Maid of Sker Review for PC (Horror Game)

Maid of Sker is one of the newest indie horror game that will make you less interested in traveling. The game was created bases on a renovated plot of British folklore. The ambiance sets in a sinister hotel where crimes were carried out to maintain a family’s wealth. Slavery, torture, and buccaneer.

These dark deeds united and made the hotel a living hell for anyone who dared to walk in. At the end of game, players will be left wondering: “Which is scarier, monsters or men?” Follow quiet footsteps of Thomas Evans, the protagonist who is desperately trying to save the love of his life in this nerve-wracking journey.

Maid of Sker gameplay

This game has received many great reviews. But are they enough to ensure good gameplay? Check out background story, myth, monsters, and you will find out for yourselves if it is worthwhile or not.

Game plot based on real story of Sker House

Sker House is placed in Wales, and it is an unoccupied historical architecture. The house was originally built as a monastic grange, but through times, house’s background story got scarier and scarier.

Legends have said that the house is haunted by two spirits: the captain whose ship was wrecked by shore near Sker House and Elizabeth Williams. The lady died of a broken heart because her father prevented her from eloping with her lover by locking her inside her room. Players will encounter the lady more than often in Maid of Sker.

A horror game driven by love

In Maid of Sker, players will see the world through the eyes of Thomas Evans. This musician is set for an impossible mission of rescuing his lover: Elizabeth Williams. Elizabeth is locked in the hotel by her father. He believes that she possesses great power of singing that can control special music chords.

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They can make the hotel a tourist attraction again. However, nothing is given for free, the lady and the occupants of hotel will forever be cursed if the plan is carried out. To save her from a dark destiny, Thomas must find some music copies that possess an unmeasurable power.

Elizabeth Williams in Maid of Sker

To have access to new zones of the house and find the copies, Thomas must search for the keys and solve puzzles. Maid of Sker review from gamers has revealed that most of puzzles are not too complicated. Players should be able to walk through them without difficulty.

Haunting monsters: Quiet Ones

Quiet Ones are reason why Maid of Sker is so haunting. They possess form of a man with his head covered by a bag. Their hands are always bloody and wizen. They hunt down the prey by listening, not by watching. Quiet Ones are very sensitive to sounds; they can detect Thomas’s location by listening to his movements and breathing.

In gameplay, Thomas will have to go through places that are scouted by Quiet Ones. It can be a hallway, attic, basement, or even outside of hotel. These places can be filled with dust and smoke. If character doesn’t cover his mouth, he will cough and give away his position. This mistake, no doubt, will lead him to death. And remember, they are everywhere.

game monster
Quiet Ones, nightmare of Maid of Sker

Fighting style

Maid of Sker doesn’t include any weapon in its gameplay. But Thomas doesn’t exactly fight with his fists either. To “fight” with Quiet Ones, Thomas simply has to hold his breath in a limited amount of time, or he can use an orb to disorientate them with its sonic diversions function.

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Considering that this is a horror game, fighting style isn’t engaging, and it leaves players wanting something more dynamic than just holding breath and using the orb. Also, if players fail to do these actions, Quiet Ones can easily catch Thomas. He doesn’t fight pack when he is attacked either.

game mechanism
Thomas holding his breath when he encounters a Quiet Ones

This is where gameplay doesn’t meet all the needs. With such a fantastic plot, a better fighting style would make Maid of Sker game more memorable, and the experience would be more impactful.

In-game sounds and graphics: Good but can be better

Game graphics is undeniably epic, especially architecture of building and its surrounding. Everything is well crafted, except for Quiet Ones. These creatures are menacing, but their design lacks particular touches of horror.

maid of sker game graphics
Sker Hotel from outside

Their bodies don’t seem deformed, and their faces aren’t revealed either. So they still look human-like. This is a setback comparing with creatures from other horror games like Paper Dolls Original, Fight the Horror, and Locked up.

On the other hand, in-game sounds don’t show good consistency. The good side is that players can experience in-game sounds through Thomas’s actions like walking, grunting, and coughing. The eerie music also provokes unsettling feelings and keeps players on edge. These sounds play their parts well in Maid of Sker.

The bad side is that Thomas doesn’t speak a word. Even when he communicates with his loved one Elizabeth, Thomas doesn’t say anything, and players can only manually choose how the character responds. This lack of audible dialogs makes connection between characters less convincing, despite amazing background music.

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maid of sker characters
Players choose the line for Thomas manually without actually hearing it

About Maid of Sker and how to download it

Maid of Sker release date was on 28 July 2020. It has only been three months, and this game has earned quite attention. Wales Interactive released the game, and it is available to play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo. To enjoy PC game, you can check it out on Steam and purchase the game at ‎$24,99.


Maid of Sker is a good choice if you are interested in horror games. It has excellent gameplay, and its theme can make anyone less fond of traveling and staying in hotels. Elizabeth Williams is the star of game since this character conveys her emotions beautifully. The game has different endings in which players have total freedom to decide. Will it end tragically or happily? You will have to take the matter into your own hands.