Hello Neighbor Switch review (Handheld Console)

Created with Dynamic Pixels’ hope of one of the best Nintendo Switch horror games ever, Hello Neighbor has created a very good effect with the world’s gaming community. Especially with the handheld console version, you will have a lot of interesting things to explore in this indie horror game.

Let me begin this review from a familiar childhood question of any child: “What’s inside those neighbors’ houses?” It may sound ridiculous, but the lives of people who seem to be close and a path away from us are one of the biggest mysteries. Exploiting a theme that’s not new but never old in the game world, Hello Neighbor game promises to bring you experiences that have never appeared.

If you ask me about the “most respected sunbae” of neighbors-inspired games, the answer will be none other than Neighbors from Hell. But if you’re looking for something horrible, out of the ordinary box, Hello Neighbor will be the # 1 option. In this article, I’m focusing on the Nintendo version. The switch, so the term I mainly use will be Hello Neighbor Switch. Hope you do not mind!

Hello Neighbor – is it as expected?

First of all, the guide in Hello Neighbor Switch shows the meticulous cooperation of game makers from Dynamic Pixels. You will play Nicky Roth, a child, playing on the side of the road when you hear a scream from a neighbor’s house, Mr, Peterson.

And it would be nothing to say otherwise. Because of his curiosity that Nicky turned himself into an investigator and made the greatest break in his life. You will be with the boy in the neighbor’s yard and that’s when the story begins…

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The story in Hello Neighbor in the genre of Nintendo Switch horror games comes into three Acts, and the content of each Act seems to last and be separated by years. In Act 1 and Act 3, the player’s task is to act surreptitiously, or more accurately, to illegally enter the neighbor’s house to solve puzzles.

Often that is how to open mysterious doors, find out what is the truth hidden in the house and avoid the seek of the whoever in there. And in Act 2, in contrast, your task is how to escape the house can be likened to a neighbor’s prison without being caught in the act.

Experience in this Act is not the scare screen that startles players, as usual, instead, it is the scary atmosphere. In that scene, you will feel when exploring the house. Regardless of which Act, the Hello Neighbor Switch still builds up the atmosphere quite well, especially when the familiar sound when you are in the detected emerges. So is there anything that mysterious shit guy deliberately conceals? That is your duty.

hello neighbor gameplay
The neighbor with the possibilities beyond your imagination


The highlight that can turn Hello Neighbor game into one of the leading horror games is in the game for players of a super terrible villain. Besides searching all over the place for clues to be able to solve those sentences, Mr Peterson has an unexpected intelligence.

According to the developer, the neighbor’s AI will collect information about the player’s actions, what to do, how to move and analyze to find solutions or traps, etc. then the neighbor guy will be smarter at catching the player. It feels like every movement has eyes to catch.

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Even if the first time you go into the closet and was not detected, the next time you may not be lucky will continue to smile at you.

hello neighbor npc
Quite creepy, right?

The system of images was built feats

Right from the beginning of the game, the graphic style of the game is easy to confuse you. It’s a bit strange and somewhat childish, even too simple but very personal in style.

On the other hand, the game has a bright color scheme compared to the “shudder” experience of the game. This is a rare thing in an indie horror game. Unfortunately, this type of graphics may not appeal to many players but I feel it is unique.

The more I experience, the harder it is for me to deny that this weird combination has contributed to the creepy feeling of discovering the mysteries of the house in Hello Neighbor Nintendo Switch.

This is reflected in the living space in the house of the neighbor, which is designed to be somewhat surreal, even more, confusing hints about what may have happened in the house.

For example, a house that has both “amenities” such as a roller coaster, or a room full of water with swimming shark shark “patrol”, and then the doors are all placed in unreasonable positions. However, it is the graphical characteristic of the game that makes a strong impression on the player’s experience.

mr peterson hello neighbor
Extremely quality graphics from Hello Neighbor Switch

There are still a few “gravel seeds”.

Hello Neighbor game has a problem that I think can cause a lot of controversy in the player community. This is probably one of the lightest games with the mistake of the player that I have ever experienced, sometimes feeling quite absurd.

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Even when being under siege of a neighbor, you will not only continue to experience near the captured location but also be allowed to bring what you were holding before.

When everything else, such as the glass windows thrown by you or any other clutter that you caused earlier, remains in place just before the time when you are “caught.”

Release information

Hello Neighbor Switch is among the series of Nintendo Switch horror games was officially out on July 26, 2018, with the price not being as cheap as $29.99. Is this price worth it? Please download and experience it yourself.

And one more thing I want to inform you through this review, the sequel has officially been released. Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek along with Secret Neighbor will give you more options.


Although not complete and encountering some game errors that can affect the player’s experience, Hello Neighbor, along with the hide and seek gameplay, is still considered a stealthy action game. with fancy graphics, interesting intriguing storylines, and quite compelling puzzle mechanics.

In terms of an indie horror game, the game has great potential, but perhaps due to financial problems made it unable to develop more “massive”. If you’re not afraid of difficulty and prefer a bit of novelty in the form of stealth action, this is a remarkable candidate.