the game experience in Green Hell is not completely friendly for new players. But, long-time players who get familiar with the genre of survival games, including Green Hell and Stranded Deep, might not find it a big deal as they have been through various other games of the same experience.

The new stuffs Green Hell offers its players is that it allows them to review Jake’s limbs and diagnose symptoms. Henceforth, they can make comparisons with the descriptions in Notebook to craft needed items.

game scene
Be protective as you can get into hazardous situations anytime

For example, if you suffer from a rash or snake bite, just follow all the descriptions available in Notebook, accompanied by solutions related to the crafting. The gameplay provides enough instructions for players to survive; yet, players can discover necessary items to adhere to instructions or not is the biggest problem to be solved by themselves.

Such a survival game like Green Hell is tough for some. Even experienced players can be a bit embarrassed to question what they have gotten into. You will only see “manual saving” mode; thus, you aren’t under a safety net where no mistakes should be made. There are scare saving points that are not ideal for dangerous situations where death can be in every jungle corner.


As a kind of adventure game, Green Hell opens the world of beautiful yet dangerous Amazon rainforest to offer players a gripping experience. With the only goal to survive, players need to provoke their physical and mental instinct to fight against the fiercest battle in the wilderness and save their life. Green Hell release date is August 19th, 2018; it is now available for PC. It has a price of 24,99 USD. I hope you enjoy our Green Hell review and get ready to play such a risk-taking game and enjoy a breathtaking experience.