Infliction Game Review for PC (Horror Game)

Heard of the coming of Infliction? Right in this Infliction game review, we’ll get to know the changes, developments, and evolvements, and more in the world of psychological horror games.

Increased players’ tastes pose many challenges to the game industry of Nintendo Switch scary games. But thanks to the development of technology, many products have been put on a new modern appearance and bring excitement to gamers.

You can see that reality is most evident in the horror game series. Ignoring the sensational elements to bring “short-term” horror, the horror game today gives players obsession when swirling deeply into the player’s soul. We see there the pauses, the contemplations and then realize then each game is a story of the human lives that are worth pondering.

In recent years, horror movies have been constantly appearing. If 2017 is the year of Welcome to Hanwell, 2019 the player must be terrified of before Anthology of Fear and Remothered: Broken Porcelain, 2018 is the year of Infliction. Considered a nightmare for any brave heart, let me explore this game and remember, don’t run away!!

Attraction comes from not too new content

“This is the place between places. Here can be only sadness and resolution. This is where the lost are found your vengeance rears its ugly head. Vengeful souls are born of violent death.” (Necronomicon – Abandon Volume III)

Those are the first sentences Caustic Reality has used to lead players into the world of Infliction game. Love and Hate. That is what can summarize the content that the publisher wants to convey through this game. Indeed, Infliction exploits content that is not new with the appearance of evil forces.

The main context of the Infliction game takes place in a remote suburb with a very basic family. The husband, Gary R. Pout, lives happily with his wife and two beautiful children. One day he came home to get for his wife, Mary Pout, the plane ticket to serve the business trip she forgot. And that’s when the odds begin. The tape from the camera showed the wife had been stabbed to death. The bloody knife is in the husband’s car … What is all this?

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scene in infliction game
The scene of the murder seems to stretch across the house

Among famous psychological horror games, Infliction game story is very slow that makes people really wonder: What is hidden behind these locked doors? The curtain was gradually revealed through the pictures of ghostly shades that the husband hung around the house.

Then it all broke down when the player found the altar that the husband built under the house.

Did he join a cult to sell his soul to the devil?

As for the wife, her soul becomes angry and seeks revenge.

From a family event all now only a hatred …

Mechanism full of creativity

The time loop is a subtle highlight that the Infliction game set out to challenge players. All the plot seems to revolve around the “super huge” house of the couple or Gary.

But the succession of strata. From the husband’s study room, players will spread throughout the house to search for clues to accomplish the ultimate goal of destroying the angry spirit of revenge for the wife.

The clues in Infliction are covered up throughout the house: in books, on tapes, and through phone calls. That clue sometimes lies deep in the walls, is visible right in front of the player or sometimes just a seemingly pointless call late at night.

scary scene in infliction game
Signs of a demonic force

For those looking for something new, the Infliction game in the series of the Nintendo Switch scary games is probably one of the few horror games to open up space for players in many different directions.

Right from the beginning of the game, players have to walk around in the darkness of the garden to find a way to the inside of the house. But not only that, have you ever experienced a parallel world?

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In addition to the weapon itself, the player is equipped with a flashlight and a special camera.

There is a funny detail that players do not have to find batteries to maintain the power of the flashlight and this seems to go against the normal operating principle of life.

The camera is the opposite, hiding in itself the power of miracles. An old Polaroid found by the player in the corridor of the parallel world is capable of revealing to the player what the naked eye cannot see.

The peak of sound

Infliction game modulation has become one of the most awaited games no matter what platform (PC or Switch Console) is the ultimate sound system. It’s correct. I’m not kidding. Obsess. I could not sleep well after the first night playing this game.

The number 3:46 am seems to be the invisible boundary that leads the player into the world of evil. Not just the radio noise. Not just the creaking sound of the wooden background.

Caustic Reality has created a real sound platform as its name implies. Each breath of Mary Pout will create a sensation right next to the player.

From accelerating fear…

Similarly, you will feel your heart rate increase when you feel the foot of the fat guy holding a knife from the far end of the corridor. Wear headphones and experience for yourself.

Because after every saves point, all you feel are the hairs standing on your neck. (A small revelation to you is that the radio plays an important role so you can preserve the protagonist’s life).

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monster in infliction
The Butcher aka The Fat Guy

The most puzzling thing at the beginning of this review is the imaging system. Although officially released when almost every game, including the horror game, put on a “tech shirt”, Infliction game has a feeling of a game produced in the 2000s.

Block box platform with solid lines gives players the truth with clear and dark colours. Especially the creation of the villains also shows the successor of Clinton McCleary for the predecessors.

The image of the character Mary brings horror when recreating the image of the devil in Exorcist. The fat guy, on the other hand, has a horrid bulging look.

…to haunting interior

I especially love the “haunting” paintings that the husband has created for himself on the artistic path. If sophisticated enough, you will realize over time the paintings will have mutations depending on your fear and the anger of the souls. Incidents and contradictions are also clearly conveyed.

Release information

Gary Pout’s fateful ride officially rolled on June 25, 2018. And the ticket to explore Mary Pout’s terrifying home will cost just $ 19.99. What do you think?


It is not just a journey to destroy evil spirits. It journeys to mend love itself, neutralizing hatred between the two people. But remember you are not alone in Infliction. There are still intangible things in this house, opening a scary but fascinating adventure. When you are trying to find evidence, they also chase and scare you. Can you survive this haunting and dangerous world?