Inside Switch review (Handheld Console)

When the tastes of players are increasing, it is time for game publishers to keep their creativity to make breakthroughs. This Inside Switch review will reveal the thoughtful developing effort and what’s behind the grotesque images of this game.

Indeed, it’s not something in the form of “instant noodles” with sensational, scary scenes that constantly appear. You and I need something in-depth, beyond the storyline, to bring in our torment and obsession. Inside did it well.

Beyond the giant shadow of Limbo (another Playdead blockbuster), this Nintendo Switch horror game has established itself as one of the excellent upcoming horror games. Within the scope of this article, I will focus on reviewing Inside when playing on the Switch platform (referred to as Inside Switch).

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When fleeing is not all…

Let’s go from the nature of Inside. This is a puzzle-platforming game. Inside Switch begins with the boy protagonist slipping down a rocky slope and straying into the monstrous forest.

Not flashy.

Do not call open from beautiful childhood or stressful classes. It was simply that a red-shirt boy possessed an excellent physique.

The scene initially reminded people of the monstrous stillness in Limbo Switch, but that was quickly broken by the headlights of strange trucks, the faraway silhouette of the people.

The first moments of the game made people think this was a game “run to survive” but things soon got worse for the boy.

After escaping from the pursuit of the masked man and the hounds, the boy accidentally stumbles into an experimental area where scientists are performing many cruel experiments on the human body, living.

And … The things behind me will let you uncover yourself.

character in inside switch
The hero with a very normal appearance

…And the beauty is beyond

The splendour of this Nintendo Switch horror game lies in ambiguity. In many articles about Limbo Switch review, the game that seems to be the peak of hard to be deleted in this game genre, people still easily guess the plot.

But with Inside, that can not happen, the game’s lang classes are thoughtful. This may be a small revelation about the content of the game, but you will not be able to guess why the red shirt boy can appear at the right time to come.

Who is he? A normal person with the desire for a fair life? Or is one of the annexed group who escapes back to rescue the others?

Another scenario is that he is just a pawn being tested by a group of evil people, a puppet of the “brain” that will appear later in the game. No one knows what is correct. And you will need more than one Inside Switch review to understand that.

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Inside Switch’s innovative play mechanism

In terms of game design, Playdead is clearly at its highest level with Inside. Just like in Limbo, the manufacturer has been extremely excellent by leading players to their gameplay little by little, starting with simple puzzles to introduce the basics, and then building each challenging class.

It becomes more complex as the game progresses. By the end of the game, the player has almost fully grasped the most quintessential elements of gameplay, and all gameplay elements are utilized to the maximum.

If you’ve ever been in misery with Limbo full of deadly traps that make you die and go back and forth many times to get through, then how fortunate Inside doesn’t emphasize such an experience-like gameplay element.

Abysses or dangerous areas are easier to spot, so most of the time you’ll be playing the puzzle rather than dying many times. But even so, the fact that you have to accept that you still have to die at least a couple of times, not be able to succeed for the first time.

scene in inside game
Hiding is one of Inside’s unique mechanisms

The element of hiding and running is almost key in Inside. Most of the game length, and especially in the first part, most boys have to secretly avoid the pursuit of the enemies or quickly run away from threats.

Inside’s flat format (2.5D) makes for a very good interaction for the escape when the main character must hide between objects on the ground before the enemy comes back to see. Background 3D allows enhancing the chasing element when the player must make the most of the surrounding objects (walls, fences …) to hinder the pursuit of the enemy.

Underwater gameplay is one of the surprising points in Inside. Unlike Limbo, who will drown when he steps into the water, Inside allows the character to be scouted underwater for a given amount of oxygen.

We may think that the underwater screen will restrict the player’s activity, but no, Playdead has proven that he can push everything beyond the limits of the player’s imagination.

The underwater screen is built with all the intricate and intricate gameplay elements like any other level, helping Inside outperform its predecessor Limbo.

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main character in inside switch
Water environment is fully exploited in Inside

Another noteworthy point in the way Inside is playing is the crowd element that the boy will have to depend on.

In order not to lose interest in discovery, all we need to know about this “crowd” element. It will be one of the keys to solving some riddles, as these people will help our characters climb to high places or push heavy objects because the boy alone cannot do it.

This feature requires the player to control and have a collective, not just the boy. This factor also affects the end of the game.

Graphics – near-perfect system sound will be the best on the Switch Console

Although I know this is just an Inside Switch review with a personal opinion, but after synthesizing a lot of opinions from the pages, I realized this Nintendo Switch horror game is one of the pioneers.

In terms of graphics of the game, we can see a significant change of Inside compared to Limbo is the 2.5D image interface. While the player controls the character moving in 2D, the other character designs and environments are drawn in 3D.

Unfortunately, this type of graphics is limiting and losing the sharpness that Limbo previously achieved, such as clarity when you shift the angle of view from near to near. Also, surfaces (especially on characters) are often dark and lacking in detail. In return, the minimalist drawing style of the character is very compatible with the faint design, the characters without faces or the ambiguous environment, extremely suitable for the hostile world in Inside.

But to say again and again, even though the graphics are rated lacking in sharpness, Inside is still a beautiful game. The beauty was framed and spread throughout every environment, every scene that the boy came to.

The rural areas and jungle at the beginning of the game are peaceful, plus the lighting and weather elements are greatly improved. You will be able to see the sun’s rays through the gloomy clouds or the rain-soaked streets sparkling in the light, which are the “top” graphic elements of the game.

Even the industrial area that appeared in the latter part of the game was extremely generous by the game makers to polish up the beautiful and amazing moments for the environment.

If we think that industrial parks will be full of dark corridors and heavy machinery, Inside always brings something different and appealing in the darkness of the cold, often a factor. suddenly appearing in the middle of a rigid urban setting, or an image of harsh opposition to the surrounding context.

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graphics system in inside switch game
Great graphics system

Satisfactory sound and effects

One of the more impressive elements is in the main character’s movements and sounds. The way he raises his hand while walking through a narrow pole or observing a flock of birds partly reflects the character’s character.

Besides, we can see a lot of bright spots every time the boy shows fear and tension once he gets close to his enemies. The boy’s body became firmer, his breathing was getting heavier, and he couldn’t stop looking back.

When you put on the headphones, you will feel the boy’s breathing seems to be becoming extremely urgent. We are running, walking, trembling with him. But sound effects to create horror have depth right in the actions of the supporting characters.

The masked wheezing sound of the masked man, the moan of the animal, the rattle of the conductor controlling the doll … And even the dog installed to attack the player when the invasion It also becomes a cold-blooded assassin when built together with a lively sound platform.

These factors make Inside a perfect game to experience on Nintendo systems. In both docked and handheld modes, it develops clear strengths. From my perspective, the latter mode will give you a more interesting visual experience with much sharper lines. Try not to immerse yourself in the haunted world and then get used to losing work to adjust the buttons on the handle system.

Release information

It would be flawed for my Inside Switch review if not mentioned above valuable information. This Nintendo Switch horror game was officially released on June 28, 2018, for $ 19.99. What a bargain!


Inside is not long, but the meanings in the story it leaves to gamers are too many. Too many things are reflected, too many memorable moments, so many things to ponder.

Regarding the value of life, about the “inside” things that hardly anyone can comprehend completely. Playdead chooses a quiet way so that players can understand Inside on their own.

Therefore, the secrets revealed by the writer in the article are only relative. Perhaps you will also find an answer for yourself, to explain the “unacceptable” end of the game. I hope this Inside Switch Review helps people.