Let feast your eyes on gazing at sexy cosplay photos of “Royal Sister” Gangut

Azur Lane is a hot mobile game in Japan with content goes around … extremely hot female characters. It’s also a hot topic which many cosers used with many sexy cosplay.

Redesigned and modernized during the 1930s, Gangut participated in the Winter War parade before being re-enlisted. But in fact, Gangut did not fight directly but spent most of World War II on fire support in many battles, including the siege of Leningrad.

Most of the Soviet operations against Germany were mostly carried out by powerful military forces, with air forces support. Meanwhile, the Soviet Navy has a limited role, as it is only responsible for escorting US-supplied equipment, as well as small-scale attacks on German troops in the Baltic and the Black Sea areas.

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However, Stalin quickly realized that after Nazism was destroyed, the next goal of the Anglo-American alliance would undoubtedly be the Soviet Union and without a strong navy, they would face difficulties in the war. During a high-level meeting in September 1945, Stalin refused to build an aircraft carrier and demanded that the Soviet Navy complete the battleship Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya. The ship was built in 1940 but could not be completed when the war ended. The failure of this shipbuilding plan was predicted by the Soviet Union did not have enough infrastructure to build warships on a large scale.

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Gangut’s second name, Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, was used for the fifth ship of the Kirov heavy cruiser class before changing to Kuznetsov. Finally, the Soviet Union did not focus too much on developing the Navy and continued to strengthen and consolidate the strength of its land forces. Although the Soviet Union had four Kirov-class ships in the 1980s, they were no match for the massive warships Stalin had wanted to build many years ago. Now Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya has been recreated in a very interesting form in Azur Lane called Gangut and an image that fascinates everyone.

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Here is a set of sexy cosplay photos in Azur Lane game that was owned by coser @ 水 淼 aqua, let’s admire it!

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