Maid of Sker coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Do you believe in mysterious forces? Perhaps because human nature is curious, few people can deny the attraction of such things. For a long time, game developers have dug their pens deep into our darkest side to create horror movies that will stop the brains of any brave person. And there’s nothing better than that horror that comes from real things, doesn’t it?

maid of sker
maid of sker

Inspired by Sker House – a place famous for supernatural phenomena outside Kenfig, a village far from development in Wales with a true story of the suffering fate of Woman, Wales Interactive promises to introduce to the world gaming community a quality product. Is this psychological horror game good?

Refer to my Maid of Sker review for the most comprehensive look before deciding to spend your money and bring this Nintendo Switch horror game to your gaming device.

Feel like it’s hard to long for the game? Read the information and get the hang of it before Maid of Sker is on the shelf right here.

History, real people, real work … that’s enough for you

Maid of Sker game is set in 1898 and according to the timeline, the player will be thrown into the pain of a woman named Elizabeth Williams. Everything thought smoothly will pass when Wales Interactive lets players experience the beautiful age of this woman.

But unlike the predecessors, this psychological horror game set the start for the horror of love. Love is the catalyst that makes life more beautiful, but when prohibited, this sentiment can push people to the ends of hell.

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maid of sker game
The interior is extremely peaceful, but who knows what is waiting for you?

And such love has appeared in this life. Prohibited by his father, Elizabeth Williams was locked in one of the places that probably only appeared in dark nightmares and stories that could shudder any Welshman: Sker House. Out of a desire to punish his daughter, the innocent father did not think he had accidentally pushed his daughter to death.

Follow the protagonist Thomas Evans, the love of Elizabeth Williams, who will try to rescue her from the Quiet Men – the souls of the worst people who ever reside at Sker House.

Talking more about the people you will face in this Nintendo Switch horror game, the Quiet Men embodies pirates, human traffickers, … and a lot of the bad guys that have been staying and died here.

The game’s parallel timeline is reasonably used to allow players to explore the historical beauty of this hotel as well as the surrounding nature and witness their deaths. One person was hanged, the other slashed to the wall … but their common feature is that they want to kill anyone present in the house.

scene in psychological horror
It is beautiful, isn’t it?

So, what are you going to do to escape the maze that this psychological horror game has created?

Nintendo Switch – the perfect system for the Maid of Sker

The highlight of this Nintendo Switch horror game will be on exploration and stealth.

First of all, players will admire the system of super beautiful 3D graphics, super impressive through his Nintendo screen. The scenery of the forest and English architecture may make you accidentally forget that you are struggling for your own life and the one you love. In particular, Maid of Sker is located in the first perspective to give players the most realistic feeling possible.

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graphic in game maid of sker
The inspiring scenery comes from the forests of Wales

Besides, like many modern horror games, Maid of Sker gameplay makes the most of stealth. Players will not be provided with any items to make weapons, so the survival tactics of the game will revolve around the players hide, run, creep, distract enemies.

Along with that, survival gameplay requires players to think a lot in creating deadly traps as well as calculating a reasonable time. As the game progresses, the traps become more complex, but the loud sounds emitted from them can quickly propel you to death.

You also need to remember in Sker House, the enemy also evolves with you, and the fact that Thomas Evans must ensure the extra safety for his lover invisible will become an extremely difficult challenge.

The sound system is also a huge plus for this game when Wales Interactive took care of the work that sent the beauty of this homeland. If not counting the animal sounds, the wind whistling is very specific to the Nintendo Switch horror games genre, when listening carefully you can hear the sound of traditional musical instruments of Wales. The exclusive version for Nintendo also improved further to give the player the best experience.