Lurk in the Dark : Prologue Review for PC (Horror Game)

Japanese horror game always makes players all over the world dread with high obsession and in-depth stories hidden after moments of entertainment. Not only are the products from big brands, but indie horror games from this country are also gradually asserting their attraction. So, is that true for Lurk in the Dark : Prologue? Let’s find out.


In recent years, game production is becoming a “million-dollar smokeless industry.” The rapid development of technology has created breakthroughs for manufacturers in exploring many new topics.

That makes it sometimes difficult for players to choose something to entertain. I will not talk about genres like action, science fiction, or adventure because my “major” is horror games. And in this article, all the information I give will focus on horror games.

You think a good horror game has to make us scream in panic or startle us with bloody jumpscare scenes and disgusting monsters.

No! That’s thinking from 5 or 7 years ago. That is not the core value of the manufacturers who want to convey. The inner fear of every human and the curiosity of discovering them will eventually lead to profound lessons.

lurk in the dark gameplay
You will play as a police officer looking for clues of the case

That’s what we need to look forward to. And perhaps, in this regard, nowhere is it better than Japanese gaming companies.

Of course, this is just my personal opinion, but you will find this will be somewhat true when you have experienced enough products from different countries.

And the game that came in my review, Lurk in the Dark, will be a clear testament to that. Although only considered as the prologue in a fairly long series being directed by IDEA FRUITION, this product shows the stature of a horror game that can stir any brave heart. Are you ready?

Warning: The article uses many details taken directly from the game content to be quite spoiled. If you are a fastidious person and want to overview before choosing any product, this article will be extremely suitable for you. If not, come back before I lose your little joy when experiencing Lurk in the Dark. Once again, welcome to my Lurk in the Dark review.

Curiosity sometimes makes people pay for it

Lurk in the Dark : Prologue as its name is just a prologue to all the horrific events that created by IDEA FRUITION. That is probably why what publishers want to convey through this game is not much.

It will only take you around 45 to 60 minutes to understand what is happening in Lurk in the Dark, and you can be assured because they will not make you lose sleep.

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The first images appear quite scary as a mental winding for players. And to unify the storyline, IDEA FRUITION puts players in a specific context.

I think this is an excellent guide to ensure the rigor of thinking, although it can lose the interest of a horror game, the genre that promotes self-discovery.

lurk in the dark monster
There is something unusual in this mansion

Lurk in the Dark is an indie horror game based on a murder. This is a popularly used motif that can “guarantee the security” for any publishers in Japan. A catastrophic murder was discovered. No suspects, no witnesses, and no one survived.

All doubts are poured into the mansion of the wealthy Ruggles is also the scene of the case. An investigation team was formed to find out the truth based on a few remaining clues.

Seven people: Rick D. Thomas, Alex Connor, Olivia Miller, James Anderson, Marcus Brown, Billy J. Adams, Abigail Ikeda -7 personalities with different careers will approach the house one after another.

And with Prologue playing, gamers will play Marcus Brown, a police officer. Everything was very familiar in the first moments when Marcus lamented about his night patrol.

But strange events quickly appear when he discovers that a dark force has invaded the mansion and turns this place into a trap that can take your life. Not as calm as the appearance, the walls are tinged with blood and tattooed with provocative characters.

During the police officer’s journey, we do not discover much new information about the murder but you will gradually realize there are somethings not good in this person.

A case of embezzlement when Marcus traded back and forth with his partner, Billy. And in particular, the player will realize quite a close relationship between him and his wife’s disappearance after being divorced briefly.

Marcus wants to find out who is the murderer, but in the end, it seems that he’s not pleasant either. Who is the killer? Who is behind all these “survival games”?

The gameplay is not too new

After experiencing this Japanese horror game, many of my friends have commented that IDEA FRUITION has something similar to the blockbuster Silent Hill. When experiencing the game, you may see that, but to be honest, Lurk in the Dark gameplay is simple and not good enough to satisfy the player.

Like most horror games today, Lurk in the Dark lets players grope in the dark with only a few randomly arranged hints at the vast Ruggles mansion locations.

