Home Sweet Home Review for PC (Horror Game)

No place and no one can bring frightening, thrilling and psychological feelings like horror movies in the East. Especially are horror stories and survival horror games in Thailand. Home Sweet Home is an interesting and creepy example of this. Let this Home Sweet Home review shows you shreds of evidence to prove these sayings.

Once you get into the world of this game, you may know exactly how the jumpscare looks like. Not only that, but you can also suffer many terrible situations while enjoying the creepy Home Sweet Home story piece by piece. This game with its cool settings, special effects, great graphics, and horrible environments will all make you question again about your sanity.

Are you ready to step into the creepiest story that you’ve never known?

Pick up your pillows and stay right here to listen our Home Sweet Home review’s telling about the unforgettable Home Sweet Home story. Tim is the main character of this weird ghost story. This man is just a normal person who makes efforts to find Jane, his missing wife.

The game starts with a strange voice of Jane and it’s the reason that makes Tim wake up. Once he gets up, he observed around and saw that this place was a dilapidated dorm school. Moreover, he realized that there is a young girl, who wears bloodstained clothing, is following after him. This girl constantly made an annoying sound from her body.

home sweet home gameplay
Are you shocked when seeing this girl?

This sound represents for her appearance. What are your feelings if you have to face to face with this creepy girl? Perhaps, you will know the answer when you imagine that you felt enough from this vindictive spirit.

The dramatic journey also happens right there. After Tim steps over a cupboard door, he turned back his old house with all memories of his wife, Jane. The sequences inside this “love house” used as a pause point between any locations Tim went to in his searching journey. This is not a simple and easy searching, right?

What should you do now to survive and complete your first aim?

If you can’t answer this question, just simply continue to read this Home Sweet Home review to clarify it. Home Sweet Home game features pretty simple gameplay that not brings many difficulties to players. Your mission in this game is to find keys, tackle puzzles and sneaky around spirits during your time of playing.

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This gameplay seems to be suitable for the standards of a horror game and the creator may not want players to become headaches and tired. So, just let enjoy it. On the way, you may see several objects that you can interact with. They are highlighted for you to pay attention when you come close to them.

You may have to spend numerous time on crushing any shelves and tables to look for something to pick up and use. As you have known that, there are many monsters scattered in your house so you can’t stand at one place for a long time. These features have some sameness to the Welcome to Hanwell

scene in home sweet home
Turn on the light and watch out of your enemies

You don’t have any choices to protect yourself from your enemies so you must sneak around whereas they are there. Sometimes, you may realize that you must hide inside of lockers, huge terracotta pots or anything else to wait for a suitable time to move around.

The game mechanics seem so good enough, even though the logic for what you can interact looks so hard. You may need to be careful with the sporadically operable doors and the hallways as well. Because if you are unlucky, you will run into dead-ends and unstable doors will hurt you.

The things you need to take notice

While playing a horror game, you may wonder what is most things you should care about. In this Home Sweet Home review, we will show you some of the dangerous things you should know. It includes the female ghost, the main puzzles, and many useful objects.

The puzzles in this game are innocuous

Solving puzzles is one of main factors in the Home Sweet Home game, but there are only a few of them. These puzzles are ultimately a bit more complicated than other attractive happenings that appeared in game. With the number of puzzles you end up, you can easily run through levels of this game.

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monster in this survival horror game
Don’t let your fear prevent you complete your mission

Don’t forget to grab and pick up items to mix them so that you can continue your progress. It can be dull after a while, but some puzzles can offer you to truly think and use of environment clues. All of these will help you overcome the level. These environment clues are good puzzles, although sometimes it requires an amount of deduction.

The patience is all you need when seeing the female ghost

Home Sweet Home character may bring you the scary and fear especially with the female ghost, your enemy. The way this game verifies whether you’re attacked or not by enemies normally makes annoying. They created a creepy Thai schoolgirl and send her to any places you go all sides of the map.

the female ghost home sweet home
Sometimes silence is golden

Once you choose the best place to hide, you will have to observe this schoolgirl because she always visits you unexpectedly. Just after this girl feels bored and leaves, you may feel safe. The advice for you is trying to be patient and silent at this time if you don’t want to be killed by your enemy.

Try to use all objects you see

When you get back to Tim’s house, you may see lots of objects scattered across these areas. They are pages in Jane’s diary which bring a glimpse directly to her disappearance. Many clues from these pages shown his suspicions that she is wounded by a paranormal.

Moreover, you also can find some newspaper, police reports or postcards that lead to many different places where monsters can be lived. All of these things will help you a lot in the researching journey.

interesting journey in this horror game
Use everything you can pick up along the way

Is there a connection to other horror games?

Do you want to make a comparison between this game and others in this Home Sweet Home review? Once you enter the horror world of this game, you may found some the same point to Infliction game, right?

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Both of them seem to be a nightmare and a memorable journey inside dark secrets. The main theme of them also is in a thrilling house. Moreover, as a part of survival horror game collection, Home Sweet Home linked to the Visage game as well with a horror story of the ghost world and thrilling discoveries.

Graphics and sound in-game

About graphics, it seems to bring you to a journey of change. It will give you different creatures and backgrounds to interact with. The first area is the old school with “a beautiful young girl” who can attack you whenever.

The school is designed darkly and unsafe to be a good place for bloody monsters existed. There are several bloody portals on the wall, crushed desks and no-colour computers that make your experiences more real. The other area is Tim’s house which contains a ton of broken furniture and magical doors.

graphics in home sweet home game
Is it still a happy house of yours?

This game is also added countless of sounds, such as deaden footsteps, ghostly laughing, and motionless sounds from TV. These sounds are the most interesting aspect of the game. The creepiest sound belongs to spooky and annoying ghosts.

Release information

Home Sweet Home release date is on 27 Sep 2017 with a cost of $16.99 by Yggdrazil Group in Thailand. This developer published this horror game to please their fans. Furthermore, it seems that Yggdrazil Group made an effort to scare their players with the most thrilling game ever.


Through this Home Sweet Home review, you may believe why the ghost story of East is the creepiest, right? So, if you feel confident and brave enough, don’t hesitate to join in the world of this thrilling Home Sweet Home game now! An advice for you that you should prepare a clear mind and a pillow to cover your face at the time ghosts appeared.