Limbo Switch review (Handheld Console)

LIMBO game was released in 2010, according to the Limbo Switch review this game has really made a big impact on the gaming community. At that time, LIMBO beat other games and became one of the most loved games.

In 2018, LIMBO had a new breakthrough when the Nintendo Switch horror game version was released, this is good news for game fans. The players had the opportunity to experience a smarter game with more awesome features. Inviting you to learn specifically through the following Limbo Switch review article:

Impressive horror plot

Limbo Switch review articles appreciate the atmosphere that the manufacturer has built up the game. You will be immersed with the image of the boy waking up in the forest, you will not know who you are, where you are and why you are there. All answers are gradually revealed as you explore the game.

All you have to do is start your mission. First of all, you have to go through dark forests, vast lakes, and scary industrial parks. All will restrain you, but when you overcome each difficulty you can gradually uncover the mysteries. Limbo helps players find answers through overcoming challenges, thereby this Nintendo Switch horror game is more attractive to players.

monster in limbo switch review

Unique graphics and sounds

Graphics and sound play a big role in setting the tone of Limbo’s horror. The game image has the bold nature of the horror game with 2 colours black and white. Especially the background’s compression is unclear, almost you can only see the shadow of the character, which is a unique mark that is only available in Limbo.

Since the 2010 version, Limbo has satisfied players with the graphics of the game and the new version certainly does not disappoint gamers. The manufacturer has used semi-stable light throughout the game. On the Nintendo Switch horror game, it reaches native 720p when in handheld mode and 1080p when the system is on a PC. In terms of graphics, Limbo is always different from other horror games.

graphic in limbo switch review

In terms of sound, the manufacturer uses many strange sounds throughout the game, muffled footsteps or occasional animal cries to constantly break the silence of the game. Every step, every chirping, every kick, every drop of water amplifies the atmosphere and foretells something.

The LIMBO’s sound adds to the isolation for the game. In particular, you should not ignore the soundtrack of the game, it is really very interesting. The Limbo Switch review information all rated the soundtrack and sound in LIMBO really great.

Decode the intellectual game

As you explore the game, you’ll discover that you can interact with objects like grid boxes, levers, and so on. These are tools that can help you move forward faster. It sounds quite normal, but it is really useful, you can see that the manufacturer was very smart when applying these tools to help gamers move faster.

LIMBO is not only a horror game but also a game that requires intelligence from players. Each of its puzzles requires you to find many solutions, then you need to plan and implement them.

The puzzles can help you integrate faster by forcing you to face the dangers ahead. The puzzle forces you to think and act meticulously, dealing with every little detail around you. The solution to overcome a large gap, a dark forest, maybe a box hidden on a black and white background. Don’t forget, the closer you get to the box, the more likely you’ll be in danger.

That sentence was found through either true or false approaches. Some puzzles may be hidden traps that you will have to memorize and learn to escape from. To solve LIMBO’s puzzles, the player must have intelligence, flexibility and especially perseverance.

scene in limbo game

What’s Inside the Nintendo Switch?

Inside Switch has taken a different approach to other game lines on the market. Instead of focusing on pure images, the company has researched and produced consoles to help players have a more impressive experience. Despite being a handheld device, this console still provides everything the game brings to the player. The controller also has wireless connectivity and motion sensor functions to help players move flexibly. 

Inside Switch review information said that the Switch is the main part of the Nintendo Switch product. It contains the most important equipment. The size of the device may be a bit smaller than the usual tablet devices on the market.

inside nintendo switch

The most outstanding feature of Nintendo Switch is the ability to smoothly switch from a gaming console to a handheld device and absolutely not affect the player’s experience. Moreover, with its compact size, the Nintendo Switch horror game has become the most popular game in the current period.

Both Limbo Sitch and Inside use the same ground rules to bring unique and interesting experiences to players. Players can make characters easily move, climb, grab objects. Once you master these rules, you will have no trouble discovering secrets.

Price is not the problem

LIMBO Switch was launched on June 28, 2018, so you can buy it right away whenever you want. In particular, the price of LIMBO is very reasonable. For just $ 9.99 you can experience this game, this cost is only half of the other games.

If you want to buy digital games directly from you must have a Nintendo Account. When using Nintendo Wii U and 3DS systems, you should link your Nintendo Account to the Nintendo Network ID, It will help you pay easier.

Conclusion of Limbo Switch review

The combination of visuals, sound, and gameplay make for a truly impressive Limbo Switch. This association attracted players, making them want to immerse themselves in the experiences that the producer gives them.

You know, the Limbo switch review articles confirm that the 8-year comeback of the game did not disappoint the game fans. It may be a little harsh with daunting challenges but it is extremely interesting. Those are the perfect pieces to create a game that meets the trend of the player. Not only LIMBO, in the near future there will be a lot of upcoming horror games, sure to please player, who love this game

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