Locked Up Game Review for PC (Horror Game)

After a very successful “debut” in February 2020 and received many positive comments from fans, Emika Games quickly released a full version of Locked Up game to meet aspirations of the world gamer community.

As an indie game, typical elements of horror game series, such as the obsession with both sight, feeling, and psychology, or a bit of intimidating gore … are well done by the publisher.

And here is my point in this review: If you want a mildly moderate experience, Locked Up game is one of the best psychological horror games for you.

This is my Locked Up game review, so personal emotions, and content inevitably reveal the game, so if you want the most “naked” experience, it’s time you should stop.

Let’s skip the lengthy up there and come right to their incredible horror work.

Following the idea introduced to players from the demo, Locked Up game gives a more comprehensive view of locked rooms.

Dark past. Strange rituals. Evil spirits

It all converged in work is like slow-motion footage of Emika Games. Frankly, Locked Up game plot is nothing new than products that have been released in recent years.

We still see a familiar motif there.

I don’t have much data to judge who is the main character because even though I tried to look in the mirror, I still couldn’t see his / her face.

After a long journey to find Martha Fester – a missing child, all clues lead you to a desolate house hidden deep inside the deep forest.

That is the primary context built by manufacturers for Locked Up game. And of course, nothing is random.

where the story begins
Where the story begins

Our main character bravely walks inside the house, and there are no people there. But scary things are happening all the time. You hear children’s laughter, the banging of the door, and the surrounding objects, always moving suspiciously. And you see someone.

When I tried to touch her (I guess it was a girl thanks to her long hair), she disappeared in the blink of an eye. That was when mysterious events happened.

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The scene is continually changing. You will experience in many different rooms (it seems that they used to live in the other house), but their most common point is that they are locked. You will only be moving in a very narrow range.

And there you will find yourself gradually undergoing strange rituals to summon spirits of the devil.

Who is the sacrifice? Who is the priest? Will you find the truth, or eventually, you also become a puppet of this life game? Those are big questions that will haunt your mind if you press the “Start” button to begin Locked Up game.

horror gameplay
Don’t let the peace of the rooms fool you

I do not appreciate much about the gameplay of Locked Up game.

If you love the horror genre and especially the said horror games, you can quickly identify the standard formula to make the success of Anthology of Fear, Blair Witch, Lost Within, or even masterpieces, Outlast and many other psychological horror games.

Players will be immersed in the feeling incredibly realistic with the first perspective.

A small amount of equipment is provided, and players will have to rely on inference and courage to be able to lift the mysterious veil. And Locked Up game is still inheriting that way.

But in this game, I feel something is different. A super extreme difference that Emika Games wants to convey.

How the game “plays” with your mind

I am referring to transformations. You can see how skillful the manufacturer is in placing players in ties that tie invisible to only two small rooms if you’ve played through the demo.

scary momment in locked up
The devil?

With the full version of Locked Up game, it was amplified many times. Only a small change in a moment. Just like that.

The player’s mind will stretch like a string whenever it is not good. Only moments before the wall in front of you are still empty, but only a few seconds after you turn the camera to another direction, a series of pictures appear and only a few more seconds.

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When you don’t notice, the red blood bands appeared before our eyes. Many times I had to stop playing to calm down myself.

That’s the way Locked Up game is hypnotizing our minds. The way you open the doors to lead to another room is also extremely sophisticated.

Not every open is okay. Only when you have completed the “codes” that the manufacturer has deliberately installed into the game that will make the doors open for you to discover what is in the hallway and other rooms…

horror scene when you play this game
Just a blink of an eye and you’ll be left behind

Besides, Locked Up game also gives players an excellent mechanism for finding and arranging objects. Items that you need are sometimes right in front of your eyes or in drawers that you’ve accidentally missed.

I was excited to learn that in Locked Up game, you can use bricks to make sacrifices for the Satan summoning ritual (a fascinating detail that you should not overlook).

Many clues are scattered all over the house, sometimes hastily written letters, fragmentary pieces of gas, unfinished cigarette packs … It would help if you connected them, pick them up so you can discover the hidden story.

The greatest features

Contributing to the overall of Locked Up game will be flawed if we do not mention the excellence of graphics and sound system.

The game gives us a narrow space. And of course, inhibition from captivity will be a dominant emotion that all players will have to go through.

But the “image director” of Emika Games knows how to bring players the most authentic experience.

Many brushstrokes take players away from one scene to another. It was the mist of the dark forest. Or the locked rooms of that wooden house. All are very real.

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monster in game

Besides, many details suddenly appear in just moments of the room is also a highlight to help Locked Up game achieve success.

The sudden appearance of photographs or scribbled words on the wall contributes to the gloominess of the space.

This takes players into a loop that seems to have no way out and then terrifies that he is still in that room without moving a bit.

Even in a short moment, the appearance of the minor characters is enough to make players scream in horror. You will never know when “she” is standing in front of you.

You also can not guess the moment “strange humanoid creatures” rushed to pass in front of you. All is the clever arrangement of game makers.

locked up gameplay
What happened here?

The sound used has a tremendous hypnotic effect. That is something you can completely trust.

The fast-paced rhythm is perfectly tuned, and that makes the player’s heartbeat complete every step of the protagonist’s footsteps.

You said you have a brave heart, right? It is not enough! I will not talk about side effects such as the sound of broken branches, the creaking of the floor, or laughter resounding in the quiet space.

All have been handled too well.

Release information

Locked Up game release date was officially on April 24, 2020, at a meager price after being discounted for only about $ 7.01. The information you need will be in the links at the end of the article.


Locked Up game brings a pretty tight story structure with creative and novel gameplay. Have you ever seen and dreamed of being like enjoying Kevin’s feeling in Home Alone? With Locked Up game, you’ll secretly tell yourself you’ll never have to be alone again. Let buy and experience it!