Hide Or Die game Review for PC (Horror Game)

Hide or Die game is just like its name “if you do not hide, you will die”. This game has entirely different gameplay on the market. Instead of a fixed character, players have two options, with two different game modes, including Last Man Stand mode and escape mode. In each game mode, players can choose the character route based on their ability or preference.

Hide Or Die release date is on May 2, 2020, so there may be many people who don’t know it. If you are curious about this game, learn about its modes through the article below.

The Last Man Stand mode

First, we begin to learn with Last Man Stand mode.

You will be one of 16 people in the basement; the time starts counting down since you and these players exit this place. From here, you will have to flee to become the last.

When you join into gameplay, you will see the game area is always changing, so to ensure safety, no one sits too long in one position. You will have to run fast because of the dangers lurking around.

You have two ways to choose your role. Firstly, you can get darkness and become a hunter. Secondly, you can hide to become a survivor.

In Hide Or Die game, you can use your phone while playing, so you can text other survivors to share information. You can also use a flashlight to see others in the dark, but you will not be able to hear their sound.

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hide or die gameplay
You can text anyone for help

Gameplay for hunters

Most players all want to become a hunter because instead of always hiding one, players prefer action and conquest. Of course, becoming a hunter is much more complicated than hiding in the dark.

You will have to be the first to reach the orb of darkness, which is indicated by a beam of light that shoots into the sky. You can choose three different hunters to form a team; each hunter will have special abilities.

hunters in hide or die game
Hunter character

Gameplay of survivors

You will have to hide by finding different places, even coffins or bushes. Each hunter has a unique ability, but they have an ordinary skill that is to overcome the darkness faster and can find you easily. This game is also known as Dead By Daylight, this means that you can manipulate it if you show too much in the light.

The final battle of hunters and survivors

The player’s goal is to be the last survivor or hunter in the battle of 1 v1. When hunters have eliminated everyone else, there will be a battle between the hunter and the last survivor; it is called the 1v1 match.

Hunters and survivors will have to use all their intellect to participate in this battle. Of course, hunters can use weapons to kill the last survivor, that’s not strange. However, if you are the last survivor, don’t worry. You will be equipped with a unique weapon that has excellent damage to fight the hunter.

The Escape game mode

The escape mode can be called a multiplayer horror game. Instead of 16 people, you have 30 people to play together. All must face difficulties together, escaping from dangers. The mission of this game mode is to collect shadows and you can receive up to 3000 darkness in many different ways.

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escape mode in hide or die game
Escape mode with many options for players

In this mode, players can gradually turn into hunters at a specific location. Then these people will go hunting others to steal their shadows.

Hide Or Die game has a clear distinction between winners and losers. If you die, you will lose everything, lose your life and lose your darkness to the hand of the person who killed you, but if you live, you will have a lot of privileges. Producer gives survivor nine privileges; you not only have more darkness but also have many other options.

  • Perk 1 is sport conditioning
  • Perk 3 is for health promotion
  • Perk 5 is the survivor
  • Perk 6 is an additional utility
  • Perk 7 is the darkness to hide
  • Perk 8 is the lucky draw
  • Perk 9 is the ability to walk silently. This perk is used when you need to escape.

In this Hide Or Die game mode, there are three hunters; the first one is the one who can use the electrification club. The 2nd one has the unique ability is the hallo domme, who can throw out a dome to trap but survive. The last hunter was a fisherman who could use the harpoon spear to make a weapon; this weapon can shoot further and deal more damage.

Each hunter of Hide Or Die game has different abilities and privileges. Therefore, to confront them, players must be brilliant and agile.

Evaluating sound and graphics in Hide Or Die game

First of all, Hide Or Die game expressed the true nature of an action game; scenes constantly change from many different angles. Design graphics are the real message of this game. However, the transition is too fast sometimes will cause difficulties for players.

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As for sound, we don’t have many audio reviews because maybe the game’s play mode limited in sound. Occasionally, you’ll hear footsteps, gunfire, or other sounds, which contribute to express the nature of the game, but these are not much different from other games.

hide or die graphics in game
graphics in-game


Two Hide Or Die game modes offered more choices for action game lovers. However, in a specific aspect, we still find that the game may cause many difficulties for beginners. There are many game modes and privileges, and it is difficult to remember them. However, We must admit that game brought a breath of fresh air to the gaming market in 2020.

We hope that above sharing can help you understand more about this game, you can also buy this game for the most authentic experience, Hide Or Die game is currently selling for $ 19.99, very cheap for a 2-mode game.