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Find your clues

The clues could be strange letters on the wall, cut off fingers hanging from the ceiling, or sometimes just unrelated books.

The advice for you is not to miss any walls, drawers, and rooms because the clues may be right there waiting for you to find out. It is like a suggestion and explanation from the publisher for the content as well as their appearance.

find the key in game
The mechanism for collecting items is central throughout Lurk in the Dark

Look differently

Besides, in Lurk in the Dark, players can change their perspective. This means you can zoom into any position for a closer look. Players will be able to see out more unusual characters or points.

This is the clue to players can follow the progress of Lurk in the Dark. Overall, I like game items that are marked to give it easier to find out.

When you click on any items, you can view everything in a 360-degree view and interact directly with them. This is the advantage that helps us to be more involved in its gameplay.

The items are designed so detailed that each item has a comment to explain their content, origin, and appearance.

lurk in the dark game items
Players can look closely and find out information related to the items

Be wise

Some of Lurk’s challenges in the Dark are arranged in the form of riddles, and many are at super tricky levels.

Like when Marcus descends to the mansion basement, he will have to interact directly with the candles symbolizing the seven greatest human sins.

To overcome this puzzle, you need to use your skills in many directions from collected items, interaction skills with the environment, reading skills, and arranging the sins in one particular order.

Please note that remembering is also a significant factor to manipulate in Lurk in the Dark.

lurk in the dark game clues
Clues can be anywhere

Be active

There are not too many activities you can proceed to interact with the surroundings. Except for collecting related items, crouching, and crawling, it is infrequent for players to bang on the door, answer the phone or operate the elevator.

The only bright spot that remained with me was when Marcus reached the memory room, where he remembered what had happened to his wife through the potion, the painting.

The memories rushed back, and Marcus wished he would die to suffer the angry spirit’s torments. That is when our journey ends. And no matter what the player tries to do, the room is locked forever.

game puzzle
My favorite puzzle

Darkness about the image, inspirational in terms of sound

Lurk in the Dark graphics-sound system is not only responsive but can satisfy any most ambitious player. It is a partial offset to the shortcomings that come from Lurk in the Dark gameplay.

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What Lurk in the Dark did was create air. This is what significantly affects the psychology of the player. Darkness, and death. Those are the best words to evaluate the overview that IDEA FRUITION has created.

Right from the scratched walls, the doodles are used as a signal system throughout gameplay to alert about the protagonist’s danger.

You can see the signs of a soul’s anger arranged into warning sentences with an increasing intimidation level that was successfully used in Lurk in the Dark by game maker.

Along with that, I was incredibly impressed with gruesome images like severed fingers attached to the ceiling or the woman in a white skirt moving at an incredibly fast speed to approach the player.

lurk in the dark scary momment
The most haunting image

Accompanied by a rich image system called the main images are incredibly inspirational voices from both primary and secondary characters.

The unique Japanese dialect voice indicates the investment sought by the manufacturer when identifying players for the location where he is an adventure in Japan.

Strange noises such as the cry of children, the sound of furniture falling, the door closing suddenly, or the whispering sound coming from nowhere are enough to make players chill.

In particular, the conversation between Marcus and someone named Billy also revealed many details related to the protagonist’s past and some basis for the part of playing.

However, “nothing is perfect” when the double soundtrack in some scenes sometimes is used disproportionately. This causes certain discomfort for many players and affects the overall progress of the game.

Release information

The official release date of Lurk in the Dark : Prologue is November 8, 2019. The launch is almost simultaneously with some unique products like Hide or Die, Escape The Ayuwoki, or Never Again, putting IDEA FRUITION in a difficult position. They are forced to keep the price when bringing this game to the playing device low (less than $ 2). This is a reasonable price for you to get new experiences.


There is not too much to say about the Prologue in this Lurk in the Dark review, but positive signs are not uncommon. If you are looking for a short game for late-night entertainment, this will be an entirely reasonable choice. Give this game a chance, and you won’t have to regret it.