How to walk through Stranded Deep map like a pro

To make it out alive of a survival game, one must know how to walk through the map like a pro. The same goes for Stranded Deep. Knowing Stranded Deep map and what each region has is a smart way of playing. Let find out what the map has to offer in this famous game created by Beam Team Games.

Stranded Deep map is one of the biggest mysteries that players have been dying to solve. Since the game randomly generates a map for each player, every map is unique. That is why newbies have a hard time finding guides from long-time players.

Especially when it comes to the direction of each location. But there is no doubt that all the maps share the same features: the islands. To know the map is to know every island’s characteristics like the back of a hand. So check out this guide and own the map of Stranded Deep like a pro.

Automatic Stranded Deep map given to every player: The World

Stranded Deep map, which the developer provides every player with is called The World. The World is an open space that is generated randomly so that each player has a unique experience. But every world includes obligatory islands and territorials which players have to explore.

At the beginning of the game, after the airplane crashes, players are left on the ocean with an inflatable boat. In front of them is the initial island where basic items are available to use. The initial island is a small one. This is the feature that every world shares. The game must start with a small island.

Later, players will find a variety of territories to explore. There are sea, small islands, big islands, wreckages, and reefs. Since this is on the list of adventure games, players are exposed to danger depending on the area where they roam.

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The sea or the ocean is the biggest space in this game. Players have to set foot in this area sooner or later. That is the only way to travel between islands. It is filled with sea creatures and also sea monsters. Players will face the Megalodon shark, the giant eel, and the giant squid in this Stranded Deep map.

bottomless sea
The bottomless sea in the world of Stranded Deep

Small islands and big islands are safe heavens in Stranded Deep map. These territories provide materials like rock, wood, palm fronds, metals, etc. Players can even find industrial objects that wash up over shore. Small and big islands are resting point where players can craft objects like rafts or water stills.

However, players still have to keep an eye on the snakes since they can bite players and poison them. To travel from one island to another, players can swim if the distance is very short. But the safest and most recommended way is to use rafts. A good raft ensures arrival.

In Stranded Deep map, wreckages are very important territories. In these spots, players can find metals, parts of the ship, or even parts of a helicopter. In general, this type of territory offers rare loots that are essential to survive and win the game.

Wreckages can be found on land, near land, or below the water surface. Which means some hostile sea creatures can roam the area. It is a smart choice staying alerted while exploring wreckages.

shipwreck in stranded deep map
A shipwreck underwater

Reefs are shallow water zones near the islands. There are sea creatures that roam the area, both harmless and dangerous. The most common sea creatures that players can find in this shallow water is thorn starfishes. They are poisoned and can´t be killed by any means.

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Famous Stranded Deep map mods created by players

Players have the freedom to create their own Stranded Deep map thanks to an in-game feature called Cartographer. It will generate an island automatically, and players can edit the island’s contents.

Alongside this fantastic feature, players can also enjoy Stranded Deep multiplayer option. Here is the list of most famous Stranded Deep map mods that players can enjoy solo or with friends.


It always is a smart choice adding mystery to adventure games. Starlight is an interesting map because the story doesn’t develop on an island. Players have the chance to explore an abandoned ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

On this ship, there are valuable loots laying around. Players can unblock the storyline through a journal left behind by a crew member. With this Stranded Deep map, players learn about the mysterious events that took place here and why the ship is abandoned.

starlight mod
The abandoned ship in Starlight mod (Stranded Deep)

Big Islands

Big islands is among the most famous map mods of this famous survival game. It is not a challenging one, which makes it perfect for both beginners and pros. The mod allows players to edit the in-game islands. They can expand them, add more items to them, or even shrink their size. The main goal of this mod is to make players explore The World easier.

There is no specific challenge. The mod offers a tranquil adventure where players enjoy flora and fauna. This is a good way to really get to know the game without being attacked by sea creatures.

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big island
Big islands looking from afar

Ancient Legends

This Stranded Deep map is created by ManlyManFace. He is one of hardcore Stranded Deep´s players. So this map mod is the result of his work with the game. Ancient Legends offers mysterious gameplay. An airplane crashed on the island, and none of the passengers survived the fall.

But the strangest thing is that there is a passenger whose body can´t be found. Players are now engaged in the mission of finding out all the secrets that the island hides. And they will be provided with many loots to survive the environment of the island.

ancient legends island in stranded deep map
The view of Ancient Legends´s island from above

Players have to unveil the secret behind this island. It is told that the island is dominated by a powerful ancient force. It protects the island with all its might and eliminates anyone who sets foot on the island. Does it have to do with the lost body of the special passenger? Is he still alive? There is only one way to solve this mystery.


Stranded Deep map is very diverse. Players have the freedom to explore the wild environment that is very true to that of the Pacific Ocean. The provided maps are more than exciting, and the map mods have amazing features.

If mystery is your cup of tea, don´t miss the chance to try Starlight and Ancient Legends mods. The game is available to download on Steam at $14.99.